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#Discussion #General, Story Ideas
Hello, and welcome to the Story Forge, /fic/'s story idea and brainstorming general thread!

If you have a story idea that you do not wish to write, or are looking for a seed of an idea upon which to build your world, consider this place a literary take-a-penny jar. We can also help flesh out your story ideas, but do suggest that once you get the ball rolling, to move the conversation to one of our many fine Review Threads. If you see someone asking for fic ideas, or posting a few, please direct them here.

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>> No. 105616
File 133896051372.png - (508.23KB , 1200x1067 , 96265 - artist virenth Discord discordia Eris rule_63.png )
I was reading through some old reviews in The Training Grounds and, when examining the dissection of a cliche, realized a mindset that could be useful for not only avoiding cliches, but making a story more interesting in general.

Ask yourself this, writer: if this were non-pony fanfiction in every way possible, and none of the characters were even close analogues of the show characters (at least in a superficial way, i.e. the accent and trade of Applejack and Rarity), would it be at all interesting to you? Would it be interesting to anyone besides yourself?

Let's say someone has a hard life. Then, this person travels to a city where most of the people are nice to them and listens to/tries to assuage their every complaint. One of them even throws them a welcoming party. Eventually, one of them may become a romantic interest.

This is a formula that makes up a significant number of fanfictions. But it's not a decent recipe or one that requires any particular amount of effort to implement, it's more of a comfort food like mac and cheese or buttered toast with honey on it that requires no thought and is all self-gratification. One is taking preexisting elements that are not very complex and placing them together for consumption with little effort to modify them in any way that would bring out their flavors more.
>> No. 105636
File 133897795339.png - (246.00KB , 400x400 , 179589 - adorable artist averagedraw celestia cute filly princess.png )
I had a great idea for a fanfic but i just can not seem to get it on paper if somebody would like to give me a with writing this fanfic send me a email at [email protected]
>> No. 105655
File 133899817691.jpg - (42.78KB , 540x720 , 536838_182841368509123_1870172038_n.jpg )
Hey there Story Forge.
I saw this image last night on Facebook and had a stroke of inspiration for a sad fic. I seem to have a knack for coming up with those, anyways, here's the idea I came up with last night. It's somewhat vague because it was me scrambling to copy down my thoughts before they trickled away, but here it is:

Write the first scene as a flashback of Fluttershy rushing to stop her, some dialogue between the two of them, have Rainbow say something that makes it sound like she did it intentionally, but what the reader doesn’t know yet is that something else caused her to fall. End scene with Fluttershy calling out “Rainbow Dash NOOOOOO” the image will come in later in the story.
Cut to opening scene.
I don’t know where to start the story really, I’m still debating whether to throw some FlutterDash shipping in there, heavy or mild. At some point in the story it is revealed that Fluttershy was either A) unable to save Dash from the fall, or B) was able to save her from death but suffered several severe injuries herself. Situation A, dash is unable to fly and must give up on her dream to become a wonderbolt. Situation B, Fluttershy also cannot fly, and I could probably go somewhere with that too.

What do you guys think?
>> No. 105773
>>104632 here.
I've made a few changes, especially to Tartarin's character. Being the villain, he takes up a good part of the plot and I want to flesh him out more as a character. Like most villains, I don't plan on going too much into his backstory. He used to work for Celestia, got exiled, is mad at the princess, wants revenge.

But the issue comes, again, for his demise. I just have no idea how it should go. The idea is still that he becomes even more powerful and rules over Equestria for a few minutes, but when it comes to taking him down, I have no idea how to do it.

Should his death be particularly gruesome? If he's going to have a physical death, it won't be him just falling off a ledge - I thought about him getting crushed by the ceilings of Celestia's palace, impaled on some really sharp object...

But I also thought about him getting caught back by what he harnesses his magic from, which is revealed to be some weird abomination that's kind of hard to explain, ala Giygas or Blair Witch.
>> No. 105793
File 133911360957.png - (1.15MB , 1232x714 , um.png )
That sounds kind of like this fic:
>> No. 105797
It also reminds me of some other fanfiction... granted, the idea is probably done to death but that doesn't mean you can't make it enjoyable if you try!
>> No. 105809
File 133911737984.png - (640.05KB , 1254x701 , Scootaloo_&_Sweetie_Belle_jaw_drop_S2E17-W17.png )
Neigh! I must not read it, I might try to steal ideas from it. I shall suffice for a very brief summary if you wish to give it.
>> No. 105946
File 133922287582.jpg - (118.12KB , 894x894 , snowshy_by_senselesssquirrel-d4vnyyt.jpg )
I compiled a list of story ideas that don't have feedback, below responses.
Your attention, please. I know it's late (almost a week; I'm busy), and you've gotten some negative responses, but I hope you come back because I want to chime in. First, you must understand, the struggle you describe is as old as the hills. What will distinguish it as a story is the way in which it differs from the other iterations of class warfare that have happened throughout the ages. So, to make it interesting, toss in some quirky personalities, a conflict that is more complicated than simply "pony goes up against the establishment" (i.e. that details exactly how he does so and his angle of attack), and maybe a MacGuffin in some form or another. Then, you have a story, and not merely an empty archetype. I hope you find this advice useful.

I read the words "left behind" in this post and immediately thought of the LaHaye and Jenkins trainwreck of masturbatory fundagelical kitsch-text, the "Left Behind" series. I think you have an interesting idea in itself (following two completely separate stories in parallel, like Empire of the Ants), but I couldn't help but ponder what potential there might be in making a parody of sorts out of it.

A while ago I searched for "Iron Will" on Google Images. I wish I hadn't. Among many movie posters was one very unsavory pic. Poor Fluttershy.


Why can't I hold all these idea/inquiry posts?


Wow, I missed a lot.

BTW, these are those that don't have *feedback*, i.e. more than just an off-topic quip, or single sentence, or whatever. My criteria are highly subjective, so if you feel something has been done justice or given sufficient feedback already (or hasn't gotten enough feedback and needs more), just tell me how wrong I am.
>> No. 105983
File 133925591205.png - (184.63KB , 308x401 , NoxPatience.png )
You see, for the ideas I have most of them demand that I come up with some form of original magic, ones that have never been explored (at least to my knowledge) and ones that have been touched upon, but not really made of any importance.

Here's my ideas for spells:

Zero (Genesis) - The first 'creation' magic ever conceived, its default power is nullifying and and all magic depending on the strength of the emotions of the caster. In its most powerful state, absorbs magic and uses it in the process of creating something out of entirely nothing or recycling parts of other things.

CONS: Cost of its usage is (in default) great mental and physical strain and (in most powerful form) death to the caster and any magical sources in the vacinity.

Here's a magical anomaly that I had to come up with to accomodate a story of mine:

Planeshift Convergence: A disturbance in which two portals at opposite ends of space collide within the dimensional rift, causing a massive explosion of universal magic that can decimate an entire continent.

Any assistance in refining these two things would be most appreciated.
>> No. 105986
File 133925708990.jpg - (850.73KB , 1000x1313 , 153431 - artist-kd-230692 big_macintosh Calamity custom Doctor_Whooves fallout_equestria fancypa.jpg )
Does anyone have any examples of stories actually produced using these Story Forge ideas, or is it just a waste of time?

Anyway, here's another vague idea for the pile:

Applejack wrangles Big Mac into joining her and the rest for a big Canterlot charity event. While discussing the idea of a 'bachelor auction,' he winds up roped into a gentlecolt's wager with Fancypants - a series of posh dates with willing mares who make donations based on how the date went. Whoever collects the most is truly the top gentlecolt of Equestria.

Cue a series of vignettes, ranging from romantic to comedy, in which Fancypants and Big Mac employ their own particular style of charm and gentlecoltness to lead a series of mares on a variety of small adventures and teach them valuable life lessons.
>> No. 105987
I would retort: is a seed vault a waste of time?
>> No. 105988
If no one ever uses the seeds, then ... ... yes?
>> No. 105989
You don't seem to know what a seed vault is for, a seed vault exists solely to store plants which would otherwise have been lost and then, in case anyone ever needs them in some point in the future, they exist rather than been lost forever.

A couple of stories here get improve, but most of the rest are simply in relative storage of /fic/s impossibly slow movement, and quite possibly in others hard drive.

The only way this place is a waste of time is if it disappears forever under the depths of /fic/, which you are helping not occur.
>> No. 105997
File 133926378726.png - (104.20KB , 680x630 , SBD Template.png )
I regularly make full archives of /fic/. After something 404's, and Google's cache of it disappears, I'll have it on my hard drive.
>> No. 106054
File 133929415546.gif - (253.97KB , 800x600 , pc8.gif )
A fic idea that I wouldn't mind an opinion on, involving Vinyl and a notorious record producer who's also the CEO of Equestria's most affluent record label.

After deejaying at a gig and nearly getting booed off stage, Vinyl Scratch decides to find some way gain better experience in her field. She begins noticing her genre of music is becoming less and less appealing in Canterlot, her home city, and sets her sights on learning how to make better music from being mentored. Despite her choice being from a completely different genre and background, Vinyl sets aside her doubts and asks one the most legendary record producers in Equestria, a stallion by the name of Bit Chaser.

Vinyl tries desperately to get in contact with him for quite a while, and continues to be ignored as her remaining funds dwindle from losing more and more gigs. Eventually, she barges into his office despite the bodyguards and receptionist and finds him sitting there along with many other famous ponies she'd only ever heard about. This flusters her to no end and she soon goes off on him, screaming insults and other profanities.

As the dust settles, he mentions that his secretary purposely removes any type of fan letters or the such from his mail. Vinyl becomes embarrassed for having caused the scene but still remains bitter about his policy on ignoring others that aren't as well-known as him. She stomps off while his associates laugh at the sudden intrusion, fueling her hatred.

As she exits the elevator, several security guards prevent her from leaving and force her through levitation into a meeting room. After quite a while, Bit Chaser shows up and attempts to pry the information from her on why she busted into his office without an appointment. Vinyl admits that she wanted him to be her mentor and teach him how to be more successful in the music industry while he simply listens.

Bit Chaser asks for a sample of her music, which she quickly produces. He listens, but isn't very much impressed, bluntly stating it to her. Crestfallen, Vinyl decides to leave before losing more face and heads out the door. The music mogul stops her and mentions that he didn't actually say no to her request. Giddy, she asks him to accept, which he does under the following conditions: that she actually broaden her horizons from her current genre; dedicate herself to becoming better, do everything he says, and learn quickly.

And so he takes her under his wing (metaphorically, due to him being an Earth pony) and shows her everything about the music industry, the life that comes with it, and the sacrifices that need to be made to sit among the best. Over the course of the story, Vinyl discovers more and more about the street-savvy producer/CEO, realizing that even his greatest accomplishments came at the loss of his most prized possessions in the world. Those losses, she learns, are what motivated his music and career to becoming what it is today.

Anyway, Vinyl should be self-explanatory character-wise, which is usually the young, hip mare that tries to further her career at every opportunity. Bit Chaser, a brown Earth stallion with a few bits with speed lines as a Cutie Mark, is a retired rapper from Manehattan who pushed himself from the ghettos and did everything in his power to achieve fame. He's fairly pessimistic, blunt, wise-cracking, and well-liked amongst Canterlot's elite for his business sense. Bit Chaser essentially becomes the father-figure Vinyl never had during her childhood, much like himself, which makes him sympathize with her more.

Well, that's about it I think.
>> No. 106065
File 133929783443.jpg - (219.16KB , 900x870 , my_little_nazis__solution_is_final_by_moderatelydeviant-d4qm4rf.jpg )
Conversion Bureau from the point of view of an HLF insurgent. RAther than being a Saturday morning cartoon villian, I aim to present them as something more than this universe's stand-in for communist Nazi-Jews

Set up: Around 1/3rd of the first world (NA, Europe, parts of Asia) have been ponified. Although there is a lot of mixing in communities, there is a lot of tension growing as the only people still human are the ones who are negative to the idea of being turned (many people turned because friends/relatives had, domino effect and such) or are being annoyed by attitudes of the 'turned'. Eventually, a group of humans who resist the growing influence of Equestria eventually form into the HLF, especially after rumors of the PER doing... you know... stuff like hiding potion bombs in pinatas and such. This is a while into the conflict, so the HLF is known about, but propaganda has them painted as they do in many other fics. I aim to challenge that.

Basic story: Main character, Jack (better name?), rescues a scientist who worked on the original ponification serum, but he turns out to be a pony. This is important because, as opposed to former humans (often referred to as "turned"), they're basically humans in a pony body. So, Jack plans to find a way to somehow save humanity, such as making a humanization serum, making humans magic-proof, and other things like that. He succeeds partially (enchanting spell by the scientist), and infiltrates Equestria past the magical barrier. He comes back and forms a pro-human group among ponies ("Not Alone sub-universe part crossover) that eventually reaches the top, as in Princess Luna, who wishes to do something about the whole genocide thing. However, the fic ends as Jack is captured and Rainbow Dash and Luna are personally overseeing his ponification. Ending speech leaves some... 'dangerous' ideas in Rainbow's head, while Luna discretely nods her head in acknowledgement that she'll do her part in the plan.

Other facts:
-Turned are ghosts of their former selves, and lack many aspects of their personality, and are essentially new people ("When you fundamentally change the hardware but keep the software, somethin's bound to fuck up!"), but 'off'. In fact, the only emotions they are capable of only "positive" emotions. Things such as sadness or anger do not form, and depressing situations are barely met by batted eyes.
-Ponification serum is only effective when ingested or inhaled at first, but eventually is made able to turn on contact. In the beginning of the story, gas masks are enough but the characters are soon forced to wear full body suits (mental images being in line with Fallout's Ranger armor and WH40k's Death Korps of Krieg) to remain immune.
-As revealed by the scientist, the "humans don't have souls" thing is actually total horseshit to try and use fear to make humans convert. However, the lack of magic thing is totally legit.

So, thoughts?
>> No. 106140
I may initiate another clean-up phase later tonight, but there is a lot of other work I have to do first.

On a side note, I'm going to get back into actively writing soon, which means my focus will be elsewhere. So please don't expect my clean-ups to be a regular thing. From what I can gather from this thread, posters need to contribute to others ideas instead of just piling theirs over them. Look at it this way: the fewer ideas in the queue, the greater the guarantee of receiving a response.
>> No. 106152
Know what? You're right. I'm not doing anything anyway.

You look like you've written the first 1 or 2 chapters. There's really not much that goes on.
>Vinyl sucks
>She gets help
>She doesn't suck any more

Not quite sure what you're trying to write. What's a 'bachelor auction'?

That's stupid. If you are trying to write a comedy, you've failed to amuse me and possibly many other writers.
Maybe it's just me, not liking references to stupid, overdone parts of the fandom such as Lyra/BonBon, Pinkie's 4th wall breaking, Pinkie making people into cupcakes (although I loved the original fic), Derpy, and many others. And now, Fluttertree.

That's not a story (No conflict, plot, etc), and it is not necessary for the characters to be ponies (There's no functional difference between Earth-Me-President and Equestria-Twilight-Celestia).

With such a vague game, you're going to just have to put in every detail readers should know about and pretend that Pryzm never existed, becasue readers won't know what's going on. You might as well just treat it as an AU rather than a crossover.

They moved there for jobs, friends, family, cheap housing, etc.

>#1. What if Heroes took place in Equestria?(I have a list of character equivalents, if you want)
Heroes? The only Hero with a capital H is from the Fable series.
>#2. For whatever reason, a portal to the Multiverse opens, causing characters from various fanfics/tumblrs/etc. to fall out into canon Ponyville.(I have a chapter setup all ready, and permission to use one of the characters that I want to[Anthropology's Lyra, I asked Jason].)
You're going to have to make sure that they are both well known enough to be appreciated and in character enough not to be raged over.

People overuse grimdark. Grimdark is not just a fic that is both "grim" and "dark". Grimdark is hopeless, is violent, with the main characters being so helpless and defeated that there is no hope of victory. Think 40k.
>Ancient Murdering Robots that wear the flesh of their newest victims
>Genetically engineered killing machines
>The evil twin brother of the Genetically engineered killing machines, with equally evil goatees
>Clad in powered armor
>Manipulative dicks in possession of extremely cheesy technology and can jump around making damn accurate shots like Quake players
>Highly-advanced space Communists with mecha and god-like firepower
>Daemons with a billion tentacles to rape you with
>Mutant 10ft tall space monsters with lots of teeth
>Able to grow bigger and stronger the more they fight
>Some combination of the above
THAT is grimdark. When Hitler is a good guy not only in comparison, but that he would actually improve the setting if successful. Not some "oh my parents are dead, i don't have friends, my home burnt down, my parents were killed in front of me at the age of 5 right before i was raped and left to die in front of an orphanage". True grimdark makes the former quote look like Saturday morning cartoons.

So, I think your story is fine. I wouldn't even put it in "dark". As Ion said, Star Wars has guns.

1) That's basically a HiE, only a bunch of Hs in E. Don't count on too many dedicated readers
2) I wouldn't say it's viable, but my opinion is based on a made up idea on your willingness to write it. Even Kkat (sp?) only wrote it becasue of the fans, and your idea doesn't seem like it would get a lot of fans.

If you're going to write a novel, why not make it original fiction and sell it? Instead of a bunch of bronies going to Equestria, make it a bunch of people stolen off the streets or something and are forced into a colonization experiment.


1) As others have said, you'd have to be godly to pull this off.
2) Not really my cup of tea, so can't help you much other than point 1.
>> No. 106171
File 133937355216.gif - (3.62KB , 200x187 , snowman.gif )
I'm still thinking of what might be a good event to use in my romance fic, preferrably for a date-like context. Something a little unconventional, to spice things up. Any ideas?
>> No. 106267
So this is a thread where I can get help expanding ideas for a story I'm trying to write???
>> No. 106272
File 133945585984.png - (39.44KB , 125x115 , 133884823007s.png )
That's what the OP says, although I wouldn't hold your breath, this thread tends to move slowly, as does most of this board.
>> No. 106274
File 133945622855.jpg - (18.03KB , 640x358 , noxstare.jpg )

LIES! I posted my ideas for a spell and an anomaly and no one has told me if they need work or not.
>> No. 106278
File 133945960964.png - (116.16KB , 610x542 , 4628_quizzical_scootaloo_by_moongazeponies-d3e5zo6_png-610x0.png )
>I wouldn't hold your breath, this thread tends to move slowly, as does most of this board.
Isn't that what I just said?
>> No. 106280
File 133945986451.png - (184.63KB , 308x401 , NoxPatience.png )

No, mine was ignored. The question posted right after that received all the attention.
>> No. 106282
File 133946015943.jpg - (6.30KB , 264x191 , 20348965-457.jpg )

You and me both.

I wish I could get some help with mine, instead they just say," oh, that's been done" and move on.
>> No. 106286
File 133946064830.jpg - (87.99KB , 640x480 , gucciburr.jpg )

Who the hell cares if its been done before? That just means you have a chance to do it better than the previous person and usurp their asses with your masterpiece.
>> No. 106287
File 133946110095.jpg - (17.21KB , 300x360 , 292564_282377215187427_100002454536633_602401_1744174905_n.jpg )
As I plan to do, but if nopony will help me... I guess I'll just have to do it myself.
>> No. 106305
You should really come ask for my opinion some time, partner.

First off, please don't do FlutterDash, it throws off the dark tone of the story. That's my opinion, but some authors are really good at adding in romance to dark stories. I usually just can't understand why, though. It seems forced most of the time.

I think that if you were to do the 'Failure of Wonderbolt Dream And Can't Fly' scenario you would have to present that shattering of the dream to make it so tragic and matched up with other elements that are destroyed in RD's life so she just doesn't look like a big pussy who kills herself over the Wonderbolts and not being able to fly. Something has to happen that just destroys her inner workings as long as her dream. Not being able to fly is pretty damn tough for Dash's character, but she's a strong character that realistically would cope with the fact after some time. A lot of things need to happen and pile down on her at once.

I think it'd be cool to play on Fluttershy's mortal fears. Heights seems to be one of her fears, so following Dash up to the tip of a mountain even though she knows what RD is going to do may be a good point. You need to expand on that though, or else some readers just won't buy that little fear.

Just my two cents.
>> No. 106310
File 133947108240.png - (53.58KB , 401x300 , 348.png )
So like, a whole bunch of famous ponyfic authors get a plushy of their OC in the mail, and over the course of a few days, they slowly turn into their OC.
>> No. 106317
File 133947331455.png - (67.59KB , 200x193 , I\'mSoFresh.png )
Sounds like a meta-fic that could be really awesome or really dumb.
>> No. 106320
File 133947631775.jpg - (99.03KB , 407x640 , 4405805254_b55b4dc1aa_z.jpg )

Well, what exactly do you need help with?

Here, have a picture of Ol' Dirty Bastard tattooed on someone to help ease the pain.
>> No. 106321

The only way this would be successful is if you got the authors to write that story themselves.
>> No. 106324
File 133947791582.png - (400.84KB , 383x645 , scootidea.png )
Well, I've got an opening scene, a basic premise, and... nothing to fill any of it with. so I would need help coming up with ideas to fill in the storyline. That's why I came here.
Ah, at last, some inspiration. You're right I should just come to you in the future.
>Something has to happen that just destroys her inner workings as long as her dream
>adding in romance to dark stories
>A lot of things need to happen and pile down on her at once.
>I think it'd be cool to play on Fluttershy's mortal fears. Heights seems to be one of her fears
that one was already at the back of my mind, as the emotion she seems to be portraying in the image is fear, both for Rainbow Dash and for herself. Thank you, colleague, for that inspiring advice. I think I may begin writing now, if not just further brainstorming.
>> No. 106330
File 133947843388.jpg - (90.48KB , 480x720 , rr5n8.jpg )
>> No. 106333
File 133947932261.jpg - (6.94KB , 204x204 , 5t746767.jpg )
I've just finished writing down my sudden idea, and this story just got interesting. I'm going to message you on Fimfiction, assuming that Professor Hugbox who is now watching me is you. As soon as I finish nailing down the framework of this story, I think it will be some of my best work, after I write it of course.
>> No. 106338
File 133948405141.jpg - (25.24KB , 300x400 , oldirtyfoot.jpg )

I counter with a foot tattoo.


Let's say hypothetically that Dash was trying to commit suicide, but after Fluttershy saves her, realizes how badly she messed up. Fluttershy is incapable of flight now, severely depressed and barely moves much. Rainbow Dash is left in incredible guilt over putting her friend in that situation and receiving that result but tries to redeem herself by helping Fluttershy with everything she used to do. Over time the relationship develops more, etc., and shippy-shippy bullshit, yadda-crap.

Then again, this might not even make sense because I'm not entirely sure I read your original post right. That and you seem to already have help. Oh well, such is life in the Zone.
>> No. 106385
Is there such a thing as a noncliche way to have a human move in and out of Equestria, preferably with a few items every now and again?
>> No. 106389
File 133953068701.png - (189.71KB , 1509x1509 , 46532bce_scootaloo_idea[1].png )
Well, the cliches are the usual "Pinkie Pie reaches through the fourth wall", or the "brony creates portal", or "Twilight creates portal through magic". I'm personally a fan of blaming it on Twilight's experiments, but if you're looking for originality, you could make an original character with a unique condition, such as launch from DBZ, who changes personality every time she sneezes. You could make it so that this character teleports between Earth and Equestria at random, or as a result of an uncontrollable small event. such as a sneeze I personally would love to see this done, as it could be played into a comical disorienting(or disorientating ir you're British) encounter with humans and ponies alike.
>> No. 106390
Hmm, I'd like something more reliable, I don't exactly just want to pull a The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe with an inexplicable portal just existing, but so far that's the only thing that really satisfies the plot.
>> No. 106395
File 133953924327.png - (60.34KB , 202x215 , scootaloo thoughtful.png )
Well, the more puzzle pieces I have to work with, the easier it is to see the solution. But if you need something reliable... there's always the tiny spatial rift that nopony ever seems to notice, which floats a few feet off the ground just behind a bush, which grows a few feet off the side of a secluded trail deep in the woods. and on the other side it just happens to be inside the wall at the back of some brony's closet, which he discovered a few years after moving into that house when he put his foot through the wall in anger, and has been keeping a secret from his friends and family. Do with that what you will, but for some reason, few authors tend to take that path, so it's worth a shot.
>> No. 106410
File 133954615354.jpg - (31.27KB , 300x300 , Rick-Ross-and-Justin-Bieber.jpg )
Ight, ight, let me tell you how to really get a character into Equestria or whatever planet or some shit.

The character has to abducted by Derpy's, probed, and dropped off on the outskirts of Ponyville where he/she goes and sees Derpy, has traumatic memories, and ends up in the insane asylum along with Screw Loose. Such is life in Equestria.
>> No. 106465
NEW THREAD >>106451
NEW THREAD >>106451
NEW THREAD >>106451
NEW THREAD >>106451
NEW THREAD >>106451
>> No. 106474
File 133956161356.jpg - (13.07KB , 256x256 , SC.jpg )
hey there everypony; for some time now i've been considering writing some lovecraftian pony fanfic stories, but the thing is: i've never written any sort of stories before outside of school, years ago. so if any of you would like to give me some advice for what is basically a first time writer, it'd really help.

aside from this, i've also got a dilemma concerning which town i should have my first story take place in. at first i was thinking i'd use Trottingham, but as far as i can recall, nothing really concrete has been said about that town, and i don't want to write all about the town, and then see the town show up in season 3 and be completely different from what i've written. so if anyone has any suggestions for a town, i'd be really appreciative.

thanks in advance for any help given :)
>> No. 106499
File 133957365504.jpg - (30.16KB , 437x500 , Interrobang.jpg )
I have never finished a story before, but I have an amazing idea for a fic that would cast some of my own fanon light on the history of alicorns and why exactly celestia and luna have been around for centuries yet we see Cadance grow up in Twilight's lifetime.

I would just like to take a poll to see how interested you readers would be in such a fic.

(I've already written about 7k words, but I noticed several parts that need FIXING and sorta dread going over them. Regardless, I still want to finish it... any advice?)
>> No. 106501
File 133957367538.jpg - (30.16KB , 437x500 , Interrobang.jpg )
I have never finished a story before, but I have an amazing idea for a fic that would cast some of my own fanon light on the history of alicorns and why exactly celestia and luna have been around for centuries yet we see Cadance grow up in Twilight's lifetime.

I would just like to take a poll to see how interested you readers would be in such a fic.

(I've already written about 7k words, but I noticed several parts that need FIXING and sorta dread going over them. Regardless, I still want to finish it... any advice?)
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First of all; double post lol. Second, you should repost this to the new thread. >>106451
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Did you get a new email address?

[email protected]
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