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97925 No. 97925
Lately I've been haven't been able visit Fimfiction at all.

I can go to any other website just fine and in fact was already on Fimfiction when I started having trouble.

Has anyone else been having trouble?

>pic unrelated
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>> No. 97927
FimFic is down. They're working on getting it back up ASAP.
>> No. 97947
I hope so. I was thoroughly bummed out when I saw I couldn't read my pony stories just before taking the FCAT (state testing). I nearly cried.
>> No. 97949
Any idea why?
>> No. 97950
Server problems.
>> No. 97951
Question answered I assume? Good.

Mind deleting this thread?
>> No. 97955
Yeah, nothing but some server updates and other computer science-y stuff that I could never imagine fathoming.
>> No. 97961

>I could never imagine fathoming.

I have never facepalmed harder
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