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#Discussion #Random #Sad #Comedy #Sci-fi #Grimdark #Game #what?
Who's up for story tiem, it's purely for fun/practice.

1).One person writes a segment, the next person continues it from where the previous person let off.
2).Repeat until epic is written.

Obviously, you can just derail the story, so in order to combat griefers and trolls, obvious derailments will be ignored. these include ("and then they all F**ked", and "then discord showed up for no reason whatsoever")

To start this of, lets make a premise. Have you ever read Human by DannyJ, if so you are now in Equestria with equivalent godlike powers, what now OC/selfinsert?
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Good sir, this thread won't be well received for reason that will become obvious if you read the sticky and look about a little in the chan. Additionally, a human ov/oc/ms character? Do you know who we are?
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File 133487287973.gif - (925.31KB , 400x192 , tumblr_m26cnpuxwf1qzy8alo1_400.gif )
Tag overload, numerous spelling errors, and what is essentially a request (if very stealthy, so a point for that) for people to write you a fanfic of a fanfic.
1/10, would not bang.
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you got me.
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> What's going on in this thread?
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Human was a sad man. He would wake every morning at seven o'clock. He would shower every morning at five past seven. He would spend each day writing up figures and reports for tax returns. Tap, tap, tap. Each key depressed ate away at his soul, bit by bit. He would eat dinner every night at six. He ate the same dinner every night, every night at six. He would drink every night, always after six. He would drink and watch the television for the rest of the night, always after six. He would sleep every night at eleven o'clock. He would sleep every night and dream that he woke without showering at five past seven. Then he would wake, and he would shower at five past seven.
>> No. 97985
I think you're beaten on this count.
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