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99249 No. 99249
Not sure if This is in the right place
BUUT if any pony happens to have any Poems about ponies I would love to use them In my project. I will give full credits to the writers. I want 20 but however many I can get will be fine. You can post the full poem Or a link to its location Down below.
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Read the sticky, then remake this thread properly please.
>Random capitalization is random
Is your shift key stuck or something? Cripes.

please relax!
>> No. 99252
I've hardly ever seen any pony poems. I would like to write one for you on the spot, but I'm in the middle of another project.
>> No. 99269
They exist. There might have been a post on EQD for them or I might be going senile. Try searching that; failing that google "mlp poetry" or something.
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