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Nowhere did it say deleting uplay would remove the game files as well. It said it MIGHT, but I figured no company could be so dishonest as to force people to sign up for a useless service and keep it.

I hope your mothers are proud of you, you twats. You no longer have any right to complain about piracy.
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>> No. 133848
If you bought it on Steam then Steam needs to be installed.
>> No. 133851
Yes, and Steam does things that make me tolerate it, like allowing me to actually afford games.
>> No. 133863
If you delete Steam, your games are all still there though, you just can't load them. It wouldn't make much sense to do it, but you could.

File 142422559521.png - (201.45KB , 865x1000 , mlfw3668_large.png )
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So the people behind LoE are hosting yet another open server event. People around here i am asking has anything changed since last year? Last i played was at January during last years open servers.
>> No. 133861
File 142432049034.png - (591.72KB , 1280x960 , 012620152259557283.png )
Last I played, brand new Ponyville! Also Crystal Empire!

File 142394579795.jpg - (793.04KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_mglkpjMUG31s2bs4bo1_1280.jpg )
133814 No. 133814 [View]
Anypony playing Evolve?

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>> No. 133850
for sure, and that will happen if they make a "GoTy" edition too.

on any case, then i was confused, i mean, with all the 4 different bundles that they offered.

i thought there was some money barrier and stuff.
like "buy the edition where you dont have to grind to get stuff" so how do i know they are not going to make grinding slow just to make me buy that edition?

it maybe wasnt as bad at the end, but i think i will wait longer.
>> No. 133858
PC only had three bundles.
Consoles two.
You fell victim to the vocal minority spewing hate and general "no idea what the fuck they're talking about".

First two were just the game and then the game plus the season pass. Pretty standard for every release since last gen.
Third bundle which was PC exclusive just got the next monster that's coming plus a timed exclusive skin pack and obviously the game/season pass.

If you want to wait for the game to hit a sale though, that's up to you. I'm just giving you knowledge.
"If you don't know, now you know nigga"
>> No. 133860
The game included season pass.
but not only that, 2 different seasons passes, one for the monster and one for the hunters.
the human season pass includes new hunters and 3 skins for 3 monters, but no monster.

and then a season pass of a new monster on the future.

all this is "new content" from a game i dont know what will it have.
and all this versions are selling me the pointless skins? or are including some of the future content?

i dont know, i will just wait, i have other stuff to play.

File 142251820740.png - (39.16KB , 240x160 , Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls (USA, Australia)_02.png )
133400 No. 133400 [View] [Last 50 posts]
So I'm playing Final Fantasy 1 for some light critique and examination (for reasons). Goin' in with a party of Fighter, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, because I have no reason to believe the Thief does anything and the Red Mage is presumably sorta gimped. Could be way off on that, but that's the vibe I got from their descriptions. Not really sure how the Monk and Fighter are different either, to be honest, but hopefully I'll find that out while playing.

First order of business and the reason I'm making this post and taking notes: Battle diversity. I'm gonna record all the different battles in the first zone and what I had to do to beat them to see what sort of variety I'm dealing with. I've already done a couple battles, screenshot included, but we'll get to that in the next post. You ready? 'cause I'm ready. Booyah.
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>> No. 133855
File 142426245638.jpg - (114.98KB , 960x544 , ULES00987_00057.jpg )
>> No. 133856
I take it that this is the equivalent of Laguna and his crew?
>> No. 133857
File 142429054194.jpg - (101.69KB , 650x520 , dore.jpg )

More like Dante Alighieri and Publius Vergilius Maro.

File 142341500695.jpg - (40.36KB , 352x418 , image.jpg )
133766 No. 133766 [View]
The. Subject is bad pc ports

This mean if the performance is bad, the control is bad or if the option menu are bad and over complicated.
I'm just bringing this up because I was playing some of the Nosgoth beta, it is alright.
But then I thought oh this is based on legacy of kain games, I hear they are good, and there is a sauearenix sale, so I got it.
But the option menu is bad an confusing, it just make pick up drivers to do stuff, and I don't know which one is better to pick, I even pick up one and my pc cot frozen

So you have any experience with bad ports?
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>> No. 133825

The new PC version is much better, but still badly flawed. When you plug in a controller, it assumes it's an xbox pad, making the QTEs impossible and no way to remap the buttons so it displays the prompt for the button it actually wants. Even if you set it for logitech dualshock, it still says tap button 2 to not die when it really wants button 3.

Actually. PC games assuming you use an xbox pad is a pretty common (and insulting) issue nowadays.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 15th, 2015 12:48

>> No. 133827
Starcraft 64
>> No. 133847
>Actually. PC games assuming you use an xbox pad is a pretty common (and insulting) issue nowadays.
MS is behind Windows/Xbox so they patch official Xbox product support into Windows so for compatibility reasons it makes sense for a dev to make that the main supported controller on a Windows version of their game.

It's really a nightmare for devs to build compatibility for multiple controllers.
So if you have a specific preference for controller/shape/buttons/triggers/whatever, just take apart a wired 360 controller and mod the shit out of it.

File 141488066005.png - (225.60KB , 800x495 , Hrm.png )
132694 No. 132694 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Anybody here still play these? You know, those games where you run in lanes and try to knock over other people's sandcastles?

I'm a League man, myself (despite the laggy servers and such going on right now), and thought it might be fun to throw some Ponychanners on my Friends list and open a meet/greet/socialize thread for players of this genre.
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>> No. 133385
The players killed Tribes.
>> No. 133395
Youtube embed play button
  Here is my LUL gameplay
>> No. 133831
File 142404681378.jpg - (27.10KB , 306x306 , 10957092_1600981836787901_1276078780_n.jpg )
Everybody kills tribes tho, but

its actually the players who saved tribes again and again, rezzed it, even patched it, presented enough demand for hirez to make some money off of it (or try? idk how that panned out) and have been developing for it since ages ago

File 142302506823.png - (78.76KB , 768x512 , 134101095082.png )
133581 No. 133581 [View]

I'm an independent indie game developer and I've always loved MLP. Though I always thought a game with the mane 6 ponies and friends would be a little too cliche and cheesy. So I've been thinking of a game that'd have a collection of the worlds best known OC ponies and making a 2D sidescroller adventure game. I'm not sure if I should keep the original art style of MLP or make it a sprite based game which makes it all pixelated. Anypony have any suggestions, comments, OC pony recommendations, feedback?
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>> No. 133756
I can't even express how incredibly legally complicated things could get trying to include dozens of famous characters owned by individuals online who are in turn based loosely upon a trademarked and copyrighted property owned by a company.

Not everypony is comfortable letting other people do whatever they want with their own personal creations, 'official' or otherwise, whether profit is involved or not.
>> No. 133767
Well then that's not very fair, but hey oh well. I mean of course Id contact all creators of the OC ponies and ask them if they wan't their pony to be in the game. And well if most don't, then the game idea will be trashed. If not, the game will continue with full rights and everything given to the creators of the OC ponies.
>> No. 133770
File 142349310104.gif - (2.59MB , 800x460 , christmas-for-the-master.gif )
Did anybody suggest The Master as an OC? He'd be a really nice enemy. And, if he was a party member, he could play the Gallopfreyian Battle Drums to up his teams offensive abilities.

File 142193566009.png - (3.26MB , 2480x3508 , FoE- For Ponies on the Glow.png )
133334 No. 133334 [View]
I've played all of Fallout 3.
Which game should I play next? Start from the begining with Fo1 followed by Fo2 or should I go straight to New Vegas?

Also, why is Fo:NV got more mods than Fo3? I would of thought Fo3 be more ideal choice for mods.
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>> No. 133467
As far as optimism go, I don't mind that. Some people are just going to see the best in every situation no matter what. Though I do get some serious "phantasmal significant other" vibes from her... Like I'm not playing with a character, but rather, some nerd's lubricateory fantasy.

As far as companions go I prefer Craig Boone or Arcade Gannon. The former is a very well-characterized and deep loner with an almost suicidal thirst for legionary blood (and fuck those guys), and the latter is a socially awkward humanitarian with a dark origin.

I also like the cut of Raul's gib, but I don't get to play with him very often, due to the fact that he's located atop a mountain crawling with Super Mutants wielding very painful implements of death.

Really, I think Fallout New Vegas has some of the best NPC companions in gaming. I felt for each one of them, and I hate that I can only carry two with me. I wish Charisma worked like it did in Fallout 2, and allowed you to bring multiple companions with you if you had a high enough score.
>> No. 133518
For Willow or any companion, I don't mind companion romance (Kinda like a dating sim element in the world of Fallout), though when it comes to DLCs I wish she was more in character.

I got a bomb strapped around my neck in a place covered in hell-smog and phantoms and she's just humming away like a loon talking about Geckos.

Perhaps for Dead Money, llamaRCA could of hidden her somewhere easy to find in the Villa and she claims to escape capture and snuck in to follow the Courier. Perhaps some options encouraging her to escape for her safety in which she will return to "house" location or welcome her company and help. All the while her environment dialogue set to scared.

Still with over 600 dialogue lines though, llamaRCA did enough for the mod.
>> No. 133743
File 142316402617.jpg - (1.17MB , 2000x1250 , London ruins.jpg )
A Fallout modding question.

Instead of just additional Mojave content or even a custom made DLC, is it possible to make your own entire wasteland? Even make it accessable by "New Game" to give it own story and such? Fallout: New Vegas gameplay and engine still there just starring a new survivor in a new wasteland.

I'm asking because I doubt anypony else would want to make a wasteland version of England and I really don't want to join NexusMods just to ask this one single question.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 5th, 2015 12:24

File 140867128682.jpg - (491.78KB , 1153x692 , ponies_of_might_and_magic_3.jpg )
132186 No. 132186 [View]
So who remembers/plays this series? In the past week I've found that two of my friends enjoy it and we started playing Heroes 3 online together. Maybe we can get more people to play with? I've played 3, 5, and 6, and will multiplay with anypony, but if you want to talk about the other games and join up for them go ahead. But leave the Might and Magic series out of it.
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>> No. 133265
HOMMVI anypony??

... I think its awful and worse than 4 or 5 :/
>> No. 133424
>no expansion packs (Armageddon's Blade & Shadow of Death missing), meaning no Conflux, no random map generator, no combo artifacts, only 1/3 of the campaigns, etc.
>no AI or gameplay improvements
>no rebalancing
>terrible online mode
>awkward controls
>buggy as hell
Yikes, nevermind.

Turns out the HD edition was even more of a cash-in than I thought.
>> No. 133709
don't buy the hd version. its pure trash.

File 142272042717.jpg - (81.67KB , 894x894 , bioshock little sister pony.jpg )
133450 No. 133450 [View]

They banned a game for encouraging graffiti? But Bioshock, a game that encourages you to kill children so you can get drugs that give you super powers is super ok?
>> No. 133459
Australia is full of weird moral guardians.
>> No. 133484
They're like Japan, they censor porn and blood but sniffing panties and other deviant stuff is fine.
>> No. 133554
File 142300847663.png - (436.40KB , 493x639 , op faggot mark.png )
I remember they had a big stink over Saint's Row 4 having a drug that gives you super powers, but eating children to get a drug that gives you super powers is just fine. Also I remember the gaming minister passed a law where you couldn't make fun of him? From an American perspective that's insane.

File 142264658328.jpg - (3.11MB , 1920x1080 , farcry 4.jpg )
133443 No. 133443 [View]
Are there any Far Cry 4 fans here?
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>> No. 133447
Nice gameplay, crap story.
>> No. 133449
File 142267887973.png - (419.93KB , 1600x1445 , batpone.png )
2 was disappointing but 3 and 4 are really good.

But at least its fun to play.
>> No. 133466
Blood Dragon is awesome and all the hype for 4 has got me to break.
I plan to start with 2 as I want to 100% all my games and understand that's the longest one to do for multiplayer.

File 142152416038.gif - (259.05KB , 500x375 , 139808448575.gif )
133266 No. 133266 [View]
stuff you would like on steam to improve?
what about the web browser.

i cant minimize, or safe pictures on it, maybe it will be good to have that
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>> No. 133280
File 142175855714.png - (44.23KB , 398x398 , SeriousTrix.png )
Greenlight and Early Access.
>> No. 133399
File 142250575808.png - (29.36KB , 182x127 , DrDoktorGendo.png )
more games like HuniePop
>> No. 133432
You can put video games on your wishlist.
But you can't put in-game items on your wishlist?

There are some TF2 items I would put on my wishlist.

File 141818080880.png - (32.75KB , 838x529 , ps-logo-new-2.png )
132988 No. 132988 [View]
You guys have any favorite YTG?

Mine are:
>AngryJoe: mainly because of his rants on games.

>Ali-A: i like him for his homo

>DomisLive: Just for news and updates
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>> No. 133326
Though I think projared can be "generic" sometimes, like with his reviews/opinions, his videos are very well made in terms of editing and creativity. Hes a funny dude his improv isn't awful either
>> No. 133376
File 142222218161.png - (1.88MB , 1600x901 , Erotic Magical Trip Face.png )
There's quite a few I like but my favorites (in no particular order) would be: Vinesauce (The group in whole mainly because I like quite a few streamers on there), Angry Video Game Nerd, and Super Gaming Bros
>> No. 133398

I freaking love Classic Game Room's review of EDF 2017 and have showed it to most of my friends.

I sort of like JonTron and I used to like Game Grumps but they're not very exciting anymore. I like Egoraptor's Sequelitis... Nerd^3 can be kind of funny sometimes... maybe...

I don't know, there aren't really very many YouTube/video-game channels that appeal to me very much.

File 142230372889.jpg - (40.66KB , 240x339 , 240px-Blood_elf_dragonhawk.jpg )
133379 No. 133379 [View]
What is the difference between Blizzard and activision?
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>> No. 133392
This is basically How Big Companies Get Away With Whatever The Fuck They Like 101
>> No. 133394
File 142238795533.jpg - (38.85KB , 500x375 , Highelfarcher&ranger.jpg )
This thread probably explains why the PC Gaming market looks the way it does.
>> No. 133397

File 142118826826.jpg - (59.79KB , 480x699 , bayonetta23.jpg )
133243 No. 133243 [View]
There exist a chance for Bayonetta 3 to exist?
it would be green?

make it for Next Gen systems, and there ends the trilogy, then you can make new franchises.

Or the game did so miserable than it isnt worth it?
i mean, it is a Wii U exclusive, so pretty sure it is damn.
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>> No. 133246
File 142119132861.jpg - (24.72KB , 500x281 , projectk-2013-07-31-20-26-44-88.jpg )
well, it is the system fault, mostly because people just dont own wii us.

and if they do, is for smash brothers, which doesnt mean they will get bayonetta, even if it is great value.

on that note, that remind me that i have to look up for a copy of wonderfull 101.
>> No. 133255
Half of either platforms total for the first game, not that bad.
Obviously it would have been good had it sold more but with everything considered.
It's too early for sequel talks anyway.
>> No. 133378
The store Gamers are selling sealed copies of W101 for 699. You should try looking there.

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