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File 142175209316.jpg - (1.35MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
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Check out me snes/n64 collection

Wish it was bigger but I like it and I am always looking out for great games

What do you think?
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>> No. 133344
File 142201043558.png - (338.77KB , 600x722 , thegreatandpowerfultrix.png )
I wish I had all the country games again, those were some good ass games.
>> No. 133357
File 142217626162.png - (108.70KB , 450x424 , 76.png )
they are amazing
>> No. 133377
You've got nice taste from what I see. (Though again that's just my opinion.)

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  So here i put a gameplay video?
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>> No. 133348
File 142201455491.png - (338.77KB , 600x722 , thegreatandpowerfultrix.png )
Well, I posted it in OP's thread. That's close enough? We're on an internet forum after all.
>> No. 133350
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Did i said it was going to be the most amazing experience of your life?

I dont recall that.
>> No. 133351
File 142203005148.gif - (567.59KB , 640x480 , 142200769366.gif )
Welp, you got me there.

File 142117078531.jpg - (62.05KB , 535x350 , Batman_Harley.jpg )
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If i wait for the "Game of the Year" edition.
You think it is possible to get Harley challenges?
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>> No. 133261
Oh yeah, sure, loop off one of the most iconic characters of the franchise to sell it separately or hold it hostage to pre-purchase, that isn't the least bit shady.
>> No. 133263
He'll probably be free with a season pass or something.

Pretty dumb how him and Kentaro weren't playable in MK9 as they had completed models/movesets, just tweak the damage.
>> No. 133268
I wouldn't mind all this bullshit in various forms if there was always a solution laid out when it hits the shelves. Like a year from now a excluded character becomes dlc.
Its even worse if you're a console gamer and end up getting editions that don't even have it all for a 20 dollar mark up.
No game in specific, it just amazes me people can own games on 2 platforms, and then not even have the option to buy all of it.
My buddy bought one of those special cod editions and he got some of the dlc from the games season pass and was in a loose loose situation on buying the rest
It was all shit though according to him so no big deal

File 141977923569.jpg - (275.22KB , 800x464 , 6921_imgcache.jpg )
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Is a genre which i like... but if i think about it, there are not really that much of really good Hack and slash games and stuff.

So why dont have a list of Hack and slash we have played, and if we think is good, bad or ok.

>TFW you are one of the few which like Dante's inferno, and would liked to play a sequal with improved features, like multiples weapons and even maybe a 2 players co-op feature inspired by the santa lucia challenges.
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>> No. 133239
File 142112832214.gif - (0.98MB , 393x214 , 1375907700844.gif )
I just mean it's cuhrazy and a good game, fuck IGN
>> No. 133253
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This game fell off my radar because the lack of news and that retarded news article that you mentioned doesn't count as anything new for me.
Just people unnecessarily overhyping stuff.
>> No. 133260
there will be a gameplay demo soon for what i know.

File 142116095887.png - (49.20KB , 790x594 , 1error4me_.png )
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>> No. 133242
Yeah, that'll happen sometimes. It's actually one of the only ways to reach some of the secret end levels.
>> No. 133248
Because gods hate you.

I remember when that happened to me when I was as Azazel trying to unlock the Super Secret Character... GOD that pissed me off.

File 142063629305.png - (570.29KB , 1024x576 , _project_diva__f_screenshot___secret_police_by_maxgtmaster-d65fccr.png )
133202 No. 133202 [View]
In particular, I've been playing a metric butt-ton of Project Diva F and F 2nd lately. I haven't enjoyed a rhythm game this much since Rhythm Heaven.

So it got me thinking, what kind of rhythm games are out there I'd never heard of before? Somepony else showed me this and I got obsessed-- I'm curious what else is out there waiting to be discovered.

Have you played Project Diva or Rhythm Heaven? Have you played other rhythm games that were good? (Besides the obvious Guitar Hero/Rock Band/whatever, but feel free to post about them anyway if you want.)
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>> No. 133215
File 142090808297.png - (377.02KB , 716x716 , 13928939.png )
Ok, for me, hands down this is the best one out there. SOUND VOLTEX II
This is the best beat game that has ever crossed my eyes.

The other top ones would be Juebeat
And Pop'n Music

Pretty much any game that is fast paced and uses your hands.
I grew up playing DDR with my fingers.
>> No. 133218

Osu! looks insane, I was thinking about trying that one.


I'm gonna look those up-- I need a 3DS rhythm game. I love Final Fantasy but Theatrhythm is pretty boring.


Holy crap tits. That Sound Voltex 2 thing looks insane.
>> No. 133230
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>I need a 3DS rhythm game
HK is pretty cool, made by GameFreak who made Pokemon. They snuck a few recognizable tracks in there. That's a early stage, the game gets much more frantic later on and has different characters with different playstyles.
On the 3DS front you may also want to check out the digital Dedede download game. They had a rythm mini-game in the last retail Kirby and they fleshed it out more in the digital version. I hear a lot of good things about it.

No. 133195 [View]
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  This here Pony board needs some "MineCraft".
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>> No. 133217
If I remember correctly, the algorithm that generates Minecraft's worlds creates a stable map several times the orbital radius of Earth across.

Past that you hit glitch city but that's still an insane distance.
>> No. 133222
File 142100124212.png - (159.93KB , 854x480 , The Vault.png )
So technically even with thousands of players building their creations,you should still have room to let everypony show what they built.
>> No. 133223
File 142100201397.png - (72.31KB , 854x480 , The Sky Depot.png )
Pretty much I everything I build is centered on the starting location,what I found in the rest of the map was inspiring but not something I really wanted to develop.

File 142099101195.jpg - (137.30KB , 1280x720 , kill me.jpg )
133219 No. 133219 [View]
Help me name my hat? Try to make it Rainbow Dash related.
>> No. 133220
I dont know, "The Flaming Boom"?

Last edited at Sun, Jan 11th, 2015 09:42

>> No. 133229
Wonder Bolet?
Bolt + Beret
Shadow Bolt might be better though since it's black, idk.

File 142057763368.jpg - (654.06KB , 1920x1080 , initializing_equestria-02.jpg )
133192 No. 133192 [View]
Anypony on /g/?

For an interest, I downloaded all mods that add pony player models and voice-overs. The result:... disaster. Only Twilight Sniper and Rainbow Scout were made full, but another classes are still poor. Last activity on mods was found by me only a year ago.

Now I got one question: is anypony works on MLP:TF2, or I should close this question forever?
>> No. 133201
Shut it down.

Seriously though, custom models kind of suck because people don't proportion them properly.
>> No. 133212
I used to have a chrysalis knife instead of the "your eternal reward" and named it "Chrysali's Reward"

but i havent update it after that time.

but i like subtle mods, instead of in your face.

File 141815042350.jpg - (21.97KB , 500x281 , tumblr_ml5vbz316M1rbyr12o1_500.jpg )
132986 No. 132986 [View]
So does anypony here play WoW?
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>> No. 133089
Also how about them class changes? Lots of spells consolidated and/or removed. Its streamlined a little and I personally am liking it so far, haven't stampeded yet though.
>> No. 133179
File 142030269988.jpg - (17.75KB , 152x292 , 1307430760-1.jpg )
>qt bf gets me into WoW and shows me its wonders
>sub expires and soon after he says we'll never play WoW again anyway
>he goes back
>> No. 133194
wow is the best but I don't have WoD sadly just have no money ;(

File 142007799511.jpg - (100.22KB , 500x787 , comic001.jpg )
133152 No. 133152 [View]
So winter sale for steam has been going on a while, and with it, as always now, a slew of trading cards came out.

Chances are, most of you have no idea what they are, or don't care about them at all.

So making this thread in hopes that somepony will give me their trading cards. Or if not just giving them away, trading them.
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>> No. 133175
Meant pm, not am
>> No. 133180
File 142032083731.png - (73.92KB , 250x161 , pon-aye.png )
When people say in the morning I assume they mean 12AM when the new day starts or at like 6AM-ish when people wake up.
Either way no free cards for anypony, sorry fuckheads.
>> No. 133188
File 142043244859.png - (384.93KB , 800x666 , desperate_friendship_by_brokenteapot-d4dnzoq.png )
>Either way no free cards for anypony, sorry fuckheads.
Lol, pretty much. Either no one came to this thread, or are way too slow.
At least I got a good bit from MLPchan.

Ah, and that's midnight and dawn for me. Morning is when the sun is finally up. Like 8-12

No. 133135 [View]
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  The world will be fill with toy games forever.

This genre is the new Moba.
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>> No. 133184
I don't care for power rangers tho.
>> No. 133185
File 142037587049.jpg - (10.80KB , 400x300 , normal_system.jpg )

If Bandai wanted to bring a version of this game to the US

they could change the skins of the characters in game, and make it Power ranger
>> No. 133187
Na, they released the Wii Kamen Rider fighting game in the US and it had nothing to do with the English version of the show other than two (I think) of the Ryuki characters were in it.

File 141955252553.jpg - (126.29KB , 1408x686 , RIP April Ryan.jpg )
133103 No. 133103 [View]
With Steam Sale, I can get one of these two games, but I don't think Ican afford both of them.

Dreamfall Chapters and The Secret World: Massive Edition.

Dreamfall Chapters right now is slightly more expensive than Secret World- Massive. I've played the first two Dreamfall games and really want to see how it ends but I've also heard that Secret World was pretty good for a modern fantasy MMOG but don't know what it's community and gameplay it's like other than a few Let's Plays.

So yeah, dunno which game I want to get.
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>> No. 133105
Dreamfall Chapters is latest in the Longest Journey series. The first was a point-and-click adventure and the sequal Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is set a few years after the first game and basically an adventure game with puzzle elements, no more point and click screens.

Simular to Secret World, Longest Journey is about two versions of "Earth". We live on Stark in which science and technology became a staple in our society throughout the world while the other "Earth" called Arcadia which relies on magic and enchantment as well as the people share it's world with fantastic races, at a cost this Earths progression is still in it's late middle-age. A reoccuring element throughout the series are the Draic Kin and a nonthesis religion called the Balance where science and magic must be kept seperate but in harmony.

Last edited at Thu, Dec 25th, 2014 17:44

>> No. 133108
For some reason, Secret World wasn't as cheap as it was Yesturday. If I'd know it was under a more exclusive deal than the summer sale I would of got it then.
>> No. 133145
Turns out I made the wrong choice.

For £16-so I could of got a full online game but missed my chance. Instead I got a £20 game which only had the one chapter.

(Sometimes I wonder if my game questions are better off on /oat/.)

No. 133032 [View]
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  So steam is a sissy for saying "we dont want to publish Hatred"
but they let companies public garbage?
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>> No. 133121

That's Authoritarianism, not Right-Wing.
>> No. 133129
On the one hand, people legitimately angry about an admittedly poorly-researched article.

On the other hand, people also whining about an internet site calling some racist, bigoted douchebags racist bigoted douchebags.
>> No. 133142
File 141989958533.jpg - (66.62KB , 500x583 , allofmyscars.jpg )
>When your complete and total inability to fact check a story at a basic level results in you spreading 70 year old Stalinist propaganda
I lost it.

>Stalin was technically a socialist and no one calls him left-wing.
Because the schools and Hollywood are run by liberals, you think they would put themselves in the same box as Stalin or Hitler? They don't mind doing it with Lenin though despite him and Stalin being cut from the same cloth, I guess killing a shitload of people will get people to not want political affiliation.

File 141439235607.jpg - (7.81KB , 180x180 , 180px-Old_hoxton_mask.jpg )
132660 No. 132660 [View]
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>> No. 132671
File 141444793095.jpg - (48.13KB , 225x350 , 95832.jpg )
Gonna be doing this later tonight when my crew gets together.
>> No. 133132
>tfw Hoxton is better than the replacement Houston
>> No. 133133
>tfw Hoxton is better than the replacement Houston

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