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File 141939906107.jpg - (649.87KB , 1920x1080 , the_crew_bf_game_wallpaper_1920.jpg )
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Im playing the Crew and I noticed all the computer controlled cars stopped moving. Im the only car the moves. WTF happened? I was thinking maybe I lost internet connection but I still see pedestrians and planes moving.
>> No. 133100
the computer give up.
you win.

File 141913788368.png - (1.68KB , 392x16 , wooot.png )
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Post recent video game achievements of any sort, or any size, and what you plan on working towards later

1000 svd 12 kills coming next
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>> No. 133081
Sonny, back in the day an achievement was the satisfaction of beating Final Fantasy 1 with just White Mages or Thieves or swordless Zelda quests or knife and pistol only RE4 playthroughs or beating Battletoads or Ghosts and Goblins or Contra or Ninja Gaiden at all.

Dumbass xbox kids have contaminated gaming with their hollow, meaningless "achivements." Even steam is trying to hand them out for doing nothing worthwhile.
>> No. 133083
Completed Alien Isolation without dying on hard (old hard, not the new harder mode they patched in).
Almost done with 100% Sunset Overdrive pre-DLC.
Working on (but failing terribly) at trying to unlock the TDM Mastery calling card for Advanced Warfare before I max out my rank again.

I want to try doing AKUMU mode on Evil Within with no guns but I feel that might make me commit sudoku.
>> No. 133092
whats ironic is I have done like four of those things you've named

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File 141869548770.png - (51.70KB , 164x322 , DrDoktorFancy2.png )
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I am looking to trade tf2 items for stuff I can breakdown into gems (ie steam trading cards and the like)
>> No. 133045
>Trading cards
>> No. 133080
I had a bunch of trading cards. I sold the useless things and got the price of a decent beer for it.

If I ever meet Gaben, I'll have to return the favor and buy him a drink for nothing, but then, he's already laughing all the way to the bank with the mountains of transaction fees.

File 141827328158.jpg - (32.41KB , 460x215 , header.jpg )
133005 No. 133005 [View]
For anypony who has played Arma 3 is it worth buying?
>> No. 133009
If you like that sort of game, and mods and stuff, it's pretty great. I know some people that love the DayZ mods for it. You need a nice computer to run it though.
>> No. 133024
Well if you like simulator games, specifically in depth Military simulation games. Then I'd say it's difficult to go wrong with Arma 3. There's also roleplaying servers and fun stuff like that if you find that appealing.

If you're just looking for a simple shooter though, you may want to look at something else.
>> No. 133029
Is Arma 2 still populated enough to be worth getting or has everypony migrated to Arma 3?

File 141859665885.jpg - (6.76KB , 238x212 , shrek.jpg )
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Get in here

File 140041416014.png - (0.98MB , 1497x1481 , 1400326028377.png )
131479 No. 131479 [View] [Last 50 posts]
FF 1: Okay
FF 2: Crap
FF 3: Okay
FF 4: Awesome
FF 5: Great
FF 6: Awesome
FF 7: Awesome
FF 8: Shit
FF 9: Great
FF 10: Shit
FF 11: Okay for an MMO
FF 10–2:Steaming pile of shit
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>> No. 132088
File 140757150516.jpg - (2.08MB , 1863x1704 , bravely-default-box-art.jpg )
Best Final Fantasy game
>> No. 132157

Easier? I blundered into a bonus dungeon by mistake and spent a week getting my ass handed to me.
>> No. 133025
FF 1: Pretty good
FF 2: Fun
FF 3: Okay
FF 4: Awesome
FF 4 - The After Years: Ok
FF 5: Great
FF 6: Best thing ever
FF 7: Pretty good
FF 8: Loved it, for some reason
FF 9: Fantastic
FF 10: Ok
FF 10-2: Did not play

File 141841771877.png - (331.74KB , 1280x720 , Turnabout_Storm_END_by_MrPoniator.png )
133020 No. 133020 [View]
The Phoenix Wright trilogy is up for download on the 3DS, though you have to accept the update that breaks the Cubic Ninja exploit.
>> No. 133021
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 133022
Didn't even hear about that exploit, not much lost because I downloaded the trilogy already last week.

File 141801706681.jpg - (8.04KB , 251x201 , upsidedown.jpg )
132976 No. 132976 [View]
there is even people which play inverted in Shooter games??
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>> No. 132979
Because any other way is an unnatural abomination.

Like lime in beer.
>> No. 132996
I know a guy that does but he is big into RC airplanes.
>> No. 133017
How do you invert a mouse?

File 141824886606.png - (55.48KB , 175x189 , lurk 5.png )
132998 No. 132998 [View]
Any ponychan or other pony board Minecraft server out there?
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>> No. 133006
File 141827400567.png - (122.36KB , 498x732 , flutter bubbles.png )
we were going to start one, i think! i'm not sure... i think we should do it!
>> No. 133010
I live in europe, my current time is 14:16 (this post)
>> No. 133013
Oh, here's my skype: very_anon

File 141758555212.png - (1.62MB , 1280x1164 , tumblr_nfz87qXvGh1sor6xuo1_1280.png )
132947 No. 132947 [View]
It's the Holiday Season! And that means games! Lots of games! 5 Games to be exact! Do you want games? Of course you do. How do you get games? You enter!

What I'm giving:
NiGHTS Into Dreams
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Total War: Rome II - Caesar in Gaul (DLC)
Empire: Total War
Company of Heroes 2 - The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West

How do you enter?
1. Use a trip. It lets me know who's who.
2. Post what you'd like to enter for.
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>> No. 132965
I'd like to enter for...
God dammit.

Seriously though, hope everypony enjoys their shiny new games, and thanks to Anna for being such a sweetheart.
>> No. 132967
File 141773253512.jpg - (103.56KB , 668x800 , 6438f7e7cf755cf48a7dedfe3ace6dcb.jpg )
>> No. 132987
File 141816568695.png - (29.36KB , 182x127 , DrDoktorGendo.png )
I want nights pls

File 141809072011.jpg - (134.74KB , 870x615 , 130910194662.jpg )
132980 No. 132980 [View]
New TF2 update.
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>> No. 132983
File 141812105730.gif - (1.38MB , 500x281 , None of my business.gif )
I enjoyed EoTL. I might look at the cosmetics. Plus it's going to last until January 5 so perhaps there will be additional content later on.
James McVee isn't really to blame because Valve ask him to say what to expect than what is done or not. They even axed his map as they said it was too complicated for new players but can still be available on public servers. (I don't know the maps name though.)
In yet the community is raging! There isn't really a loss if nothing of value was gained. Gameplay wise I mean, the Source Film he made was awesome.

Everypony is raging at how pathetic the update was and I'm just enjoying the beautiful TF2 short they put their heart into. Wish I was good at SFM, Blender or Hammer to make such things.

My only real minor complaint is that while I understand the story needs antagonist, be nice if BLU were not always the lesser team in TF2 lore as they appear as the villains in this short. Still I love it.

Last edited at Tue, Dec 9th, 2014 03:38

>> No. 132984
What is the BLU team anyways? Are they different people who look the same? Are they clones?

My theory is that they're a RED team from an alternate universe where they weren't hired by Redmond.
>> No. 132985
My theory which I submitted to tf2headcanons.

I also believe TFClassic Scout is TF2 Scouts father, not Spy.

File 141771168521.jpg - (18.91KB , 319x175 , 132220686922.jpg )
132962 No. 132962 [View]
Australian feminists are getting GTA5 taken off store shelves.

Complaints about portrayals of baldfaced crime and violence might be legitimate, but the old spiel implying violence specifically against women is encouraged and rewarded is just as big a load of bullshit now as it was back in the Jack Thompson days.

“This is about torturing and the ritualised murder of women,” she told “It’s frightening that people are desensitised to it.”
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>> No. 132974
Honestly, I vastly prefer Saints Row over GTA. I like for my protagonists to be funny amoral psychopaths rather than making me not want to play because playing will just get a throughly unlikeable human being more power and fortune.
>> No. 132975
I think maybe GTA tries to be "REAL THUG LIFE IN THE HOOD" a tiny bit too hard.
>> No. 132978
That's just one of the games.
Then a little bit of five.

File 141729026122.png - (1.15MB , 1920x1017 , RobloxScreenShot10292014_181428450.png )
132926 No. 132926 [View]
ROBLOX IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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>> No. 132937
File 141749463884.png - (188.51KB , 528x505 , Back to the same old grind.png )
Wow, Roblox got real fugly since the last time I saw it.
>> No. 132938
File 141750381516.jpg - (479.70KB , 1000x1377 , Youmu 1402107194146.jpg )
I remember it always being pretty fugly.
>> No. 132953
Yeah, the designs got pretty shitty once they started introducing body mods.

Yeah, but at least it had it's own distinctive style. It didn't look like a cheap Unity project.

File 141748424362.jpg - (66.19KB , 580x882 , l1650-juliet-445.jpg )
132932 No. 132932 [View]
how many money you wasted on games you are not going to play during this little sale season?
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>> No. 132943
Must be nice to not have shitloads of money or not want to play lots of games/be too lazy to play games.
Lets see... Bought DmC and Strider on the 360 with no intention of playing atm. ($17) I think I bought a few other arcade games I can't remember.
Got The Walking Dead collection on Xbox One ($25) with no intention to play them at the moment. Not sure yet. Played first season too many times.
Got Transistor for $7 but my brother still has my PS4.

Cancer that's killing the industry.
>> No. 132944
File 141754945766.gif - (604.20KB , 599x376 , 1390199211311 laughing medukas.gif )
I already have too many games, so I'm not going to add games I don't even want to the pile.
>> No. 132952
>doing it wrong

No. 132946 [View]
So I got some DLC for Total War: Rome II

It's the Caesar in Gaul DLC.

I'll offer it to the first person who asks for it in this thread.
>> No. 132949
Man, it's a curbstomp.

Seriously, that strength potion is just OP.

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