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  France has never been so sloppy and dərpy
>> No. 132832
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  Ubisoft's mass layoffs are coming back to bite them.
>> No. 132835
Is Wolfpack in?
I know they took out PVP and female assassins.
>> No. 132836
There is a discovery.

you can improve the FPS issue if you turn off the internet conecction of your ps4 or your PC.

because that doesnt talk bad about Ubisoft.

File 141200832120.png - (82.60KB , 225x225 , bowties.png )
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So, I am ninety-nine percent sure that I am the only one who plays Infocom text adventures in the universe besides less-advanced civilizations light years away who pieced it together out of our space junk.
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>> No. 132762
File 141529091071.png - (23.13KB , 407x373 , Aw Yiss.png )

Yes, actually, and if I remember correctly both authors have complimented the other for their work!


I believe there's also a NanQuest? Not sure how that one's going. I don't keep up on all of his stuff, even though I follow him.


I will not comment on the nature of my statements. Everypony needs to go read Ruby Quest.
>> No. 132802
I miss Knight Blades.

I miss the amazing artwork.

I miss Patches.
>> No. 132834
Hey, I do. I love the story-based IF. It's too bad I'll be missing the deadline for voting in this years IFcomp.

File 141551412804.jpg - (45.47KB , 1280x720 , WiiU_screenshot_TV_01117.jpg )
132809 No. 132809 [View]
have a thing with the wii u

the voices of the characters keep trying to come out from the tablet, while i just want the voice come out the tv...

i cant find where to change this
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>> No. 132820

and other think, even i think that is the television.
it cant decide which size it is, so it keep changing sizes while playing games.

but this is only on one tv
>> No. 132821
File 141568191605.png - (73.59KB , 253x252 , thinking.png )
Couldn't you just use the volume slider on the tablet?
>> No. 132822
that wasnt the problem.

i mention it because with Bayonetta 2 demo. if i play, in certain parts, the voices of the characters come almost only from the tablet, and the tv voices are really low and almost cant hear it.

on injustice i thought i had the same problem, but it was just the tv volume not being that high.

File 140667299158.png - (281.73KB , 640x361 , 3.png )
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ITT: we add people to the Gameloft game.
My GL account is OutKebab
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>> No. 132672
And Windows 8
>> No. 132818

Bluestacks or something similar
>> No. 132819
i test using blustack once, and the controls are really off. and the resolution of the game doesnt fit correctly.

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  Have you seen the New Blizzard Franchise name Over watch?

It look good, with alot of different classes to play, and it give me a TF2 vibe.
specially for how cartoony it look.
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>> No. 132803
but with pixar style.
>> No. 132807
I'm pretty keen on Blizzard news, so yes, I'm all over this reveal.

What I particularly like about this are some of the basic assumptions I carry with it being Blizzard, which is simple straightforward matchmaking, and a particular level of attention to accessibility. These are things I never perceived strongly from TF2. While I am sad that it is easy to draw parallels to another game, at the same time, this particular style of shooting game seems a bit less saturated.

What is truly exciting for me is anticipating whatever comes next. With this, Blizzard appears to have reached saturation as far as matching a game for every popular core gamer multiplayer genre. So after Overwatch, either Blizzard will stop expanding and focus on it's existing games and franchises, or it will have to have something pretty surprising.

Also seems wrong because there haven't been any level-up mechanics, nor does it look like there will be. Most games to carry the MOBA tag have some sort of leveling scheme. It's also been indicated you can change between heroes between deaths, making it even less like MOBA games.
>> No. 132811
And Warcraft is just Dune and Diablo is just Rogue and Starcraft is just Warcraft and... (etc.)

I am very excited for this, and I haven't really been excited for a game in ages. Maybe not in the past five years or so, sans Dark Souls.

File 141460240687.jpg - (3.83MB , 2304x1296 , Sunset_Overdrive_Secondary_Art_Horiz_Final_forWeb.jpg )
132678 No. 132678 [View]
I don't know if anypony here has played it or seen videos for the game, I've been enjoying it.
My problem with the game though is the female main character voice sounds like Rainbow Dash. It's actually the woman that did Artemis from Young Justice. I don't know why this bothers me but it does.
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>> No. 132804
File 141546870183.png - (374.19KB , 800x800 , Madotsuki 19.png )
Eh, I wound't buy it on PS4 either. Hoping it comes to PC.

Cause Nintendo is kinda getting all my money now.
>Wii u
>Smash bundle
>New games
>> No. 132805
It's more likely to come out on PC that it's a Xbox exclsuive.
Dead Rising 3
Project Spark
The SO PC "mistake" probably wasn't one at all.
I don't recall the last Sony dev'd/published game that was released on PC too aside from like Everquest and DC Universe.

Games are finally coming out but it's a day late and a dollar short.
I bought Bayonetta 2 but have so much other stuff to play.
Shadow of Mordor
>> No. 132808
File 141551307629.jpg - (126.13KB , 1151x708 , Farewell.jpg )
>It's more likely to come out on PC that it's a Xbox exclsuive.
That's what I've been feeling. I'll just wait.

And saving my money for wii u buy

File 141538763967.png - (960.61KB , 1024x576 , Pony2033.png )
132790 No. 132790 [View]
One of the most atmospheric games, metro:2033, is free for about 20 more hours:

If you've never played it, get it now.

File 141528532174.jpg - (151.56KB , 530x298 , eadawn.jpg )
132751 No. 132751 [View]
The Dawngate have shut down....
in 90 they will shut down dawngate...

i guess EA got impatient with it.
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>> No. 132775
File 141531153830.jpg - (356.95KB , 3150x2400 , ushvM07.jpg )
And the studio making Dawngate is a EA in house developer?
>> No. 132776
Well the game was being developed by Waystone games as their first game ever. I'm not so sure if EA bought the developer or actually created it in house.

And there is also Battledrome, a MOBA that was speculated to be published by EA, but news for that game have been almost non existent, so i doubt it will ever come to see the light of day.
>> No. 132779
So maybe EA got some developers trying to get in the moba market from a lot of angles, but the the market got over flooded so they decided to just go with one....

But that is just a theory, a lame theory.

No. 132772 [View]
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  Made this for COD: Titanfall Edition.
Anypony got cool custom art stuff they did for any games?
Animal Crossing is fine too.

File 141526559803.png - (340.27KB , 620x349 , ShirtDesignNoTexture_1.png )
132747 No. 132747 [View]
We should all get together and play this.

It's that game you probably played as a kid. Werewolf, or Mafia, or Murderer. The basic premise being that everypony has a role, some good, some evil, and the group must together decide who to publicly "lynch" for suspicion of being the murderer, as they're all being picked off one by one in the night. It tests your ability to see through lies, and lie convincingly yourself.

Blank Media has gamified it to be played online, with animated representations of the entire affair. And yes, you can dress up your guy. You can also custom-create extremely specific matches, like games where over half the group is Mafia, it's just Witches-vs-Vigilantes, et cetera. And you can create a party to play with people on your friends list.
It is currently browser-based but is coming to Steam and mobile devices.

My username is mik0ri.
I've also set up

File 141461482845.jpg - (99.74KB , 850x765 , sample_06cba8b8207ff1b343da2ad575227a48ecc7eac6.jpg )
132681 No. 132681 [View]

I'm surprised I've gone for a long while without remembering these old hits. There's literally hundreds of PSX homebrew games and demos, made with the Net Yaroze dev kit and compiled into a single ISO image.
A whole lot of fun games, including Super Bub, Timeslip, Terra Incognita, Opera of Destruction, INVS, Rocks'N'Gems and more. Very much worth checking out.

No. 132645 [View]
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  Sign this petition, please.

Between the 45 GB game disk and the 20 GB HDD install, it's pretty clear this is a job for PCs.
>> No. 132647
1. It would probably end up as a Windows 10 exclusive.
2. Microsoft hates PC gaming. (You want the MCC when you never got 3, 4, Reach, ODST or even Wars?)
3. They need to give a reason for people to buy a Xbox One, they're going to sell a shitload next month.
>> No. 132659
>expecting a petition will change Microsoft's mind

File 141393972886.png - (2.39KB , 166x104 , cake.png )
132648 No. 132648 [View]
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>> No. 132650
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>> No. 132651
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>> No. 132655
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  Best remix of the better Still Alive from a video game.

File 141386741774.png - (1.20MB , 1192x670 , xComEquestria.png )
132646 No. 132646 [View]
They're giving away a free game again this year in exchange for voting. Last year was Civ V and Mafia 2, this year it's x-Com:Enemy Unknown.
>> No. 132652
Looks like it's closed now, hopefully somepony got it.
>> No. 132654
I did, thanks for the free game, bro.

File 141399697986.jpg - (9.82KB , 195x258 , Thetitaning.jpg )
132653 No. 132653 [View]
Hello, my fellow Ponychanners! I had been advertising my campaign all through my school and to my online friends, and now it's about time I've come to the roots of my ambition! Fellow horsefuckers, shitposters, and Moonies of all kinds! Please aid me in the battle to fight Leukemia by following the link below and donating to the cause! Be sure to join my stream on Skype for some tournaments and other things that you just might enjoy!


- Fanfiction Pone

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