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Wanting to get a Wii U.
just to know, which is the average best price i could get.
and which version should get?
the black one or the white one?.
on any case i need more memory isnt it?
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>> No. 132642
>Not lying about your address
"I" have a place in Delaware but I live at the one in NY but still put Del as my address so I wouldn't have to pay tax on digital goods for PSN.
>> No. 132643
it was a mercadolibre sale which was located in my same town...
and when i said "ok, lets get it" some one else bought it....
that was my chance.
>> No. 132644
Just be happy it's not something that is limited.
Had that happen. "It's been years, no one will want this. I'll just wait after the weekend when I have some money."

File 141350594443.jpg - (237.91KB , 818x922 , xbox_pony_by_raikoh_illust-d5x07tw.jpg )
132625 No. 132625 [View]
So I got a new 500 gb hard drive and I started transfering content from my old 360 hard drive. for some reason my xbox turned off on it's own and now I can't transfer the rest of my stuff. It won't recognize the cable. What the fuck am I suppose to do?
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>> No. 132631

Make sure you do it in a faraday cage so your data doesn't have grounding loop buzz.
>> No. 132632
I did something similar once.
>Hooked up some shit to someponys TV and then their cable stopped working
>Get on the phone with support and they don't know what's going on
>Get off the phone and get asked like the fourth time in total if it's plugged in all the way
>I check for shits and giggles even though I was sure it was and it actually wasn't
>> No. 132633
What i did is grab a USB memory, and copy everything on files, and then move it to the new xbox.

File 141348785821.gif - (883.99KB , 500x450 , dpfy.gif )
132623 No. 132623 [View]
So apparently, Game Freak either dərped with the ORAS demo, or did it intentionally, or is paraspriting us and this is all incorrect data, but...

HP/Attack/Defense/Sp. Atk/Sp. Def/Speed

M-Swampert: 100/150/110/95/110/70

M-Sceptile: 70/110/75/145/85/145

M-Sableye: 50/85/125/85/115/20

M-Altaria: 75/110/110/110/105/80
>> No. 132624
Why spoiler stats?

File 141332429401.jpg - (97.08KB , 800x450 , 20141014_170056.jpg )
132606 No. 132606 [View]
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>> No. 132616
so you fall in the nintendo trap?

they made this console with old look and fun.

so later in the future you have to get the "NEW" 3ds
>> No. 132617
File 141339397359.png - (772.52KB , 1000x1000 , cc5b42c227c720288cd01f968685c090.png )
It's not like the new 3ds is coming out in a few months.

Maybe he wants to play some smash or something, so he got a cool looking 3ds to play.

Like my friend has a pikachu one, and somepony else has the animal crossing poptart one. I would had enjoyed a unique look instead of just my black 3ds.

Last edited at Wed, Oct 15th, 2014 10:26

>> No. 132622
File 141341900804.gif - (1.88MB , 367x204 , futboll.gif )
And ruin the value?
I buy stuff to clutter my room with boxes in the hopes it will go up in value.

File 141333956999.png - (621.79KB , 900x695 , nicoleice001_by_pixelkitties-d7wlyie.png )
132607 No. 132607 [View]

you can expand the memory of a Wii U?

like using SD memories or something?
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>> No. 132614
this >>132610
I use an external myself.
>> No. 132615
connected by USB?
it have to get some kind of special configuration?
>> No. 132620
You plug it in and a option on the system formats it to their special anti-piracy format.

File 141182887817.png - (398.94KB , 740x717 , Portal2_CompanionCube.png )
132530 No. 132530 [View]
Inspired by such mods as time travel and Aperture Tag, I also got ideas for an Aperture addon that involves a brand new testing element.

Thing is though, I am just an idea guy. If I wanted to see a Portal 2 add on be actual, whats the best way for me to go about it? I know teams and collaboration effort is the best thing I can do but I udnno who with the skills who would wanna do my idea.

Plus I dunno how advance of reprogramming Portal 2 it would be.
>> No. 132618
I'm here for you :)
>> No. 132619
Have you modded Portal 2 before?

File 141334049665.png - (180.83KB , 900x900 , twilight_sparkle__s_face_by_icebreak23-d51b300 (1).png )
132608 No. 132608 [View]
I couldn't find the general thread for sharing IDs, so, here...

Just got a PS Vita. Been adding the Vita games on Plus to my account for a year or so waiting for the day I got one.
Add me, my ID: DuoPlus
>> No. 132612
A thread exists for sharing names but I don't think anypony gives a shit if you post in it or not.

File 141334206953.jpg - (79.91KB , 800x600 , Fluttershy in Amnesia.jpg )
132609 No. 132609 [View]
Just wondering if anypony has experiance making custom stories for Amnesia: The Dark Decent?

I got HPL LevelEditor and go to the Friciton Games Wiki but can't seem to get my game started and pretty sure I'm not making these scripts right.

Just need some more experianced help. While I have something special planned, I doubt I can get this done by Halloween.

File 141303525342.jpg - (53.06KB , 520x293 , screen520x924.jpg )
132599 No. 132599 [View]
I think i just played the most Artsy, simple, pretty, and generous game on the appstore ever.

Because, is free, it is simple, have a simple artstyle and piano music, and dont have any kind of bs microtransaction tag along.

it tell the story about a girl which fly with a umbrella doing stuff. and i should add, they dont have commercials or ads, so that doesnt interrupt the flow of the story.

Im even dont sure how the game is supposed to make money? maybe it isnt made to make some, it just exist as an experiment. i dont know.

the game is name "el"
>> No. 132600
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  I'm super hyped for "Threes!", it's basically just a puzzle game but it has this simplistic art style and a musical score by the bloke that did Call of Duty and Mass Effect.

>> No. 132602
that is basically "undo" an already existing app game.

File 141291974747.jpg - (41.47KB , 606x606 , steelseries_scope_gaming_glasses_1121267_g1.jpg )
132587 No. 132587 [View]
The other day i went to a video game store.
looking if there was some good deal.

when all the suddent i saw there was "Pro gaming glasses"
which price was $999 MX
which translate to $71.35 USD

so my question is... WTF!!!!
why that thing even exist?
i guess to scam people, thats for sure.

it wasnt just like "oh, look sexier with your gamming glasses", no, it was like "this glasses will make your gamming skills better"
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>> No. 132596
File 141297311506.jpg - (8.94KB , 206x245 , chugun.jpg )
>Also, most graphics drivers and monitors have settings that allow you to adjust the tone.
Who the fruck is gonna let some guy sit there and adjust settings on a TV for a five minute match at a tourney?
Different brands have different settings.

Chudat wears Gunnars so you should too.

While we're on the subject of overpriced garbage products, why do people buy Beats? They just turn up the bass and destroy the quality of whatever it is you're trying to listen to.
Oh, that's right. The branding. You're not cool unless you have a logo on the side of your headphones.
>> No. 132598
Hey eye protection is important when playing games you know.

For instance:
>> No. 132601
When the chair fell I lost it.

File 141295904303.gif - (124.16KB , 400x452 , 141265559370.gif )
132593 No. 132593 [View]
Life returns on this special day, for it marks the fourth year My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been a thing. Today is a special day to celebrate our favorite ponies, and the Bronies and Horsefuckers that make the show so memorable. And you know what this means? This means there will be copious amounts of game-playing including games like Cards Against Humanity! And, quite possibly, I'll try to hold a AoT Tribute Game tournament with a possible cash prize. If you are willing to celebrate this occasion with your neighborhood Timelord, follow this link:

- Fanfiction Pone: Last of the Dərplords.

No. 132522 [View]
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  Kind of redundant, since for most games you could kill the in-game music and have a media playing your tracks in the background.

Still, it's nice to be able to play rebel music while playing CSGO.
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>> No. 132578
After a bit of playing around with it, it's really kinda remarkable how well it labels things that stuff like Windows Media Player, iTunes, WinAmp, Foobar and a few others either struggle with or just plain can't label. Cases of "Uknown Album" or "Unknown Artist" are minimal and usually it's because the tracks are ripped from a disc who's music was all pirated. And even then it sorts out that after a while. Give it a slightly better system for categories(the ability to search by just album and artist is kinda sparse, I'd like to search through genre sometimes) and the ability to scrobble with and I'd use it over any other media player service for music.
>> No. 132582
File 141286585723.gif - (2.52MB , 320x240 , 131112224984.gif )
It commits the two unforgivable sins:
Sorting by metadata instead of folders and filenames.

No .ogg support.

I still love Steam, but I'm VERY disappointed.

Last edited at Thu, Oct 9th, 2014 07:44

>> No. 132589
>no .ogg support

Fuck, I didn't notice that. I don't have many .oggs though.

No. 132573 [View]
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  Scary As All Hell Game
>> No. 132579
Youtube embed play button

File 141135233550.jpg - (128.61KB , 1051x767 , nameme.jpg )
132493 No. 132493 [View]
Hi /g/.

Any cs go players? I just bought this new StatTrak M4A1-S and I want to name it. I wanna name it after a pony, so far I have a StatTrak AUG Torque name Dərpy Hooves and a StatTrak Ak-47 named Rainbow Dash.

I need some ideas on what to name it, please help.
>> No. 132495
When did they add nametags to CSGO? I've been out of it for a while.
>> No. 132500
>> No. 132571
Unicorn Bloodener
Horn Gored
The Bad OC

File 141226946593.png - (79.46KB , 1600x900 , error arkham.png )
132557 No. 132557 [View]
Im encountering alot of bugs, and not only in the Arkham Origins game.

I was playing some Arkham Origins, and it closed up with this.

ok, so i changed my mind and decided to play Arkham City challenges, and apparently if i choose one specific map, the game shut down with out any message.

what is all this bat mess?
>> No. 132558
>Not playing the most stable version on Xbox
>> No. 132559
I dont know if i could get "batman Arkham filler" for $7 on the xbox.

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