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File 137488309122.png - (156.29KB , 500x559 , Pinkie Pyro.png )
125832 No. 125832
So I have to face facts: I kind of suck at TF2.

But here's the thing: Just like pretty much everything in this world, first person shooters (TF2 included) are learned skills. When you put the proper effort into them, you become better.

And if you don't want to get better at a game (or just this particular game), that's fine. I do, though, and I'd like to document my rise from scrub to... not quite so much of a scrub.

Which is why I started my Let's Learn channel [] a few weeks back, but it's become pretty obvious that I need help. See, the other reason why I started it was to get input from people that know the game better. For example, in my Fastlane video [], I point out that I have no idea what I'm supposed to do when a medic counter-pops on me.

So I come to you, Ponychanners. You guys are very supportive people and I think you guys could help me see some errors that I made that I just didn't see or maybe point me in the direction of some videos or guides or something that could explain some tools of the trade and what have you.

I'm coming up on four weeks into the project and I'm already seeing extremely good improvement, but I'd like to see more and I'd like your help in achieving it.

I may or may not update this thread when I get a new video posted. Let me know if you guys would like to see that or not
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>> No. 127615
File 138027346943.png - (167.31KB , 900x900 , Pinkie Soldier.png )
And here is that live commentary I promised you []. Scout and Soldier, one on Gravelpit and one on Mountain Lab.
>> No. 127627
File 138040812216.png - (293.46KB , 650x550 , Pinkie Soldier 2.png )
Oh hey dere, it's finally another Mistakes Were Made video []. This time, I'm a Medic (and Soldier) on Barnblitz.
>> No. 127712
File 138059791582.jpg - (179.06KB , 757x1024 , Heavyestia.jpg )
I posted two videos since my last post: My week 13 update [] (which I'm sure you're all dying to see) and a Heavy live commentary video [].
>> No. 127714
File 138060470236.png - (383.43KB , 530x737 , Engijack 2.png )
So I just played a round of Engineer and here's what I'm learning about TF2:

Valve cares a lot more about tracking your deaths than tracking the rest of your stats.

I did fantastically (for me). 35/12 kills/deaths with plenty of assists and one capture on Doomsday. Go into my stats and find that my Engie KPD and PPD went down.

Thanks so much, Valve. You're really helping me with my point. Or you would be, if my point was that you can't handle a simple feature like keeping track of player stats.
>> No. 127716
Whole point of no leaderboards is because they think stuff like K/D are stupid.
They want you to play for fun, abstract I know.
>> No. 127717
File 138061322859.jpg - (70.24KB , 700x700 , 117.jpg )

Yes, but the whole point of the series is to show me improving at TF2. Part of that's supposed to be the videos where you can see improvement in my aim and tactics, but part of that's supposed to be quantifiable measures of improvement. I try to stress every week that PPD and KPD aren't everything, but it's kind of hard to make my point about that when it just looks like I'm trying to excuse my poor stats.
>> No. 127758
My apologies for the horrendously late reply, I just started lurking this thread a while ago and didn't remember to check the 'chan again until today.

About the Phlog: I am a rabid fan of the Phlogistonator. The actual crit-boost thing is only arguably useful (although it becomes invaluable if you can ambush enemies in enclosed spaces), but as a whole the weapon is far superior to any other flamethrowers at long-range. I actually run Pyro in place of Sniper in many instances since the Flare Gun is absolutely devastating with good prediction, and you can strongly discourage enemies from getting too close to easily snipe because flamethrower.

The afterburn is pretty damning on its own, and very few things survive a second hit while the fire is still burning. Medics and Pyros are very significant exceptions, but in any pub game where they don't have enough Medic support you can wipe out most enemies rather handily.

The reason the Phlogistonator is ideal when using the Flare Gun as a primary weapon is that ANY fire damage builds Mmmph, including critical impact damage from follow-up flares. You can build up Mmmph from sniping easily enough that you can use it primarily for the healing instead of the crit bonus. I've used it to pin down entire teams as Pyro without resupply on wide-open custom maps that have no medkits, and I am obligated to attest to its effectiveness. >:3
>> No. 127761
TF2 stats is and always has been broken. It doesn't have anything to do with selling hats so don't expect it to be fixed anyyear soon.

If you really think KD against random people is a good indicator of skill, write a script that calls for medic every 10 seconds, switch to heavy and stare at people until they die. Then maybe demoman once you actually start fighting good players.


Edit: lol I just realized 90% of the thread is you talking to yourself. Seriously, why.

Last edited at Wed, Oct 2nd, 2013 01:25

>> No. 127793
File 138076577147.png - (92.14KB , 312x308 , dash facehoof.png )

Please actually read the post to which you're replying.

In other news unrelated to that post, I have yet another Scout live commentary for you guys where I run into an interesting phenomenon: Demoswarms [].

I also forgot to link you guys to my Medic on Hoodoo [] video where I talk about, well... why I don't spend a lot of time on Hoodoo.
>> No. 127794
Well SORRY then. Maybe if there weren't so many of them <.< >.> ⌐.⌐ ¬.¬
>> No. 127884
File 138094622761.png - (93.38KB , 957x777 , DemoTwi.png )
Okay, so you guys might notice that my Demoman on Turbine [] video carries the name of "Fewer Mistakes Were Made." Why? Well, because we're in the second set of measurements.

My original intent (and it still is my intent) was that it would go like this:

Mistakes Were Made > Fewer Mistakes Were Made > No Mistakes Here > ?

With each ">" being a stat reset.

Also, a bit of side-news: I'm starting a new series on the channel. Look for it tomorrow.
>> No. 127899
File 138102115726.png - (740.99KB , 1049x1049 , Solderp.png )
So the new series is called Hard Carry and, as you might have guessed, it's me being team carry. In this case, it's Soldier and Pyro on Harvest []. I, uh... I do some work. When my team isn't spawn camping, that is.
>> No. 127921
File 138105119276.gif - (2.04MB , 720x405 , HOLY CRAP YES.gif )
>MINE COUNTENANCE WHEREUPON I realize a new way to combo kill people, as I slowly come to the realization that the best way to do it involves a weapon that's considered scrubby

It might work or it might be a massive failure. Either way, though, you can sure as hell bet that I'm going to try it.
>> No. 127940
File 138110810480.png - (244.39KB , 506x471 , 130924443594.png )

>MINE COUNTENANCE WHEREUPON it's not working out too well

Admittedly, I haven't had much practice with it and I've spent most of the time with it trying to carry the team, which means I couldn't concentrate on getting those combo kills and instead had to use it like I would the default version of the weapon, and when you do that, it's pretty much a direct downgrade.

Oh well. I have two videos for you: A game of gunslinger Engie game on Doomsday [] (that Valve forgot existed) and my Week 14 Update [].
>> No. 127945
File 138111882138.jpg - (242.65KB , 709x933 , Rainbow Scout.jpg )
I might need a new series for what just happened. Nine kills in one life as a Scout. Medic was the only one trying to kill me for the longest time. Took a crack shot spy and an Engie to kill me (which was a shame, because I had just milked them).

The series would be called "SERIOUSLY?!"

There's no way that should have happened.

The best part was that this was on Gorge and they were at the second spawn, so in my last life (got something like four or five kills before this happened), I was waiting under their spawn with three spies just to get a chance to do something. towards the end. This was how far we had pushed them.

Also? I was on Blu and managed to get my team up to the room with the last CP as a Pyro. They had one level one Sentry up, and then I got ambushed.

And that's when I was autobalanced to Red and all that happened.
>> No. 127955
File 138118144752.png - (1.67MB , 1258x929 , Heavyshy.png )
Redemption [], wherein I attempt to redeem myself after a scared Medic dies just before I can give him my sandvich.

...And then it happens again.
>> No. 127986
File 138127223240.png - (488.64KB , 585x1024 , Soda Popper Popped.png )
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my views on teaching weapons [], while I use one of them (the Soda Popper) on Gullywash, followed by one life of me with that same loadout on Fastlane.
>> No. 127988
I personally have found the Soda Popper is best used for improving a Scout's long-range capabilities... mini-crits for the Pistol (or for bleed via Wrap Assassin ornament/Flying Guillotine, if you're feeling ornery) are remarkably effective, and no class aside from Sniper has particularly effective hitscan weaponry at that distance.
>> No. 127989
File 138127596710.png - (582.22KB , 894x894 , Rainbow Winger.png )

Yeah. I did notice that my Pistol was doing a crapload of work when I got those minicrits. 28 damage per shot for something that rapid-fires? If only the Pistol were more accurate, it would be absolutely insane. The minicrits in general are just really great. I actually killed a Sniper in one hit in that gameplay. I also noticed that they last a long time. When I dominate that Medic in the end clip, I miss him about five times before I actually hit him, and I popped the minicrits pretty early.
>> No. 127994
A pretty old update changed the Pistol, Revolver, and SMG so that the first shot always goes straight down the crosshair... so if you're sniping with anything, just fire one shot, reload, and repeat to maintain pinpoint accuracy. The timer for accuracy reset is 1.25 seconds, but the Scout's pistol reload has exactly the same duration.
Therefore, if your range is great enough that you don't think you can land more than one shot a second firing full-tilt with the accuracy that entails, just fire one shot at a time. After all, your volume of fire is only as important as the bullets that actually hit, and this way has the upside of saving a ton of ammo.

Last edited at Tue, Oct 8th, 2013 19:00

>> No. 128010
File 138137290347.jpg - (99.47KB , 900x854 , Spyjack.jpg )
So here I am, doing things on Foundry [] as a Spy.

...Somehow. I seriously shouldn't have been able to survive most of that match. That video should have been 90% respawn screen.

But apparently, people were relying on their hats to save them. That Heavy had a nice hat.

It didn't save him. Either time.
>> No. 128015
File 138144088318.png - (383.43KB , 530x737 , Engijack 2.png )
You never asked for it! It's a video about my thoughts on the Pomson 6000 [].
>> No. 128053
File 138152801774.gif - (613.66KB , 296x360 , 133.gif )
And here we go, a bit of channel news and some information about a stream [].
>> No. 128069
File 138161463739.png - (167.31KB , 900x900 , Pinkie Soldier.png )
Okay, gents and gentettes, here's my super special, (not so) secret loadout []. As you may have guessed, it's one that's been around for a while, but as near as I can tell, the subtle change to the playstyle really makes all the difference.
>> No. 128120
File 138171003060.png - (133.90KB , 945x945 , Pinkie Pipe 1.png )
Right. So here's my week 15 update [], with a little bonus at the end.
>> No. 128153
File 138178378447.jpg - (176.30KB , 1280x889 , Rainbow Scout Soft.jpg )
So here I am, playing Scout on Nightfall [], using the Crit A Cola and stock scattergun.
>> No. 128253
File 138202679236.png - (2.49MB , 1980x1238 , Engiejack playing guitar.png )
So I have two live commentaries: Destined Destruction [], where I'm a Pyro on ctf_well and I Can't Do It All On My Own [], where I play Engie on Mountain Lab.
>> No. 128450
File 138283567072.png - (293.46KB , 650x550 , Pinkie Soldier 2.png )
Okay, I have a couple videos I've posted since then, but I really wanted to share with you my latest project where I talk about air strafing with w [].

And before you quote the metagame, please watch the video.
>> No. 128461
File 138293892206.png - (67.90KB , 203x354 , 18.png )
>Not holding W while rocket jumping is meta game.

They say that cause it's a bad habit to just hold W cause "W makes you walk W must make you fly farther!" Trust me, I've seen people all the time think that. And then they get into the habit of trying to hold W down all the time.
If you are always holding it down or touching it, you'll never strife.

Good video nonetheless. It kinda rubbed me the wrong way (Probably cause of how I grew up playing solider or something) but nice to see you are making vids to teach people.
>> No. 128474
File 138299838046.png - (167.31KB , 900x900 , Pinkie Soldier.png )

>If you are always holding it down or touching it, you'll never strife.

But... you will. This only holds true if you're moving forward. Even then, if you turn 180 degrees, you'll find that you strafe 90 degrees.

That's about 80% of the point of the video.

It could be that what rubbed you the wrong way is the fact that I didn't address when you shouldn't use w, which is pretty much any time when you're not trying to keep your crosshairs in a single area. So pretty much any time you're using the rocket jump to travel some place or you're not passing by your target with your jump.

I'll talk about that in the next video about using w for air strafes. After all, I didn't discuss what happens when you hold w and a or d while air strafing, and it'll be relevant to the air strafes I'll do in the next video.

I just need to remember to actually do them in-game. I'm not used to air strafing like that. Or at all when I'm not explosive jumping, for that matter.
>> No. 128484
File 138306871919.png - (170.69KB , 508x421 , 22.png )
Again, most people getting into rocket jumping think "Hold W down to go faster" Which it doesn't...that's why people hate the fact that people hold W down, cause it can hinder you, and does literally nothing to speed you up.

Now, if you are going to strife, then yes. For the love of god hit W. If you are just gonna jump and trying to get ahead, you don't need to touch W at all. Just jump, and maneuver with A and D

Yeah, to me, it kinda felt like you jumped the gun a bit and dove head first into why W should be used, without hitting the other points.
>Points to the part 1 of X
But I figured you would go over it another time.

I don't know though, rocket jumping is weird for me. I thought I would be bad, but I just picked it up and boom, I was amazing at it. It was like second nature to me. Why solider is my favorite class now.
>> No. 130039
File 138779108568.png - (283.95KB , 823x964 , Black Box.png )
Okay, I've put off catching up on these postings for two months now, and it's time I went ahead and got this done.

A video about crutch weapons [] (spoiler: There aren't any)
Me playing soldier on Arena [] (it's a very long video)
I also had a couple of updates, but I've since abandoned the whole stat screen update thing, and I explain why there will be no more quantifiable measures in my Week 17.5 update [].

More in the next few posts.
>> No. 130040
File 138779190950.jpg - (111.92KB , 1006x794 , Scream Fortress.jpg )
I spent about a week of the Halloween update doing scripted commentaries about the event and then I managed to get a couple of live commentaries about it done as well.

First is a video about the update and event themselves []
Second, I did a short video about the map [] .
Finally, and this is the one that took a long time, I made a video about the various spells in the event [] .

After that, the live commentaries were just me playing Heavy [] and one of me playing Pyro [] .

Last edited at Mon, Dec 23rd, 2013 02:46

>> No. 130041
File 138779384535.jpg - (176.30KB , 1280x889 , Rainbow Scout Soft.jpg )
After that, I stopped playing for a couple of weeks. When I got back, the first thing I did was make a video about the Two Cities weapon changes [] ... well, a couple of them (specifically, the Baby Face's Blaster and the Liberty Launcher). Then, after a week gone again, I went and made a video of me playing on Snakewater [] as Medic, where I do mention the buff to the Amputator.

A few days later, I made a video of me playing Heavy on Mountain Lab [] , this one a commentary after the fact.

Back to live commentaries, we have me playing Scout on Harvest with the new Baby Face's Blaster [] , where I manage to top score in spite of not being able to hit anything. Ever.

And then I finally start with the weekly updates again, but Week 24 update [] is different than the earlier ones. I just... talk about improvement and whatnot over a couple gameplay clips. I'm actually really proud of the ending clip (starting at about 8:30). I don't think I've ever been as proud of an ending to one of my videos before.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 23rd, 2013 03:25

>> No. 130042
File 138779499342.png - (539.33KB , 1024x1024 , Engiejack Logo.png )
For week 25, there are only two videos: A live commentary of me playing Sniper on Doomsday [], where I prove once and for all that I am destined for SMG Sniper territory and then I went ahead and did another scripted commentary, this one about the Smissmas item changes [] (all of them this time). This scripted commentary only took me 2 1/2 days, though, so I guess that's okay.
>> No. 130044
File 138782263812.jpg - (26.29KB , 351x280 , bedfellows16.jpg )
stop playing, tf2 is full of kids and ive finally had it with it,almost 1500 hours in tf2 and i quit because nobody in that game knows how to have fun and always ruins fun things,and many other things like people scream into mics or just micspam, etc etc
>> No. 130046
File 138782917944.png - (167.65KB , 562x505 , Smug Pie.png )

So what you're saying is that they're having fun wrong?
>> No. 130071
well some people's ideas of fun completely prevent other people from having fun
>> No. 130072
File 138784235285.gif - (22.05KB , 945x945 , shruggin.gif )

Admittedly, things like stickying spawn are rather annoying to me, but so often people get accused of having fun wrong if they're not 100% tryharding.

Edit: I would like to add that the vast majority of people don't do things like sticky spawn.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 23rd, 2013 16:48

>> No. 130073
File 138784348024.png - (582.22KB , 894x894 , Rainbow Winger.png )
Right. So. Week 25 update is posted [].
>> No. 130127
File 138819766209.jpg - (99.47KB , 900x854 , Spyjack.jpg )
Aaaand here we have it, the video of me using the Diamondback [], along with thoughts I have about it, and about my general Spy gameplay.

Also, there's no way Applejack could be Spy, but I love this image dearly anyway.

Apple bucking thighs are unrelated to that.
>> No. 130576
Not heard from you in a while regarding tf2, but I thought I'd cast my thoughts here.

I played stand-in spy and pyro in some HL games earlier, and I used Diamondback for a couple of rounds, replacing my usual Ambassador.

First game I subbed for was on pl_upward, I found the diamondback to be incredible useful, stacking with both stabs and mini-sentry saps. The large amounts of crit charges allowed me to either pick targets with few issues, or at least force the uber if I was unable to pick.

Whilst I doubt that it will replace my Amby 100% of the time, the new DB is much stronger than before, and is definitely viable, even in a competitive environment.
>> No. 130789
File 139286490074.png - (581.75KB , 431x1000 , Rarispy.png )

My computer kind of went kaput in early January. I had a few videos posted before that, though, so I'm going to provide some links in a bit. I have something pretty cool for Pyros on which I'm working this week, and I thought the people in this thread might be interested in seeing.

Thanks for your thoughts on the Diamondback. It's always helpful to have people that are, quite frankly, a lot better than me provide their thoughts and views on the things I say.
>> No. 130790
File 139286528724.png - (283.95KB , 823x964 , Black Box.png )
Okay, so let's get caught up, shall we?

First, there's this Heavy Capper [] video, where I play Heavy on a couple of 5CP maps. And then there's my Week 26 update [], which has a gameplay of me playing Soldier on Turbine.
>> No. 130831
File 139311729370.png - (156.29KB , 500x559 , Pinkie Pyro.png )
So I still haven't caught up with the links, but, well...

I made a thing [] for you Pyros out there. Might be of interest to you. Just saying.
>> No. 130957
File 139408662714.png - (882.37KB , 1024x1024 , Fluttermedic 3.png )
Also, I'm streaming TF2 every night, mostly trying to focus on how I'm learning to play certain classes. If you want, follow my stream []. I'd love to talk to you guys while playing.
>> No. 131819
File 140295388664.png - (199.81KB , 1593x2714 , Bubbling Softcap.png )
Once again, really behind, but I recently got 100 subscribers, so I decided to do an unusual giveaway []. Don't get too excited. It's not exactly a burning all-class.

You guys can enter, too, even if you don't wanna subscribe.
>> No. 131825
Cool if I put my steam here?
>> No. 131897
While the thread's here, I might as well drop a curiosity question off.

Were you ever involved in a Heavy Army vs. Heavy Army battle to protect a Spy statue around, if memory serves, Gravel Pit A?
>> No. 132134
File 140804078056.png - (50.79KB , 200x195 , 200px-Neckbeards.png )
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