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File 138872155353.jpg - (683.61KB , 1280x720 , sleeping-dogs.jpg )
130398 No. 130398
Don't know if you guys know this or not, but if you've got a 360 with a gold account you can download Sleeping Dogs for free until the 15th.
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>> No. 132724
1. You can watch Hulu on your PC.
2. His stand up will cheer up, or your money back.
3. You need to know why I think your post is funny.
>> No. 132726
My laptop is broken.
>> No. 132729
Also the only thing I can force myself to do is play Perfect Dark Zero bot maches
>> No. 132736
File 141516883025.jpg - (14.23KB , 300x200 , homerchokesbart.jpg )

Did we come full circle?
>> No. 132970
So the Raven? I've been to to shitty of a mood to play any games so maybe an adventure one will be doable.
>> No. 133044
And now I"m snow boarding?
>> No. 133252
File 142130186496.png - (1.83MB , 3000x3994 , fluttershy_witch_costume_by_karlosbaygorriakb-d5jseke.png )
Witcher 2. Is that the game with Sex cards that Obama didn't play?
>> No. 133256
Did you ever get around to playing it? I bought the whole series on sale for $6 but never touched it. Wondering if it's worth playing sooner than later

Na, he totally played it.
Only douchebags on the internet will say things about video games without playing it first right?
>> No. 133262
I'm not really into adventure games so I can't really say if its good or not.
>> No. 133269
File 142163828211.png - (170.92KB , 334x455 , ____by_astringe-d5d87vq.png )
I'm calling the Witcher franchise REALLY over rated.
>> No. 133270
File 142164162550.png - (2.10MB , 1920x1080 , ScreenShot00177.png )
Oh. And even though I don't have an Xbone I could still download the free games for it. I'm glad because D4 is one of the most realistic games ever.
>> No. 133273
Youtube embed play button
It is a virtual tour of Hong Kong in the boot of one of it's finest.
>> No. 133345
So many people are probably missing out on getting their free Xbox One games before they get the system. Also grab the D4 DLC, not sure if that's time exclusive, they were posting them up in small batches and removing them weeks later to put up more new ones. Wearing a hoodie with the Gears of War logo on it doesn't add all that much reply value but it's kind of funny.

>Replying to year old post
>Posting a shit "le funny" video
>> No. 133352
Youtube embed play button
"Le fuck"?
>> No. 133460
File 142278971440.jpg - (30.85KB , 267x280 , sad-batman-2.jpg )
Well already finished Brothers: a tale of two sons. Man i'm fucking depressed right now.
>> No. 133461
Dude iknorite?
>> No. 133463
File 142280431879.jpg - (181.17KB , 534x800 , gilda cosplay.jpg )
also i'm confused how griffins work in this game
>> No. 133907
File 142518135926.png - (545.93KB , 525x720 , MLP-FIM-Daring-Do-Tomb-Raider-283764180.png )
So this month we have a couple of good ones, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. I rented Tomb Raider once and it was pretty good and I was pretty fun. Trying for a 100% run sounds good.
>> No. 133908
File 142522299614.jpg - (40.28KB , 640x480 , cat05.jpg )

Did you play the Gold Levels?
>> No. 133909
File 142523769814.png - (138.14KB , 617x637 , my_little_tomb_raider_by_wednesdaylaw-d4p9nay.png )
What are those?
>> No. 133912
>> No. 133915
File 142527834099.jpg - (56.42KB , 536x799 , Tomb Raider Zecora.jpg )
This was the first Tomb Raider game I ever played. The reboot that is. Only other one I played was Guardian of Light.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 1st, 2015 23:43

>> No. 133916

The reboots (both of them) suck.

Can't beat the original 1-5
>> No. 133917
File 142528307096.jpg - (1.60MB , 1920x1080 , daring_do__crossroads_by_destinyfreedom-d5715by.jpg )
Shit! I forgot to talk to Roth after the pilot crashed. This Chatterbox achievement is a pain.
>> No. 133920
File 142528973855.jpg - (283.88KB , 1920x1080 , ywa3RIv.jpg )
Na, originals they boring as fuck.

Both reboots? You mean the reboot and the sequel to the reboot? The game that's not even out yet? Because you're a hipster?
>> No. 133922
Tomb Raider Legend was the first reboot.
>> No. 133923
This multiplayer is better than I expected.
>> No. 133929
Somepony somewhere is a asshole for incorrectly using that term all over the place.
A reboot is when it completely ignores pre-existing canon, the sequel to Legend (Underworld) ties directly into the original games. Maybe they retconned some plot details but it's not a reboot.
>> No. 133932
A reboot is when you restart the series.

The CrystalDynamics games are a reboot because they completely disregard all the insane batshit of the earlier games, re-treading and retconning the whole origin story about Natla and throwing out stuff like Tomb Raider 4's magical egyptian god robot armor magic mummy curse apocalypse.
>> No. 133934
>completely disregard
Which it didn't. Changed a bunch of stuff but not everything.
>> No. 133936
File 142570701847.png - (181.10KB , 550x873 , 2011-09-26-math.png )
A recon doesn't equal a reboot.
>> No. 133939
File 142576641168.jpg - (255.49KB , 695x703 , Comic_issue_1_covers_A-F.jpg )
I hate this image so much, always see it posted in feminist threads on /co/ all the time.
They had a Teen Titans comic based on the show, casuals don't read comics though so it got discontinued. Comics are meant for beta virgins that go out and buy several comics every two weeks (x multiple variant covers) and pay crazy money for shit at conventions.

I buy my overpriced shit online and don't pay for comics, so jokes on them. Right?
>> No. 133988
File 142738664079.jpg - (103.82KB , 1920x1080 , ZE1yYj9.jpg )
Holy hell are we getting a lot next month. Terreria gears of Sar judgment, AC: black flag and devils cartel
>> No. 133990
File 142739321776.jpg - (60.16KB , 486x720 , NWbgaW4.jpg )
Also that is the kind of dipshit attitude that almost killed comics.
>> No. 133995
File 142747495121.jpg - (182.27KB , 635x766 , batmanannual19921641.jpg )
'90's comics almost killed comics.
>> No. 134004
Considering that's the period of biggest popularity in comics, not really. Just because it was shitty doesn't mean it wasn't selling well, just look at the waves of Military Shooters that were being launched the couple past years.
>> No. 134006
File 142802561607.jpg - (353.12KB , 1280x1391 , Gears of war My Little Pony.jpg )
Ok. I'm still waiting for the my shitty internet to download gears of war so I'm trying Terraria first. So is this game, like legal? This seams like such a minecraft rip off it borders on copy right infringement.
>> No. 134007
>Minecraft has a copyright on mining and crafting
>implying Minecraft isn't just a ripoff of Infiniminer
Anyway, Terraria is basically what Minecraft's survival mode should have been, just in 2d.
>> No. 134009
File 142806918472.jpg - (50.86KB , 960x540 , Gears of Pinkie.jpg )
Damn Judgment is still downloading. I hate waiting this long for the worst Gears of War game.
>> No. 134011
<sarcasm>I'm pretty sure notch got sued by the tetris guy because he invented blocks.</sarcasm>

J was such a mish-mash of things but I think 2 is the worst. Garbage connectivity, tons of try hards with modded controllers using HB, campaign felt like a bunch of random stages pasted together.
>> No. 134012
What's HB? Also don't forget how super buggy it was.
>> No. 134018
File 142819184924.gif - (2.72MB , 320x240 , gears-of-war-caramelldansen-o.gif )
Ok. This is better than I expected. Still better than Order 1886
>> No. 134035
Hammer Burst.
2 had a bunch of stuff that I liked but enough that I hated to make me glad that I 100% and never touch it again.

Everything is better than The Order. The no multiplayer announcement was the first bad sign.
>> No. 134036
People like Ready at Dawn and David Cage going on about Video Games being a story telling medium then going ahead and being horrible story tellers is starting to piss me off.
>> No. 134052
File 142916190096.jpg - (100.87KB , 900x752 , my_little_pony_and_assasins_creed_ezio_auditore_by_chaos_dark_lord-d4u8o4a.jpg )
So Assassin's Creed 4 and Army of Two: Devils Cartel. Two 7 gig+ files. Damn this is gonna take a long time.
>> No. 134054
I keep getting this "Can't download Assassins Creed IV" message. anypony have ANY idea what this is about?
>> No. 134055
I've only started using my 360 again like a week ago but the marketplace seems completely fucked half of the time.
Try it at different times of the day.
>> No. 134060
Ok. So finally downloaded Black Flag. It's a small thing, but the captions are capitalized really weird.
>> No. 134064
Is It Like A Tyler The Creator Tweet?
>> No. 134066
I don't know who that is
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