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File 138872155353.jpg - (683.61KB , 1280x720 , sleeping-dogs.jpg )
130398 No. 130398
Don't know if you guys know this or not, but if you've got a 360 with a gold account you can download Sleeping Dogs for free until the 15th.
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>> No. 130399
But that would require getting an Xbox live account.
>> No. 130407
And an Xbox.
And a high speed internet connection.
And a TV.
And 120 volt supply of electricity.
...but then it's completely free.
>> No. 130412
Is this the new Games with Gold thread?
>> No. 130423
>Xbox Live Gold

Remember when multiplayer services on games came for free?
>> No. 130424
File 138891578692.png - (150.62KB , 250x312 , bestgamever.png )
>Remembering the two Xbox games I played on Live being superior to all the free ones
>> No. 130432
>remembering when Halo was on PC
>> No. 130614
Youtube embed play button
  Now they have Dead Island damn it. Now I have to finish it. You know I got arrested over this game.
>> No. 130615
I waited three years for Halo 3 on PC.

Then I stopped caring about the series since Microsoft clearly stopped caring about my money.
>> No. 130726
>> No. 130731
Ok. Lot of back story to this. Several years ago I crashed into a snowplow clearing the roads. Shortly after that I got a bill from the state for damages. I thought it must have been some mistake. After I got my license revoked I learned it wasn't. So I thought I had it cleared up. Then Dead Island comes out and I'm really excited to rent it. So much so that I don't notice how much I'm speeding. So I get pulled over and it turns out I didn't clear that license thing because I have an arrest warrant. But I must say as far as arrests go it went really well.
>> No. 130740
File 139255671204.jpg - (71.65KB , 600x339 , Toy-Soldiers-Cold-War-Announced2.jpg )
And today we have toy soldiers cold war. It looks like a pretty sweet game.
>> No. 130747
It's actually a pretty generic tower defense game.
>> No. 130748
File 139258683806.jpg - (32.47KB , 422x475 , HahahaNO.jpg )
I got to the last level and it got really hard so I quit. I just haven't been feeling it lately.
>> No. 130935
File 139395744239.gif - (4.90MB , 293x164 , Civilization.gif )
So a Civilization game on a console? How does that even work?
>> No. 130936
It's region blocked, so I guess I won't download it.
>> No. 130940
Youtube embed play button

is a really basic and simple version of Civilization.
>> No. 130944
Capital automatically generates and sends out settlers.
A random tile automatically improves by itself every few turns.
City states removed.
Barbarians don't raze.
Units regenerate health after 3 turns of not taking damage.
No terrain modifiers.
XBox live chat enabled.
>> No. 130949
File 139406858042.jpg - (159.02KB , 640x360 , 120615083811-civilization-eternal-war-story-top.jpg )
So how do I make the radioactive swamp war stuff
>> No. 131010
God damn this Dungeon Defender is like the Dark Souls of tower defense games.
>> No. 131168
File 139637683177.png - (148.24KB , 685x692 , hitman_pony_rq_by_left4deadhunterfan-d4yk3z7.png )
How Do I Hitman? I suck at stealth games.
>> No. 131169

you're a dork
>> No. 131171
File 139639959001.png - (544.26KB , 1650x990 , the_cutest_little_warrior_by_equinox23-d5b8stc.png )
I'm posting about video games on a My Little Pony themed image board. That should be self evident.
>> No. 131175
File 139642913000.png - (14.14KB , 724x657 , meow.png )
Which hitman?
Please say blood money, please say blood money, please say blood money
>> No. 131178
absolution. So they tell this guy assassinate his former bff? That seems kind of stupid.
>> No. 131181
File 139647079609.jpg - (7.88KB , 176x286 , , pinkie chris hansen.jpg )
Do I really suck at this game or is penalizing killing people in an assassination game stupid?
>> No. 131182
Depends, are you killing the right people?
>> No. 131187
Like anypony but the main target. Ugh. And then I go to get the key card but forget the door then I go back and I'm spotted. I reset to last checkpoint a lot in this game.
>> No. 131188
File 139650025523.png - (141.42KB , 1000x590 , apple_bloom_s_speaking_fancy_by_dm29-d6icg9p.png )
Also what the hay kind of accent is that?
>> No. 131196
File 139657359476.jpg - (44.47KB , 471x456 , my_little_nun_pony_by_turonie-d62po79.jpg )
Also nuns don't dress like that anymore. I mean in habits. I don't think they ever dressed in latex. I'm not a nun expert though
>> No. 131197
File 139658699109.png - (860.37KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-03-08-14h34m32s7.png )
>> No. 131198
Oh this court room.
>> No. 131201
File 139663253127.jpg - (301.53KB , 1500x1125 , 264419__rainbow+dash_human_crossover_grimdark_blood_gun_my+little+dashie_mandopony_artist-colon-.jpg )
Damn it game. If you want me to go though the holding cell area shooting up the place then start it out that way. Don't pretend like I can sneak past the area
>> No. 131204
File 139666585351.png - (155.95KB , 1280x960 , what is this.png )

You're suuuuuuch a dork.
>> No. 131272
Damn it how am I suppose get in the elevator? I've put the damn film reel into the project but it doesn't seem to do a damn thing!!!!!!
>> No. 131285
File 139727474131.png - (116.08KB , 1500x1100 , pony_games___hitman_by_audiobeatzz-d5qkrmj.png )
Well that was anti-climatic. The Praetorian guard was like one of the easiest parts of the damn game. It was also bullshit too. I keep telling people that it doesn't count as a twist if the cut scene lies to you. And I thought Victoria needs the flash drive thing to not die. That being said I can see why people really like this series. It has a lot of replay ability. I[m probably going to go back and try a few different things. Like that scarecrow challenge. Oh yeah some of those challenges are pretty vague.
>> No. 131345
File 139776304172.jpg - (305.99KB , 1500x891 , VideoGameArt_Deadlight_Stella01_JoseBalloLazaro.jpg )
So Deadlight.... It's ok. For something that is a platformer it's controls are kind of off. Looks super awesome though
>> No. 131353
I just downloaded it but haven't given it a try yet.
>> No. 131357
>controls are off
tried playing it yesterday and kept jumping forward rather than catching a ledge.
The game just seems hoaky and the gritty narration for everything doesn't really help it.
>> No. 131450
File 139952019827.jpg - (125.16KB , 960x537 , crazy furries.jpg )
So Dust: an Elysium tale is out? and it's like a side scroller furry rpg?
>> No. 131453
damn this game is weird. Schindler's List didn't take itself this seriously
>> No. 131458
File 139967481729.png - (171.75KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mm8szgrXB81rbyr12o1_500.png )
I bought it way back when it came out. It's actually really good.
>> No. 131459
Don't ignore it just because furries. It's actually a really good Metroidvania-esque RPG.
>> No. 131460
It's not that great. Gameplay is alright, but the character designs will make you want to jab your eyes out after not too long.
>> No. 131461
File 139968197014.jpg - (158.19KB , 1916x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
Oh come on, you don't have to get turned on by the furry characters, but I can't imagine they would be THAT aggravating.
>> No. 131462
File 139969644298.jpg - (103.40KB , 706x809 , Dust_face.jpg )
Look at it.

>those horrible color choices
>those "anime" eyes
>transparent hair

Fidget is kind of cute, I guess, but every other character in this game just screams "Deviantart".
>> No. 131467
it was a 1 guy project mostly...

so maybe you could say that...
>> No. 131468
It's weird, because the backgrounds are great. Not quite on the level of Muramasa, but they still look really nice. So it's a shame the characters look so jarringly bad.
>> No. 131470
This is a really fun game. And it's not so much it's art style, it's that it takes itself so seriously.
>> No. 131475
File 140038490473.png - (748.99KB , 1180x1180 , my_little_pony_saints_row_3_icon_by_mackkal92-d5b89no.png )
So Saint's Row 3. I've always heard great things about it but never checked it out. I'm not usually into GTA type games but this is pretyt fun. Sure does love it's escort missions though. Also the uploading the character thing isn't working. I based my charater on a long distance friend and I'd like to show it to her.
>> No. 131510
I hear 2 is better but that picture is sex.
>> No. 131516
File 140086934578.jpg - (229.79KB , 800x600 , Madotsuki 878.jpg )
Here's how I would compare it.
Saint's row 3 is a really great games and all, but when you strip away the story, it feels like there isn't much to it.

It kinda reminds me of what happen to Assassin's creed in 2 and brotherhood. It felt like I was doing less story stuff, and was more buying banks and just watching other people kill targets.

3 had the same thing. It was, do a story mission, and then do 50 identical mini games that had no appeal. At least in 4 they rewarded you for doing it.
It just felt like a chore to do half of them, and the game made you do them, it really broke the flow of the game. You just did an amazing story mission, filled with action, and then to make the story go any further, you had waste time doing something random.

Though, that's just me I guess. First thing I noticed when I went back to play 2 and 4. Sure, 2 makes you do it and so does 4, but in 2, they felt way more fun.

As for story wise and not game play. 2 was way more grittier and about actual hardships, the growth of the saints and how rough gang life could be. You'll see that within the first few missions. As for 3, it felt mixed, sure there was very touching parts, but all in all, it felt like a wacky game where you could see just how much chaos you could make.

Give them both a try though, it's worth it. 2 is my favorite though for the story.
>> No. 131531
Kenzi's stupid Guardian Angle Mission. Do I actually have to finish this to advance in the game?
>> No. 131532
File 140094775663.jpg - (93.90KB , 1920x1080 , 1342918414914.jpg )
This, all of this.
That was exactly the missions I was thinking of when I wrote my last post.
>> No. 131619
Dark souls will be the first half of june
the second half will be an arcade game i dont remember
and super street fighter 4 arcade edition
>> No. 131630
File 140166557946.gif - (1.87MB , 479x310 , Best-simpsons-gifs-football-groin.gif )
I rented Dark Souls once but only played it for a little bit. I think in all the talk about how hard Dark Souls is people over look how damn weird it is. The tutorial is escaping from zombie jail.
>> No. 131631
File 140166662421.jpg - (196.95KB , 600x448 , 2594088-0860349471-29c34.jpg )
there's also flirty mister Solaire
he's so dreamy~
>> No. 131636
It's incredibly immersive. I'm actually reminded of Half Life 2 and the extensive developer commentaries on how they work player training and tutorializing into the game seamlessly without having to have fourth-wall-breaking notations.
>> No. 131637
File 140172856115.png - (0.96MB , 1241x1397 , 1396717160150.png )
Good call. A week or so ago I saw dark souls new for $10 and almost bought it. For once my procrastination has paid off.

>the second half will be an arcade game i dont remember
Charlie Murder. Some flash game from back when all indie games were made with flash.
>> No. 131839
I can't perform the Sonic Boom anymore. What is wrong with me.
>> No. 131866
File 140359838079.jpg - (59.88KB , 499x436 , goku-im-just-saiyan.jpg )
You need to go home and be a family man, that is your problem.
>> No. 131927
File 140421994751.jpg - (84.94KB , 1000x717 , bat angel robin flufftershy.jpg )
Good Celestia, Terms of Service for an xbox arcade game. I hope I didn't just sign away my soul or something.
>> No. 132055
File 140692000802.jpg - (5.75KB , 320x240 , Tool-Sober-video-screencap.jpg )
So in Motocross Madness you can use your xbox live avatar in game. This is great because mine now looks like something from a Tool video. Actually it looks like something that they looked at and said "let's not use this. It's too messed up looking"
>> No. 132140
File 140819246174.png - (2.62MB , 1920x1080 , my_little_pony_dishonored_wallpaper_by_frequencyspark-d6shi1m.png )
So Dishonored. I heard this is a lot like Bioshock so that's a super plus. But it is like Bioshock if you played it as a stealth game which I did not. With me it was more a apiculture simulator. Also I heard you move bodies and I hate that.
>> No. 132148
File 140822371479.jpg - (69.57KB , 625x390 , makessense.jpg )
This is all I know about Dishonered.

Well that and this sick rap by the amazing Dan Bull:
>> No. 132155
This stealth is already wearing thin in me. So I need to be stealthy to get the good ending...but it's the kind of stealth that depends on the prompts working all the time.
>> No. 132298
File 140963109606.jpg - (72.92KB , 668x1024 , canterlot__your_friendship_is_mine_by_arnie00-d64piui.jpg )
So this Monaco is pretty fun and I havn't even tried co-op yet. I might bring a friend over tomorrow to give it a whirl.
>> No. 132459
Reach. ugh. Do I wanna play Reach again? ugh.
>> No. 132461
The game with the strongest story is ugh? Come on now, you can tell the truth. What really happened?
>> No. 132462
Is a response to
>> No. 132485
So I've been playing Dishonored and I have to say these non lethal take out methods sound worse than death.
>> No. 132604
Ok. This Bad Company 2, which I understand is actually the 9th Battlefield game, has some super weird bugs. Like saying I've won when I've really lost, and the sound just turning off for no reason.
>> No. 132621
It's actually like the twentieth game in the franchise if you include the spin-offs like 2048 (or whatever the number is) and the third-person freemium *COUGH*PAY2WIN*COUGH* Heroes, plus plenty of other titles.
It's EA though so go figure, surprised the servers are still even up.

Has anypony played Chariot? It's free on the Xbox One.
>> No. 132696
Viva piñata is terrifying. So I'm raising these horrible things so they can be shot out of a cannon and the beaten till they burst? Also I keep accidently selling piñatas that I was raising for challenges
>> No. 132709
Everypony hates the current Rare but the VP series is amazing (well except for the crappy Mario Party style one).
>> No. 132715
maybe they hate it more because they dont do games anymore?
they just do Avatars stuff and kinect stuff.

i play the Nuts and botls, and i thought it was good, i mean, it had some humor, and it wasnt bad or broken, but i never played a Banjo kazooie before.

then i play an old BK game, and then i discover why people was so unhappy with the Nuts and botls not being like the old games.

And like Rare games wasnt doing ultra incredible, they pretty much said, "well, fuck your stuff, and do filler stuff"
>> No. 132719
File 141499851122.jpg - (8.81KB , 237x213 , download (1).jpg )
This is a smile that says "now it's your turn"
>> No. 132720
Yeah, you posted about N&B before.
Still standing by my point that they made some good games when they were first acquired.

Go watch the Chris D'Elia standup on Hulu right now.
>> No. 132722
Lately I've been so depressed I can't even get the motivation to watch TV
>> No. 132724
1. You can watch Hulu on your PC.
2. His stand up will cheer up, or your money back.
3. You need to know why I think your post is funny.
>> No. 132726
My laptop is broken.
>> No. 132729
Also the only thing I can force myself to do is play Perfect Dark Zero bot maches
>> No. 132736
File 141516883025.jpg - (14.23KB , 300x200 , homerchokesbart.jpg )

Did we come full circle?
>> No. 132970
So the Raven? I've been to to shitty of a mood to play any games so maybe an adventure one will be doable.
>> No. 133044
And now I"m snow boarding?
>> No. 133252
File 142130186496.png - (1.83MB , 3000x3994 , fluttershy_witch_costume_by_karlosbaygorriakb-d5jseke.png )
Witcher 2. Is that the game with Sex cards that Obama didn't play?
>> No. 133256
Did you ever get around to playing it? I bought the whole series on sale for $6 but never touched it. Wondering if it's worth playing sooner than later

Na, he totally played it.
Only douchebags on the internet will say things about video games without playing it first right?
>> No. 133262
I'm not really into adventure games so I can't really say if its good or not.
>> No. 133269
File 142163828211.png - (170.92KB , 334x455 , ____by_astringe-d5d87vq.png )
I'm calling the Witcher franchise REALLY over rated.
>> No. 133270
File 142164162550.png - (2.10MB , 1920x1080 , ScreenShot00177.png )
Oh. And even though I don't have an Xbone I could still download the free games for it. I'm glad because D4 is one of the most realistic games ever.
>> No. 133273
Youtube embed play button
It is a virtual tour of Hong Kong in the boot of one of it's finest.
>> No. 133345
So many people are probably missing out on getting their free Xbox One games before they get the system. Also grab the D4 DLC, not sure if that's time exclusive, they were posting them up in small batches and removing them weeks later to put up more new ones. Wearing a hoodie with the Gears of War logo on it doesn't add all that much reply value but it's kind of funny.

>Replying to year old post
>Posting a shit "le funny" video
>> No. 133352
Youtube embed play button
"Le fuck"?
>> No. 133460
File 142278971440.jpg - (30.85KB , 267x280 , sad-batman-2.jpg )
Well already finished Brothers: a tale of two sons. Man i'm fucking depressed right now.
>> No. 133461
Dude iknorite?
>> No. 133463
File 142280431879.jpg - (181.17KB , 534x800 , gilda cosplay.jpg )
also i'm confused how griffins work in this game
>> No. 133907
File 142518135926.png - (545.93KB , 525x720 , MLP-FIM-Daring-Do-Tomb-Raider-283764180.png )
So this month we have a couple of good ones, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. I rented Tomb Raider once and it was pretty good and I was pretty fun. Trying for a 100% run sounds good.
>> No. 133908
File 142522299614.jpg - (40.28KB , 640x480 , cat05.jpg )

Did you play the Gold Levels?
>> No. 133909
File 142523769814.png - (138.14KB , 617x637 , my_little_tomb_raider_by_wednesdaylaw-d4p9nay.png )
What are those?
>> No. 133912
>> No. 133915
File 142527834099.jpg - (56.42KB , 536x799 , Tomb Raider Zecora.jpg )
This was the first Tomb Raider game I ever played. The reboot that is. Only other one I played was Guardian of Light.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 1st, 2015 23:43

>> No. 133916

The reboots (both of them) suck.

Can't beat the original 1-5
>> No. 133917
File 142528307096.jpg - (1.60MB , 1920x1080 , daring_do__crossroads_by_destinyfreedom-d5715by.jpg )
Shit! I forgot to talk to Roth after the pilot crashed. This Chatterbox achievement is a pain.
>> No. 133920
File 142528973855.jpg - (283.88KB , 1920x1080 , ywa3RIv.jpg )
Na, originals they boring as fuck.

Both reboots? You mean the reboot and the sequel to the reboot? The game that's not even out yet? Because you're a hipster?
>> No. 133922
Tomb Raider Legend was the first reboot.
>> No. 133923
This multiplayer is better than I expected.
>> No. 133929
Somepony somewhere is a asshole for incorrectly using that term all over the place.
A reboot is when it completely ignores pre-existing canon, the sequel to Legend (Underworld) ties directly into the original games. Maybe they retconned some plot details but it's not a reboot.
>> No. 133932
A reboot is when you restart the series.

The CrystalDynamics games are a reboot because they completely disregard all the insane batshit of the earlier games, re-treading and retconning the whole origin story about Natla and throwing out stuff like Tomb Raider 4's magical egyptian god robot armor magic mummy curse apocalypse.
>> No. 133934
>completely disregard
Which it didn't. Changed a bunch of stuff but not everything.
>> No. 133936
File 142570701847.png - (181.10KB , 550x873 , 2011-09-26-math.png )
A recon doesn't equal a reboot.
>> No. 133939
File 142576641168.jpg - (255.49KB , 695x703 , Comic_issue_1_covers_A-F.jpg )
I hate this image so much, always see it posted in feminist threads on /co/ all the time.
They had a Teen Titans comic based on the show, casuals don't read comics though so it got discontinued. Comics are meant for beta virgins that go out and buy several comics every two weeks (x multiple variant covers) and pay crazy money for shit at conventions.

I buy my overpriced shit online and don't pay for comics, so jokes on them. Right?
>> No. 133988
File 142738664079.jpg - (103.82KB , 1920x1080 , ZE1yYj9.jpg )
Holy hell are we getting a lot next month. Terreria gears of Sar judgment, AC: black flag and devils cartel
>> No. 133990
File 142739321776.jpg - (60.16KB , 486x720 , NWbgaW4.jpg )
Also that is the kind of dipshit attitude that almost killed comics.
>> No. 133995
File 142747495121.jpg - (182.27KB , 635x766 , batmanannual19921641.jpg )
'90's comics almost killed comics.
>> No. 134004
Considering that's the period of biggest popularity in comics, not really. Just because it was shitty doesn't mean it wasn't selling well, just look at the waves of Military Shooters that were being launched the couple past years.
>> No. 134006
File 142802561607.jpg - (353.12KB , 1280x1391 , Gears of war My Little Pony.jpg )
Ok. I'm still waiting for the my shitty internet to download gears of war so I'm trying Terraria first. So is this game, like legal? This seams like such a minecraft rip off it borders on copy right infringement.
>> No. 134007
>Minecraft has a copyright on mining and crafting
>implying Minecraft isn't just a ripoff of Infiniminer
Anyway, Terraria is basically what Minecraft's survival mode should have been, just in 2d.
>> No. 134009
File 142806918472.jpg - (50.86KB , 960x540 , Gears of Pinkie.jpg )
Damn Judgment is still downloading. I hate waiting this long for the worst Gears of War game.
>> No. 134011
<sarcasm>I'm pretty sure notch got sued by the tetris guy because he invented blocks.</sarcasm>

J was such a mish-mash of things but I think 2 is the worst. Garbage connectivity, tons of try hards with modded controllers using HB, campaign felt like a bunch of random stages pasted together.
>> No. 134012
What's HB? Also don't forget how super buggy it was.
>> No. 134018
File 142819184924.gif - (2.72MB , 320x240 , gears-of-war-caramelldansen-o.gif )
Ok. This is better than I expected. Still better than Order 1886
>> No. 134035
Hammer Burst.
2 had a bunch of stuff that I liked but enough that I hated to make me glad that I 100% and never touch it again.

Everything is better than The Order. The no multiplayer announcement was the first bad sign.
>> No. 134036
People like Ready at Dawn and David Cage going on about Video Games being a story telling medium then going ahead and being horrible story tellers is starting to piss me off.
>> No. 134052
File 142916190096.jpg - (100.87KB , 900x752 , my_little_pony_and_assasins_creed_ezio_auditore_by_chaos_dark_lord-d4u8o4a.jpg )
So Assassin's Creed 4 and Army of Two: Devils Cartel. Two 7 gig+ files. Damn this is gonna take a long time.
>> No. 134054
I keep getting this "Can't download Assassins Creed IV" message. anypony have ANY idea what this is about?
>> No. 134055
I've only started using my 360 again like a week ago but the marketplace seems completely fucked half of the time.
Try it at different times of the day.
>> No. 134060
Ok. So finally downloaded Black Flag. It's a small thing, but the captions are capitalized really weird.
>> No. 134064
Is It Like A Tyler The Creator Tweet?
>> No. 134066
I don't know who that is
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