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File 139623373019.png - (267.10KB , 265x376 , Yu-Gi-Oh!_The_Duelists_of_the_Roses_Cover.png )
131153 No. 131153
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>> No. 131154
File 139623742567.png - (111.96KB , 275x350 , 138298800154.png )
..but that game was fun
>> No. 131155
File 139623748754.jpg - (59.95KB , 508x600 , ps3-naughty-bear-double-trouble.jpg )
>> No. 131157
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  The Carmageddon series, including the third one that's almost universally hated
>> No. 131164
File 139634407947.png - (362.85KB , 797x599 , maudwet2.png )
>being ashamed of games you like
>> No. 131166
File 139636146618.jpg - (491.22KB , 1499x1337 , Style_Savvy_Trendsetters_(NA).jpg )
The demo for this was stupidly fun.
I may even get it when it becomes cheap.
>> No. 131170
File 139638224861.png - (120.89KB , 340x310 , maudsandwich.png )

There's a new one? That's pretty sweet.
>> No. 131207
File 139669488595.jpg - (486.73KB , 1024x768 , banjo-kazooie-nuts-and-bolts.jpg )
This game.

It gets a lot of derision for not being the "true" Banjo sequel we all wanted, and perhaps that's justified to an extent, but when taken on its own merits it's still a really fun, unique sandbox lego engineering game.

I have no shame.
>> No. 131208
File 139670433760.jpg - (238.96KB , 1600x1000 , 7 posts in and no-one's made the obvious joke.jpg )
>> No. 131210
File 139673912804.png - (327.70KB , 700x498 , Reimu 1393539589187.png )
We're talking about games, anon...
>> No. 131213
I remember i saw really cheap this game on a store, and i said, i will take it.

and i thought it was fun, and all.

but the thing is, I never played a "Real" Banjo kazooie before, so after finishing this game, i went and buy the older games on the arcade.... holy hell, now i know why everypony was so dissapointed.
>> No. 131214
Is not about "Shame"
is just a thing you know is bad, but you enjoy it anyway.
>> No. 131215
There's a difference between enjoying something you know is bad, and enjoying something that you feel you shouldn't. A guilty pleasure would be the latter. Plenty of people enjoy things for their badness without feeling guilty about it.
>> No. 131217
Hmmmmmmmmm, i dunno, Minecraft? I played that game for 10 hours or more a day like 3 years ago and enjoyed every minute of it.

the sandbox lego mechanics were very complete and flexible, but really the game was bland, empty and not much to do besides level objectives which were variations of races or time trails.
Maybe if it had come out as an original IP then i might have had a better experience with it, but knowing that it carried the Banjo Kazooie name was a travesty.
>> No. 131228
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>the game was bland, empty and not much to do besides level objectives which were variations of races or time trails.
I disagree. There was plenty of variety in the mission objectives, and even when it was just racing it was still fun.
>> No. 131239
Damn, wish i had known of those glitches, game looks like it might be fun with that.
still, that doesn't really show the varied objectives that you are talking about. The game was boring enough to make you want to stop playing it.
But hey, you liked it, that's good.
>> No. 132100
File 140765068754.jpg - (46.85KB , 250x315 , DukeNukemForever.jpg )
>> No. 132104
File 140771345993.jpg - (147.15KB , 450x285 , goat+simulator.jpg )
>> No. 132175
But that game was actually amazing though.
>> No. 132179
File 140865965088.gif - (21.34KB , 300x250 , 140393214569.gif )
yeah, i loved that game
>> No. 132185
File 140867075059.png - (200.50KB , 256x326 , Shadow_the_Hedgehog.png )
>> No. 132251
File 140934397640.png - (213.55KB , 901x1024 , 492.png )
Certainly was worth the while. At least when I was still into the card game itself at school.
I didn't like having to grind for those Deck Leader ranks and it was unfair fighting people of much higher rank than you.

Though I preferred Forbidden Memories, because I enjoyed the vanilla Egyptian lore much better, as well as the simpler gamplay.
>> No. 132253
That's nearly every YGO game ever where they start you with shit.

Don't get me started on Forbidden Memories.
>> No. 132275
File 140951631057.jpg - (437.81KB , 1920x1080 , Untitled.jpg )
I regret yet love the thrill of Endurance Races so much.

999999 starchips was a complete joke and all.
>> No. 132278
File 140957105616.png - (17.45KB , 607x597 , 144109__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_mohawk.png )
I love Yu-Gi-Oh games, but generally only the ones that follow the actual card game's rules, which usually restricted it to the handheld games, unfortunately. I don't recall Duel of the Roses all that well, unfortunately. I'd like to try and find a new one now, especially if it's handheld or on the WiiU.
>> No. 132297
File 140962828363.jpg - (110.69KB , 425x583 , Daikatana.jpg )
>> No. 132299
that game had some good area design
>> No. 132317
And lots of Frogs to fill those areas up.
>> No. 132336
File 140993243318.png - (65.27KB , 372x457 , 1583__safe_solo_apple+bloom_simple+background_artist-colon-strobo-dash-pop.png )
I played Tag Force 2 somewhat on PSP. Always nice to have videogames which are true to the TCG, especially since no friends to play proper cards with.
>> No. 132460
File 141084963862.png - (112.48KB , 219x261 , 2146361-box_gfight.png )
Don't you judge me. Actually, yeah Judge me.
>> No. 132470
hey if you guys like yu-gi-oh come to the Buchannan county public library on September 20th their is a tournament and you will get to met the host oh wait that is me
>> No. 132507
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>> No. 132509
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Is this guy there?
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