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131242 No. 131242
>Greninja confirmed
>All signs point to Pac-Man
>Ridey deconfirmed
>Lip's Stick is still an item

So I guess we're not interested in representing Nintendo's rich and varied history any more? We just want to add characters who are in everything anyway, parasprite characters no one wanted, and Pac-Man, is that it?

Shame too, you almost had my money.
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>> No. 131375
File 139822336590.jpg - (53.39KB , 508x375 , Madotsuki 656.jpg )
Again, who cares a shit about pro, we are talking about tiers.
I could become pro with shitty characters if I want. Pro means nothing and tiers mean nothing. Captain falcon isn't gonna get removed cause he is a "joke character" or cause he is low tier and whatever. I seen people love Cpt. falcon, and kick ass with him. If Nintendo removed a character cause pros don't use them or the tiers suck, I would cri.

Why can't I bring up skullgirls, or any other fight game? Hell, I could bring up an idea of something else completely, as long as the same idea is in play.

Ok, you can talk like a 8 year old playing halo. Cool.
My point still stand that you probably never played a good pit player. I have, and have had my ass handed by him and have also destroyed him

God...I can't think of a way to describe how stubborn you are with saying pit isn't op. When he came out, everypony made a point of how he has the best recovery. That is not a opinion, that is a fact. As long as he doesn't get smashed off the screen, he can always get back. Why else would Nintendo change it?

And if you get hit...guess what
Now learn this before I have to spam it 50 times.

>1. Non-kill move.
>2. Easy to dodge.
>3. Leaves you open.
And I'll take "What are combos" for 600
You don't just spam it to win. If we were talking about meta knight, then yes. Spam b, get bitches.
All you need to know is learn when to side b, then go into another attack.

Again, I went into tournaments. I didn't play with pros like you say. But I know how high level pits play, and low levels.

I love how you are attacking me, and not about the game. Nice defense start.
I know this, cause I play the "Low tier" characters. I have many mains I used, like 7 or 8.

Yeah, I brought up the meta to say it's pointless and means fucking nothing. OK, so a few guys in a basement or something read up all the stats for captain falcon, and found up that all his moves will put him rank X on this scale. Who the fuck cares? Captain falcon is still a scary guy to go against. His smash moves alone can rape you.

Besides, did you even watch the nestest vid for ssb4? They said they were changing Pit's up b move. THEY FUCKING SHOWED IT IN ACTION.
Like oh my god, how dense are you. Lol.

Her, just watch this shitty vid of how pit can unleash combos.
>> No. 131379
>> No. 131380
Youtube embed play button
>Again, who cares a shit about pro, we are talking about tiers.
>Tiers are determined by the best players of those characters and how successful they are in a competitive setting

>I could become pro with shitty characters if I want.
I was going to ask if you were just clucking with me from your previous posts.
You can't be this deluded.

>Captain falcon isn't gonna get removed cause he is a "joke character" or cause he is low tier and whatever.
To clarify, I agree with you. I stated he was a popular character and also acknowledged that the devs don't really care that much about high level play.
ROB was actually a good character and it appears he won't be coming back.

>I would cri.
Yup, you're clucking with me.
Don't even need to reply to the rest because now I know you're joking.

>His smash moves alone can rape you.
Only Brawl related raping he does is in my rule 34 folder.

>Probably didn't know who Sagemoon was until I posted about him
>Thinks a combo video is indicative of how amazing a character is, i.e. you believe this is PITS TWU POWA
You do know that the shittiest of characters in fighting games can pull off combos right?
You do know that the relative ease (or lack thereof), amount of damage and situational-ness of pulling off a combo is what makes a character good right?
There's nothing special about him shitting on his friends at his house. Notice how he didn't do any of that fancy stuff against the D3 player?
>> No. 131381
File 139823070116.png - (179.20KB , 477x443 , Madotsuki 694.png )
Oh, I get it now, tiers are made by the pros, and if the pros only play their mains, by logic, they are the best. So if no one played snake, he would be low tier.

I'm not deluded. You're just a tourney tard. Low tiers don't mean a thing. It's how well you are at playing.
In this point, Captain falcon is great. and not a joke character. Sure, his stats may not be as powerful as others. I.E. fox's up smash. But Captain falcon can kick ass. You can't just spam his falcon punch like everypony does. Hell, don't even touch that. Just run in, a up, b up, and then do some air hits.

Hey, you may have agreed with me, but then you brought up the tier and started to say he was bad, and only a handful of characters are good.

Joking? No. Mocking you cause you are stubborn and bull headed? Yes. You are a tourney tard, simple as that.

I mean, look, you are talking about pros and what not. You know what, humor me. Show me a pro pit player. *Shrug* I want to see what you got cause you are so in and deep with the Smash bros scene.

Besides, you are missing my point. About the whole people want to play spamming character. Pit is one of them, which is why he is getting nerfed. The core aspects of what made pit a cheap fighter/spammer is what is at call here. NO TIERS, NO PROS, just spam.
I never once talked about tiers till you brought it up.
I was making a mocking joke at the people who pick spamming op characters. Of them, pit was one. meta knight too. Meta knight was so stupid.

And see, just like you said, any shitty characters can pull of combos and ring out somepony. Which means Pit can take out anypony, pro or not. If somepony were to main him and be pro, he could do well. But I am talking about pit is good, and same goes to Captain falcon. While you are busy stroking your e-peen cause you played with pros and their tiers say they are shit characters or something.

I don't even know what you are going off about now.
All I know and all I have been saying is pit is a spamming character. The vid shows it, right? BUT he can be played to the point where he can kick ass.
It's 2 different levels. Like I said before, novice Vs pro.
You have the Novice who sees what he can do (Long recovery, can shoot across the map, shield to reflect, spinning attack dash move, etc) and they think about how they are invincible. Then you got somepony of pro logic who knows when to use them at the right time.

I don't give a shit how many pros you have played with, or how you play. Pit is a good characters, even if some pros made a list saying who is bad or good. T
>> No. 131382
>In this point, Captain falcon is great. and not a joke character.
Then how do you explain
>Captain Falcon is currently ranked 34th on the tier list as a result of the nerf of his attack, speed and KO-ing power from Melee, low shieldstun, poor hitboxes for his aerials (making safe approaches nearly impossible, especially when considering his lack of projectiles), the impact of the new Brawl physics (which arguably hit Captain Falcon the hardest; less hitstun and the loss of L-canceling result in drastically fewer, weaker combos, and a less effective dashdance and inability to moonwalk give him even fewer options), fairly poor Out of Shield options due his very short grab range and mediocre range in his jab, predictable recovery, low traction, and poor overall tournament results, resulting in bad match-ups, only a few of which are in his favor, and some of which are as low as 25/75, although many mid tiers are only slightly disadvantageous.
Can you provide a substantial argument against this besides, "Lol he doesn't suck you just have to know how to use him"?

In regular casual play, then sure, you can probably easily win with whoever you want. But take a bit of time to actually git gud, play against other people who got gud, and you'll see what the tiers mean. Some characters are simply more advantageous against other characters. It's not a matter of playing them right, it's an implicit fact of the character. Meta Knight is as high-tiered as he is not because he has spammable moves, but because he's fast, powerful and has multiple recovery options.
>> No. 131383
That said, I feel you should at least check out the competitive scene. They aren't actually "Fox only final destination". They do legitimately love underdogs. You could play Captain Falcon in the brawl meta and people wouldn't make fun of you. It's not impossible to win, you're just gimping yourself severely.

Of course as I said earlier, the brawl meta sucks anyway and everypony's moved on to Project M.
>> No. 131388
>I'm not deluded. You're just a tourney tard.
Right. According to you the world is flat, everything is even and I'm just a realist.
>> No. 131389
File 139831250502.jpg - (328.84KB , 739x908 , Madotsuki 851.jpg )
And you have all missed the point.
I never once said anything about pro's, or tiers
It' was all this fucking guy >>131388
I don't care about pros, I just like playing SSB.

And when I have played, against both pro people and people new to it, I have seen one thing. People picking spamming characters, that is fucking it. Like what they hell are you guys even going on about now? I don't even care about it.

All I was literally saying was Pit can be a spammy character, and people tend to pick him for that. God. Like holy hell. Understand what I am saying before trying to bash me.

I have done tournaments, I have seen people in action who could go pro. I know all about it. Here, let me just simplify this to 2 posts. My main, and the side one that started off cause cpbu wanted to be all smug and tlak about the pros he plays with.

My main point was a mocking post at how people see character like pit, and metaknight and think "If I spam these buttons, I win" They same fucking idea with pickachu and kirby in melee.
That is it. People picked pikacu in melee and spammed b down. Now people pick metaknight in brawl and spam b. And that's what those characters are know for. That is fucking it.

My other sub-post, after you guy all brought up meta is this
Who gives a shit about the meta. I don't care what the ranking is at all. Each character is good in their own ways. I honstly don't give a shit about tiers or any numbers. All I care about is what I need to do, to kill somepony.
For example, Samus, in melee, my main course of action was to run into somepony, and a down. They nerfed this heavily in brawl. So then I moved on to combing her b and side b. I don't care if she went down tiers, I still mained her and kicked ass.

But again, my main post was about how pit was seen as a spammy character, and mocking the people who pick him to try and win games. I see noobs pick up the game, go to him, and just reflect everything and use b, then just glide back in.

Dude, you brought up out of nowhere that you played with the best people, and how you know tiers, and everything else about pros and tournaments. Either you are tourney tard, or just somepony who is really smug.
Cool, you know pros. Again, I don't really give a shit unless you won a trophy or something.

See, at least this anon fucking gets it. Thank you for that.
Like I said, I have done tournaments and what not. Gone my mains, kicked butt, won some cash. Was fun. I mean, I am the guy who picks the underdogs and gets really good at them. Like I said before, I was making a simple joke at the meta game and spammy characters, and how people will pick them just to try and win. Then people had to over react and go all crazy on me.

I never once said anything about pros, just that I have seen people play with meta knight and pit, just cause they can win with spam.
>> No. 131392
File 139833181907.png - (202.07KB , 471x339 , doho.png )
>I don't care about pros, I just like playing SSB.
I 100% understand what you're saying. You're saying you loves to go to the zoo and a lion can be as cool as a lioness, meanwhile I'm a zoologist and telling you the lioness is actually cooler because it's the hunter and provides food for the pack while you just yammer on about how every dopey friend and acquaintance you know loves lions more because of their manes. None of you actually know shit about that family of animals. I'm fine with that, as long as that makes you happy, just don't go spouting off shit like the lion is the hunter though when it clearly isn't.

>I honstly don't give a shit about tiers or any numbers. All I care about is what I need to do, to kill somepony.
Those numbers are what make it so that you can kill people.
Certain characters have a easier time and better numbers for killing characters, this is where tiers come from.

>Dude, you brought up out of nowhere that you played with the best people
Well you brought up that you were getting wrecked by a shitty character and you asked how I knew he was shitty:

>Cool, you know pros. Again, I don't really give a shit unless you won a trophy or something.
You obliviously do. You mentioned I played with pros three times in this one post, more times then I actually said i did in the whole thread. No, I don't have trophy and at most tournaments they don't give those out because it's a waste of time and money.
But you wanna know who else doesn't have a trophy? Pit players. Sagemoon won once and no other reputable players were even there.
So lets play connect the dots here.
The best player of a specific character won at a tournament where there were no better players that play better characters but has never won at a tourney where said better players were...

>See, at least this anon fucking gets it.
I don't think you get his post. Gimped means at a disadvantage.
>> No. 131393
>Those numbers are what make it so that you can kill people.
...I thought that SSB was about making Mario punch Pikachu in the face, not about killing...
>> No. 131394
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 131457
Where is palutena tho???
>> No. 131463
I'm guessing you meant to quote the roster leak image.
It was confirmed fake but that list of characters seems about right minus Chrom, it could just as easily be "masked Marth" from the new game as the second FE rep.
>> No. 131573
File 140123878804.png - (1.00MB , 622x768 , somegamefreakimageofgen5finalevolutionsofstarters.png )
If it's one complaint I have, it's the humanoid Pokémon characters.

We had Mewtwo in melee, Lucario in brawl (and is returning for smash 4) and now greninja.
We don't need another humanlike pokémon in smash. I would have actually been happier if we saw an appearance of one of the gen 5 starters, as none of them are as humanoid as the gen 6 starters.
>> No. 131574
File 140125199042.jpg - (55.89KB , 600x600 , !!.jpg )
So, not sure how many people heard about the rumor about NFC and Super smash bros, but just saw this and I did let out a happy sigh.

I had a friend tell me that they were going to use NFC to put later characters in, and all that. I really thought I was about to see that happen, and the only way to get somepony like mewtwo, would to buy a 10$ figure.

>> No. 131577
They'd probably charge roughly ten dollars either way, figure or not.
>> No. 131580
File 140130632192.jpg - (972.63KB , 1754x1240 , Madotsuki 313.jpg )
I really don't want to see this become the way of capcom with street fighter.

I mean yea, all the new characters are awesome and I'm happy with them, but I want to play as my mains without having to throw out some more cash. The figures would be cool though.
>> No. 131589
Brightside is you would be able to bring the DLC with you as opposed to Nintendo's shitty "content is tied to the console" policy.
>> No. 131638
Apparently I'm the only one still really and truly wishes for somepony from Golden Sun will make playable character status. At the very least, a better Assist Trophy.
>> No. 131639
File 140173604376.jpg - (81.91KB , 521x875 , Madotsuki 740.jpg )
And I'm probably the only one still hoping travis touchdown makes it in somehow.
>> No. 131640
I'd make the case that No More Heroes isn't a series that Smash Bros. would want a character in, but I recently saw a video that explained ways around getting an M rating. And if they had Snake, Travis wouldn't be much of a problem either.

I've never played NMH though, so my interest for Travis being playable is minimal.
>> No. 131642
File 140173868695.jpg - (328.84KB , 739x908 , Madotsuki_full_737639.jpg )
And that's exactly what I thought too. I mean yeah, MGS is a M rated game, full of cussing, violence, blood, nudity, etc....

But Travis kinda takes it up a notch...
I mean yeah, they could take out of the curse words, and make sure that it's E. Suda did talk once about wanting to have Travis in the game, so still hoping that happens somewhere.

And go play NMH. It's amazing.
>> No. 131647
Travis won't be in. No plans for a third game, so no benefit to advertise him.

New hope for Klonoa, his GBA game was released on VC.
They could announce his inclusion and a Wii U exclusive game at the same time.
>> No. 131648
File 140178302512.png - (213.62KB , 600x390 , Madotsuki 201.png )
That is pretty true. Nintendo kinda did go the way with "Hey, we just made a bunch of new games or are about to make new games. These guys get in smash for free"
It kinda makes me think of playstation all stars and how that was just a game made to make other people buy games.

And if they do put Klonoa in there, I'm gonna flip my shit, in the good way. That guy needs way more love.
>> No. 131654
File 140185067785.jpg - (66.81KB , 864x486 , redtrophy.jpg )
Well they know it will sell millions regardless of who they add, so why not spread awareness of other franchises?

Because you guys were talking about M rated characters, I think Bayonetta has a chance if this guy doesn't make it in.
>> No. 131655
>I think Bayonetta has a chance

Nice to know that I'm not the only one who wouldn't be too surprised if she got in, seeing as Nintendo will be publishing Bayonetta 2. They'd just need to make her less sexual.
>> No. 131656
>Bayonetta less sexual
But that's her entire shtick. I feel like it wouldn't quite be the same if we weren't shown teasing shots of butt and side-boob.

But hey, that's just me.
>> No. 131657
Because the 3DS and WU versions are identical gameplay/character-wise you need to take into account the limitations of the 3DS, I doubt the system could handle dynamically changing her appearance.
So she either wouldn't change at all or would change to one other look for all her special moves, which would probably be the same one she had for Max Anarchy. So no side boob.

50/50 chance she'll get in.
>> No. 131662
File 140186343308.jpg - (96.94KB , 637x477 , Madotsuki 101.jpg )
True. That is one way about it

And he's not making it in. He's an assist trophy I am pretty sure.
>> No. 131752
Oh my God, another Lip/Panel de Pon fan. I love you.
>> No. 131756
I think that since Sonic is alredy repping Sega, Bayonetta has a much smaller chance of getting in.
>> No. 131757
File 140253352640.jpg - (80.33KB , 349x500 , baynetta2cover.jpg )
Too bad Bayonetta has nothing to do with Sega.
Game was made by Platinum which is its own company, Sega just published the first one.

Although I don't think we'll get any more third party, E3 was the last chance for a huge announcement with the 3DS version just months away.
We'll get a few more minor announcements of returning characters, possibly one or two newcomers and some won't be confirmed but left as secrets for players to discover upon launch.

Current roster is weird as-is.
>> No. 131765
File 140255151729.jpg - (130.51KB , 688x387 , fozzibear.jpg )
Annnnnnnnnnnd they announce a third party character.

3DS version no longer slated for summer release. October.
>> No. 131766
Well, better start saving up cash if I want to afford it and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel as well...
>> No. 131767
I can't figure out if that's going to be a full on Borderlands game, or just a glorified DLC. I might sit it out till the real Borderlands 3 comes out.
>> No. 131768
They have said that it's between BL1 and BL2 in terms of content, so I'd think it will have both a fair amount of content and a fair price.

Plus, playable Claptrap and more Handsome Jack, could you really ask for more?

Oh, and there's also that "Tales from the Borderlands" thing that Telltales is working on.
>> No. 131775
File 140267946076.jpg - (200.72KB , 550x620 , Madotsuki 60.jpg )
Oh, looks like my post never went through last time.

I got to play smash over the week, and it was awesome. Went wii fit trainer and she was weird as fuck. Went samus then and got to sudden death against megaman. Got picked up and then tossed and lost.

Was worth waiting in line 3 hours for that
>> No. 131789
Sega actually owns the Bayonetta IP.
>> No. 131799
Youtube embed play button
You're right, just looked into it.
Platinum shares the IP with Sega.
Nintendo is doing a similar deal like MS did with the first Mass Effect and Deadrising 3. Nintendo owns all rights to B2 but Sega/Platinum still own the franchise.
I originally thought Sega just published the first one.

Yo guys, looks like the professional scene for the game is in trouble according to somepony that isn't a professional player.
>> No. 131806
>Ridey deconfirmed
>> No. 131809
File 140287183411.png - (574.31KB , 544x798 , Have a nice dream___.png )
That guy....
Just, what is he even going on about? Most of his statements contradict each other, and that whole mini rant about how much he dislikes Sakurai.

Sure, in terms of professional play, I see project M getting more love than brawl ever will, but I still played brawl and use my skills from the fighters I play, to win 1v1 or 2v2. I mean, is he saying now that 4 is just gonna be spammy character or one character is gonna be op as hell?

I'm just waiting for the day that I can play Mac V Mac. That's gonna be intense as hell.
>> No. 131810
Youtube embed play button
>that whole mini rant about how much he dislikes Sakurai
My guess is over all the years of people running up to him and demanding characters to get into Smash and everypony shitting on him constantly and saying he makes bad games or how they could make a better game then him has made him act and come off a certain way.
Like being pissed and saying no to every retarded thing somepony says could be perceived as being cocky.

As long as characters don't live forever like in Brawl, the general combat being a little slower isn't that bad. They balance each other out.

>Toby putting in work
>> No. 131814
Youtube embed play button
  Finals for the invitational.
Hungrybox, Jiggly player in Melee. Doesn't really play Brawl.
ZeRo, Brawl player from Chile and easily the best one in all of South America.

Why Mew2King wasn't invited is beyond me.
Will post a video of him playing next.
>> No. 131815
Youtube embed play button
  Here's another match with M2K and Armada.
>> No. 131816
Youtube embed play button
  Last video I'm spamming for now.
Unlike Max's friend Matt, Max doesn't really complain about the game as much.
He does note the recovery frames after moves but for the most part he just comments on the how the game is different from past iterations.
>> No. 131817
File 140292049445.jpg - (100.21KB , 600x900 , metroid___samus_vs_ridley_by_stevesketches-d5s91s7.jpg )
Seriously, what's this bullhonkey about Ridley being "deconfirmed"?
>> No. 131826
File 140299162353.jpg - (170.71KB , 600x800 , Good night, my beloved.jpg )
I think that guy just had a stick up his ass, but yeah, sakurai knows what he is doing and knows just how big his game is. And from what I've seen, the comp style is still here to stay
And now that's how you make a good hands on review vid.
Mostly just people being whiny bitches.
All we know about ridley is that he is probably gonna be a map boss, much like yellow devil.
>> No. 131853
Youtube embed play button
>All we know about ridley is that he is probably gonna be a map boss, much like yellow devil.
Which means he probably won't be playable. Toon Link gets replaced on the Spirit Tracks stage when he is played, what would happen when Ridley is played?
I mean I guess they could replace him with Mecha Ridley, a different color that players wouldn't be able to select or maybe a different character from the Metroid universe/another Nintendo franchise, but it's more likely that he just won't be playable.
Although they could be super paraspriting and that shadow over the Metroid stage could have nothing to do with Ridley or him being a boss, could be a complete red herring.

Hello and welcome. Today we are coming directly to you.
We have a Smash Brothers video that we would like to show today.
[Video plays showing the "Ridley shadow scene"]
Do you remember this from our previous video when we mentioned other boss characters like the Yellow Devil appearing on the stage?
[Ridley lands, montage starts of Ridley wooping people on the stage plays. Character announcement background pops up behind him with some phrase "Ridley roars onto the field!" or whatever.]
The highly requested Metroid character joins Super Smash Brothers.
[Plays epic Ridley theme as they show footage of him fighting on other stages. Then cuts to some dramatic scene back on the Metroid stage and Kraid bursts out of the bottom of the background.]
This is Kraid, he's really big compared to the player characters. Too big to be playable. ((HUEHUEHUE))
[The fighters keep fighting each other on the stage as Kraids claws wave around on both sides of the stage.]
These players shouldn't ignore the boss.
[He lifts one claw and slaps the stage upside down, all the fighters fall to their death.]
You need to attack his hands before he flips the stage.
[Now showing the fighters attacking the hands and Kraid doing stun animations every time his hand raising is interrupted.]
You can also climb on his hands and use them to your advantage.
[Shows players walking, fighting and hanging off his hands.]
He can be defeated if you deal enough damage.
[Show Kraid slowly fall back down after being attacked. Then que up some other teaser.]

That's just apart of my Nintendo Direct fan fiction I right, the next part involves Iwata and Reggie making out but I'll omit that part here.

Oh yeah, here's the 3DS review.
>> No. 132227
File 140906179020.png - (330.00KB , 496x430 , duckhunt.png )
Some retard from the ESRB who probably now got shitcanned leaked most of the roster and content for the game.

Most of the returning cast doesn't surprise me aside from ROB. Unsure why they brought back Dr. Mario, guessing so Mario can keep the water canon but return the cape to the game.

Most of the new comers don't surprise me because of previous leaks except for Duck Hunt, really sad we didn't get to see some of his gameplay although it's speculated he's a Olimar clone.
Dark Pit is retarded, they had so many good characters they could have picked from Uprising.

Still one more first party character to be revealed, not everypony was unlocked because this person had All Star mode locked.
I won't be upset if it's Chorus Men but I hope it's somepony I wouldn't have expected like Duck Hunt.
>> No. 132228
File 140906264830.png - (162.02KB , 230x481 , yang what the fuck are you doing.png )
Still no Golden Sun. Still so much disappoint. Definitely would be better than stupid Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, or fucking duck hunt bullshit.
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