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File 140041416014.png - (0.98MB , 1497x1481 , 1400326028377.png )
131479 No. 131479
FF 1: Okay
FF 2: Crap
FF 3: Okay
FF 4: Awesome
FF 5: Great
FF 6: Awesome
FF 7: Awesome
FF 8: Shit
FF 9: Great
FF 10: Shit
FF 11: Okay for an MMO
FF 10–2:Steaming pile of shit
FF 12: Okay
FF 13 and 13-2: Possibly the worst FF game ever made
FF 13 lightning returns: Improved, still crap though
FF 14: Havent played this one yet

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>> No. 131538
Why is Mystic Quest even worth mentioning? It's crap, end of story.
>> No. 131540
File 140104144740.jpg - (29.55KB , 372x364 , dash448.jpg )
I'd still rather play Mystic Quest Legend than FF 8.
At least MQL had great music.
>> No. 131541
Mostly agree with OP. 4, 6, 7, 9 all good, the rest I could take or leave.

>Seriously, you wanna an actual example of fanservice in FF6? Ceres's lack of pants.
There's a serious discontinuity between her sprite (green leotard) and her official art (mostly yellow uniform ala Kill Bill where, yes, she has pants)... not entirely sure how to explain why they went with such different styles for her on this, but maybe it falls into the sprite rule of "if its a girl, make damn well sure you prove its a girl cuz you got like 12 pixels tall to work with here"... eh, things were pretty forgivable back in the sprite days.

Dat Rydia outfit though. Modesty was not even on the table.
>> No. 131543
File 140104868691.jpg - (191.13KB , 956x991 , 1238019812657.jpg )
I do like Celes' outfit, it makes me think of this.
>> No. 131549
False. Crisis Core was an actual game.
>> No. 131552
...I liked 8...

>not entirely sure how to explain why they went with such different styles for her on this
That does seen like a recurring thing in this series... Sprites looking awfully different from their artwork, sometimes for the worse (I liked Faris's pirate captain outfit, I thought it fit her character) and others for the best (Like Galuf's skintight leather bodysuit. Keep in mind he's a sexagenarian.)

>Dat Rydia outfit though. Modesty was not even on the table.
Oh yeah, Ain't denying that. And her primary weapon was a whip.

Really? Huh, Thought it was a short series.

I dunno, I don't really care about the extended universe of FF7, I didn't care all that much about the core game (It was good, just not... Jesus good), I'm not going to care about the fanfiction.

(Save for Dirge of Cerberus, because holy shit, seriously? You guys wanted this shit to be taken with a straight face)
>> No. 131553
File 140109475105.png - (120.97KB , 945x945 , Lyra_250.png )
FFTA is still the best one.
>> No. 131555
File 140109982553.png - (42.73KB , 197x193 , dash169.png )
I'm sure a lot of people enjoyed it. For me it was one of the three reasons why I quite playing JRPGs - the other two being Chrono Cross and Saga Frontier 2.
>> No. 131556
File 140110203054.jpg - (42.15KB , 600x420 , 1371761174191.jpg )
IMO, FF8 had great music.

Probably it's only redeeming quality.
>> No. 131557
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 131558
>not Tactics

The fantasy War Of The Roses with an epic subplot about the evil church trying to take over the world and a hero who goes through massive emotional turmoil loses to "I have arbitrarily decided that everypony must do as I say because I said so"
>> No. 131560
>Chrono Cross
Why was that game even related to Chrono Trigger? There was no point to it, other than shit on a upbeat optimistic story of fighting against fate through time and space and bring it down with the cynicism that permeates every single fucking thing these days.
>> No. 131561
File 140114213351.jpg - (234.68KB , 500x385 , 82828 - unnecesarry_fanboy_bitching Trixie Final_Fantasy_X infamous_laugh_scene Final_Fantasy tw.jpg )
FF1: Wat?
FF2: Sorry, I still can't hear you over Dragon's Quest.
FF3: "Woooah, Final Fantasy II on the SNES is really cool, it's got, like, a story and stuff." "What's Final Fantasy? Who's Squaresoft? OMG, this story is sweeeeet, I'm going to cry now. Moar!"
FF4-FF5: Mythical products of a faraway land.
FF6: "Hey dude, Square made Final Fantasy III." "Awesome, I loved the first, the one with the dark knight that became a paladin, I bet this one is even better." "It totally is!"
FF7: Holy shit, maybe there's something to this whole 3D gaming idea.
FF8: Holy shit, Squaresoft can actually make bad games?
FF9: Okay guys, I think Squaresoft is sorry about making that last bad game, everything's going to be fi-
FF11: Oh, hey, this is actually a lot better than EverQues- THEN WORLD OF WARCRAFT HAPPENED.
F12: GAMBIT?! THE X-MEN ARE IN THIS ONE?! Oh no, actually it's a single player MMORPG. I'm confused, but entertained.
F13: Yeah, maybe one day I'll get a Playstation 3 so we can play this on- TOO LATE.
F14: Awesome, I liked FF11, Square-enix knows how to make good MM- OH FUCK, IT'S RUINED AND BAD, WHY DID YOU - oh hey it's not bad after several years of radical post release revision.

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>> No. 131562
You enjoyed walking through endless hallways and a story so poorly written that it makes twilight look like terry pratchet books?
>> No. 131563
Daily Reminder that Squaresoft is now SquareEnix
>> No. 131564
I was speaking in retro tense, but I kinda escaped me as to which Final Fantasy they made the transition. I know they were just "Square" for awhile before eventually becoming Square Enix.
>> No. 131567
The Square/Enix merger was some time during the development of Final Fantasy XII.
>> No. 131568
Looks like I got FF3 wrong. :P I think was actually FF4 that was released as FF2 in the US.

Last edited at Tue, May 27th, 2014 08:44

>> No. 131571
Yes, Final Fantasy I is Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy IV is Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy VI is Final Fantasy III. II III and V didn't get international releases until quite a while later.
>> No. 131572
And that is a travesty.

How the fuck DARE they deny V for the whole world?

They were right in denying 2, though, that was shit.
>> No. 131575
Yeah I actually don't understand why they chose to omit FFV. It has a decent plot, it has great characterization, it's the first time the series really started playing with the Job system...

II was kinda terribad and III is literally just a generic RPG held together by the introduction of the job system as a mechanic.
>> No. 131578
Speaking of the devil, FF3 just got on Steam.
>> No. 131579
They remade/ported FFIII because it's the best of the ones they know nobody really likes, it has the job system going for it, and it's generic as balls. So they can practice porting things onto a PC platform.
>> No. 131583

Also 6, because seriously, that game is fucking art.

And IX, because good god, man.
>> No. 131585

Personally, I wish 9 wold get remade with realistic models like 8 and 10.

Superdeformed just rubs me the wrong way.
>> No. 131586
1: they want to practice on less successful installments first.
2: they know IV V and VI will sell assloads so they can keep them for when the company is doing poorly.
>> No. 131590
...Not really. IV yes, but V isn't really all that popular, and VI, from what I've heard, is fairly unpopular in Japan.
>> No. 131592
>VI, from what I've heard, is fairly unpopular in Japan
Haha, Japan with superior taste to Americans once again.
>> No. 131607
They liked XIII

They liked the adventures of Lametning and sNOw.

They are not allowed to be harbingers of good taste.
>> No. 131608
>bickering about personal taste even more
>> No. 131618
>they liked walking through a narrow halway and doing auto battles
>> No. 131683
I'd say I am a Final Fantasy fan... up to FFX. I lost interest since then.
>> No. 131716
my issue with 5 is the pacing is pretty bad. It starts out pretty great, constantly getting new abilities consistantly. But as you go on, certain abilities take forever to get, other abilities are totally useless, etc. The other issue is the game will often tell you to go somewhere once, and never again, or just leave it pretty vague overall. This means if you haven't played in a bit, you end up lost as shit and it sucks. But overall yeah, pretty good game. I say 6 is much better though.
>> No. 131719
I dunno, I thought the pacing was just fine.

And some abilities are meant to take very long to get, because they're generally the key to ultra-broken combos. (8-Strike Flareblade, anybody?)

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>> No. 131788
File 140276865356.png - (235.74KB , 1024x768 , 1335659741641.png )
>7 and 9 are my favs
VI a shit
>> No. 131800
How does it feel to have a terrible taste in JRPGs?
>> No. 131801
>Implying 9 is shit
Bitch Imma cut you.
>> No. 131802
I'm not saying that 9 is shit. I just think that anypony who loves 7 and thinks that 6 is shit has shit taste.
>> No. 131805
I dunno.
How does it feel?
>> No. 132056
File 140698485299.jpg - (565.75KB , 505x766 , 1.jpg )
Is there anypony here who likes this guy?
If so: Why? Why why why whywhywhywhy? Maybe it was the limitations of 16bit or shoddy translation, but he is one of the most boring villains I've ever seen. His entire motivation is "I wanna kill everything, because I'm a dick", which he doesn't even do well, considering he spends an ENTIRE YEAR just sitting around with God powers.
>> No. 132057

I like Kefka because... well... he's just a simple bad guy. He's a completely amoral psychopath who laughs his ass off at the atrocities that he commits, and has an overall interesting arc, starting from a complete joke and ending as a God of evil.

As for "sitting on his ass for a year", well, what would you have done? I mean, he already won, he became a God and nobody dared defy him, he really had nothing else to do but torment the survivors of his Armageddon and occasionally admire himself in the mirror. That's like complaining that the heroes are just sitting on their asses doing nothing with the peace they conquered and the power they gathered after defeating the bad guy. That was it, he won. Killing him was less about saving the world as it was the first step in un-fucking it.

I dunno, I just like a villain that's direct and simple in his motivations, compared to "I'm going to blow up the world to become a God because this head I think is my mommy told me so", or "I'm going to compress time to create a world where only I can survive because... because.", or... whatever the fuck Yu Yevon was trying to do, or "We're going to kill everything until our daddy comes back".
>> No. 132062
>As for "sitting on his ass for a year", well, what would you have done?
Didn't he establish that he hated everything and just wanted it all to stop being around? "Why do people cling to life", "Monument to non-existence", etc etc.? He never gave any indication that his motivation was to rule, just to kill. Then when he's given the ULTIMATE opportunity to do that, unopposed, he does piss all. Complete change of heart. In all that time he Zeuses 2 towns and that's it. Did he even appear before the boss fight?
He didn't 'win', because he didn't achieve his goal. Which is especially embarrassing considering he had 364 days to do it in and decided instead to just twiddle his thumbs until the only people who could have potentially stopped him had found each other, climbed his mountain and knocked down his door. He doesn't even try to impede them; I can respect a villain who's intelligent enough to recognize a threat & plot to neutralize them, Kefka's purely reactionary.
It's just bad writing and makes him look worse, IMO. I get it, if his characterisation was consistent there'd be no game after that halfway point, but that's why most villains DON'T achieve the ultimate power. Because they're usually competent. The heroes are obligated to stop them before it comes to that, because otherwise everypony would be well and truly FUCKED.
>> No. 132063
Well, if he just destroyed everything right away, then he would be alone until he eventually killed himself, and that's no fun. He's just being smart and destroying in short burst enough to get his jollies off but not so but so that there's still enough people to repopulate and build new shit.

And you're implying people WEREN'T fucked when Kefka was in charge? Yeah, living in a world that's so blasted nothing can grow, filled with bloodthirsty monsters roaming the land, where anytime the resident god can get bored and just vaporize you and your entire family for a laugh. Truly, I don't see why the party tried to take him down, clearly, things were just fine.
>> No. 132064
I didn't imply that, no need for sarcasm. Just that 2 towns in an entire year in kinda pathetic (and even then it was only because they "disobeyed" him). They could have driven the point that it was meant to be Hell on Earth in a LOT more effectively, especially considering the more bustling cities just get on with business as usual. Also monsters were already roaming, it's a bloomin' Final Fantasy game.
>> No. 132065
Yeah, but the monsters were far, far worse.

And I think there's a point where gameplay and story segregation must come into play, it would suck if all the stores had to sell was slimy piles of glop that one day were potions.

Still, fair enough. I thought that the few examples that we saw was enough to convince me that the World of Ruin sucked, you needed more evidence, this falls down more to personal taste at this point.
>> No. 132066
File 140708391283.gif - (966.40KB , 500x200 , 1.gif )
A'ight. Good talk.
>> No. 132087
I liked the remastered graphics for later iterations of FF1, but it sucked that they went and made the game easier. I preferred the PSX version, which still had the Normal difficulty and NES style options.
>> No. 132088
File 140757150516.jpg - (2.08MB , 1863x1704 , bravely-default-box-art.jpg )
Best Final Fantasy game
>> No. 132157

Easier? I blundered into a bonus dungeon by mistake and spent a week getting my ass handed to me.
>> No. 133025
FF 1: Pretty good
FF 2: Fun
FF 3: Okay
FF 4: Awesome
FF 4 - The After Years: Ok
FF 5: Great
FF 6: Best thing ever
FF 7: Pretty good
FF 8: Loved it, for some reason
FF 9: Fantastic
FF 10: Ok
FF 10-2: Did not play
FF 11: An MMO, so I did not play it
FF 12: Okay game. Liked Fran
FF 12 - Revenant Wings: Okay.
FF 13: Okay.
FF 13-2: Awesome.
FF 13-3: Did not play yet.
FF 14: An MMO, so I did not play.
FF Tactics: Awesome
FF Tactics Advanced: Ok
FF Tactics A2: Ok
Dissidia: Fun.
Dissidia 2: Even better than Dissidia.
FFCC: Loved it.
FF Mystic Quest: Loved it. So many memories.
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