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131685 No. 131685
You guys ready for some AWESOME upcoming new titles!?
Me...I'm waiting for the following games:
>Mortal Kombat X
>Battlefield: Hardline
>Assassin's Creed: Unity
>Batman: Arkham Knight


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>> No. 131687
Batman got delayed, hype killed.

I'm excited for whatever gets announced for the X1/PS4 and obviously Smash.
A Rareware series is supposed to get revived.
>> No. 131688
Just look at all this money I don't have and therefore do not fucking care about what the industry is doing.
>> No. 131690
Can't really think of any upcoming console games I'm interested in, aside from maybe Nintendo's usual stable of new Zelda/Metroid/Mario/etc. games that are obviously coming at some point
>> No. 131703
>A Rareware series is supposed to get revived

I wonder which one?
They've done Banjo and Killer Instinct, maybe they'll make a new Conker?
>> No. 131710
File 140207822773.jpg - (110.39KB , 640x438 , 4481_front.jpg )
I have no faith in current-day Rare to produce anything worthwhile

The best we can hope for is maybe they'll outsource a beloved franchise to some other studio that might not screw it up
>> No. 131711
File 140208741492.png - (715.65KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-04-14-21h16m22s44.png )
I pretty much wait only for The Division presentation. It was announced that Ubisoft will show some new gameplay. Just can't wait for it.
Also kinda hoping for the new Mass Effect and that's all this year.
>> No. 131712
>maybe they'll make a new Conker?

I fucking hope that they don't. CBFD was a really mediocre platformer with Family Guy-esque humor, so it's popularity confuses me almost as much as Goldeneye's (or really any N64 game aside from Banjo-Kazooie and Majora's Mask).
>> No. 131714
>I have no faith in current-day Rare to produce anything worthwhile
Why? You may not like Kinect based games but they were all polished.
DoubleFine didn't make any critically acclaimed games but they pulled together some good talent for Killer Instinct.

>it's popularity confuses me
The multiplayer was amazing.
>> No. 131717
File 140209833563.png - (27.25KB , 200x200 , pusheen_grocery.png )
I just want a release date for GTA V on PC.
>> No. 131720

If those bastards even bother, it'll be an uber-lazy, unoptimized, unmoddable shitty port.

Fuck rockstar.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 6th, 2014 21:22

>> No. 131727
One day and thirteen hours till MS show.
Whens the Nintendo Direct and Sony's?
>> No. 131729
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 131730
Based on how the series were going, Hardline and Unity will likely be pretty awful imo.
>> No. 131732
File 140236602819.png - (76.17KB , 276x273 , Happy Flying Flaky.png )
ABZU looks pretty fuckin cool. And Hardline and Battlefront III. Bring on Doom 4, though.
>> No. 131733
>Sunset Overdrive
>The Witcher III
>Dragon Age: Inquisition
>new Platinum Games project
>Capcom making fun of their constant re-releases of Street Fighter games
>LittleBigPlanet 3
>new Suda51 project

From what I've seen so far, Sony's and Microsoft's conferences seem pretty goo-

>No D4

>> No. 131734
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 131735
is better than nothing.

this could mean that microsoft add to the xbox one version exlusive models and stuff from his ips.
that could be interesting....
even some could argue that will make stuff lamer because people will use premade ips instead of original assets for creativity
>> No. 131736
File 140237656094.jpg - (50.60KB , 309x622 , Madotsuki 27.jpg )
Wait wait wait wait wait...Hold the fucking phone
>new Suda51 project

How did I miss this?
Ok, going to Google now
>> No. 131737
File 140237683645.jpg - (121.09KB , 700x595 , Madotsuki 89.jpg )
Oh my, this looks very cool.
Man, suda has a lot on his plate right now, and it seems like he is only letting Sony eat from it.

What, he has like 2-3 games now in the works that is gonna be ps3 and ps4 only?
>> No. 131738
>new Platinum Games project
He-hey, that's a pretty good announcement, I love Platinum Games.
>> No. 131739
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>> No. 131740
Youtube embed play button
  here is your nintendo skylanders
>> No. 131741
File 140242927420.jpg - (108.08KB , 760x428 , loadingscreen.jpg )
The only things I really enjoyed from Nintendo were Bayonetta and the Robot Chicken skits.
I was already getting Hyrule Warriors but the new characters made the game look actually interesting.
>Everything comes out 2015

MS killed it this year, yet people are still trying to underplay it.
They announced more exclusive games/content for exclusive games than they showed off multiplats.

If anypony on here is curious, the DR3 DLC was crazy fun, did more justice to Capcom franchises than Capcom has actually done for some of these games but it's really short like every other DR3 DLC. Got 100% after several hours.
>> No. 131742
Youtube embed play button
  Some Bayonetta 2
it will include Bayonetta 1, with some extra nintendo costumes, like princess peach, link and samus.

oh boy. if you like action games, and have a wii u, i think that is a great package.

yes, that DLC look like fun.
i wonder if it will be avaible for the pc version.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 10th, 2014 12:43

>> No. 131743
Aside from most of Nintendo's stuff, I guess I'd like to play Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris since Guardian of Light was pretty fun.

There was a teaser for the new Doom but it didn't show any gameplay so we still don't know whether it's a real Doom game or a modern-style FPS that happens to have some hell demons
>> No. 131744
>i wonder if it will be avaible for the pc version.
Depends, do we know anything aside from the Steam listing? Is is called "something edition"?
If not it might come later as paid DLC.

More more Doom 3 with HD?
I remember way back people hated it but recently I've only seen praise for it. Weird how that works.

Oh, really digging Splatoon. Keep forgetting about that game, has the squids and the paint. Price will be very important, with what was shown I could easily see it being priced up to $30 retail. $20 if digital.
lol, people on stream suck.
>> No. 131745
File 140244270962.png - (380.07KB , 877x648 , Having too much fun to care.png )
Splatoon, Yoshi's Wooly Story, Super Smash, Zelda.... It all makes me want to get a Wii U, now.
>> No. 131746
File 140245245072.png - (224.83KB , 600x600 , kid_icarus_by_rockwoo-d4zkexa.png )
Splatoon is easily the game I am most excited for thus far out of this year's e3. I believe it is the most exemplary presentation of Nintendo's ability to innovate on established genres. Project Guard is a close runner up in demonstrating this.

Out of Sony, I'm interested in the upcoming services they have announced. Playstation Now sounds like it could present an impressive value. I do find it a bit unsettling just how heavily they seem to have driven on exclusive content for multiplatform games. It seems a bit strange for a developer to favor one console over another in that way. Regardless, it does demonstrate that Sony is determined to keep the favor of developers and players alike by offering exceptional value through it's services.

I'm somewhere between bemusement and delight regarding just how many "remasterings" have been announced. I have yet to play some of these games, which is why I am rather delighted. However, considering how early we are in the console generation, and how recent a lot of these upgraded games are, I don't find feel compelled by these announcements.
>> No. 131747
Youtube embed play button
>It all makes me want to get a Wii U, now.
Wait on a new bundle.

>Playstation Now sounds like it could present an impressive value.
You rent games (pay per title and only for limited time), then stream them. It doesn't offer value anywhere near PS+ which gives you a increasing library of games for one small flat rate for all of them.

New Phantom Dust is gonna be crack.
>> No. 131749
File 140248041904.jpg - (203.74KB , 600x324 , HaloWars_elites.jpg )
Fun fact: Get to 1:02 and check out the upper-left corner.
Halo Wars.
>> No. 131772
File 140263124167.jpg - (39.51KB , 535x372 , Flaky_and_Petunia_again_by_Yoshi_lord.jpg )
Yah, the constant remasterings must mean they're out of ideas, kind of like how Hollywood remakes films... Or actually, a closer example would be George Lucas continuously releasing different "upgraded" versions of the Star Wars films. However, a remaster of Grim Fandango, with gameplay supposedly unchanged, does sound fairly exciting. I may not need to rig DosBox anymore for that game.
>> No. 131773

Wouldn't you use a scummvm variant for that?
>> No. 131780
File 140271219700.png - (247.96KB , 1214x532 , maybe.png )
I'd rather just use my PS4.
>> No. 131812
File 140289056941.png - (90.54KB , 268x269 , But why is that relevant.png )
Mmm, can't say I was really aware of any, or at least not variants. I didn't think it ran on a scumm engine anyways, or whatever port/base Beneath a Steel Sky runs on. I don't know much about those engines or whatever they ran on.
>> No. 131813
Youtube embed play button
  Gameplay analysis for MKX.
>> No. 132176
File 140865802968.jpg - (38.43KB , 854x480 , homeworld_remastered_collection.jpg )
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