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Ever since its first release, Animal Crossing had a different change of game-play compared to other Nintendo titles. Instead of jumping on top of goombas and koopas you'd work to pay of your debt. While the game was fun for most of the time, it could get a bit repetitive and boring being set in such a small area and basically doing the same thing everyday. All in all I like it and it's a game where everypony can enjoy.
>> No. 131957
File 140450668214.png - (27.79KB , 100x200 , 100px-Tiffany_-_Animal_Crossing_New_Leaf.png )
Sadly, my patience did not survive to groom my New Leaf town to be full of cat and bunny girls. But then, it was probably long gone for that to have become my goal in the first place.

Also, bring back Excitebike biatch.

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>> No. 131962
File 140453846538.jpg - (329.90KB , 800x680 , I should just km.jpg )
>Play AC every once in a while
>About 2 hours tops a day
>Get news about a new villager
>See bam
>Fall in love with him right away.
>He is pretty much my new best bud in the game.
>Talk to him all the time
>Stop playing for a few days cause 4 days off from work
>Finally boot it back up
>Get a letter from Bam
>Thinking it's gonna be one of those "I got new paper so writing a letter" letter
>Said he left
>Went to find a new rival.
>Didn't even get to say goodbye.

I don't even want to play this game anymore.
>> No. 131965
I got New Leaf last year and I could totally enjoy playing it on a periodic basis if it didn't pretty much demand that you play the game every single day
>> No. 131968
File 140458019814.jpg - (126.13KB , 1151x708 , Farewell.jpg )
That's how AC has always worked.
But still, I thought I take a small break, play some other games, and then that.
>> No. 132009
File 140569788721.jpg - (15.43KB , 167x167 , graceful2.jpg )
>> No. 132036
File 140613664416.png - (717.51KB , 787x1011 , Madotsuki 585.png )
>Playing game like normal
>See I have some letters
>Get one from bam
>Wonder why he is sending me a letter
>Hoping it's something cool.
>He says he forgot about the time capsule we buried and I can have whatever is in it.
>Remember that he's not here any more and go find it.
>Open it up and read his note
>It's pretty much him being his normal self and talking about how he'll be the best.
>Finally open the present
>It's a No. 5 shirt.
>Number 5 is my thing
>Wear it all the time now.

I'm never gonna forgot that awesome blue deer.
Yeah, I know. It's like I get burnt out on a game or something when I play it a lot.
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