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131951 No. 131951
why when im playing my keyboard and mouse start like... having delays, and not being smoot?

are wireless... but it shouldnt be a problem....
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>> No. 131952
it is just some "performance" issues?
>> No. 131953
>tfw you will never be able to play the sexy spider-taur lady
>> No. 131954
Somepony turned on the microwave.

Or just needs new batteries.
>> No. 131958
File 140451108481.png - (251.14KB , 1024x791 , derpy ein backgroundless.png )
they are not the batteries.
they are totally new.

i think when the pc get slow and start dərpying is when it does that.
and it mostly could be when it use pc resources
>> No. 131972

Try moving everything inside a faraday cage.
>> No. 131978
You know, i just started having the same exact problem this past weekend. I changed the batteries, but sometimes the mouse and keyboard start flipping the fuck out by having a second or second and a half delay on my commands.
I have a theory that they might cause interference between them, but then again, I've had them for months and this is the first time it has happened.

10/10, would follow instructions again.
>> No. 131979
^that's been happening to me as long as i've used laser/optical mice
^but i only use cheap corded ones
>> No. 131981

I know the problem, often it's various wireless thingies interfering with eachother, replace one of the wireless things with a wired variety and it should be a lot better.
(i know it shouldn't happen, and perhaps it's not the exact reason it goes wrong, however limiting yourself to just one wireless tool has often proven to be a solution for most i know)

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>> No. 131983
i apparently solve it... at least at the moment.

i changed the port, instead of putting it behind (near to the wireless card. i put the receptor in the fron of the computer.

im not sure if the port is faster or it have less inteference, but it works now.
>> No. 132024

Fair enough, it's often interference it seems, and there's various ways to solve it.
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