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I don't think we have one of these.
Even if this is the /g/raveyard, there must be some people who visit and also game on their mobile devices. Because these days, mobile gaming is excellent. Lots of great titles, often in full console quality - and we've almost entirely outgrown the autorunner phase. Good on us.

What device do you use?
What games do you often play?
What have you recently played and fallen in love with?
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>> No. 131985
File 140518495002.png - (192.54KB , 1024x768 , WaywardSouls-6.png )
My most recent recommendation is Wayward Souls, available on both iOS and Android. It's one of the best permadeath dungeon crawlers/"roguelike-likes" I've ever played.

The simplified swipe controls and UI distill it into the spirit of the genre, removing any and all needless screwing around. The combat is fluid, your inventory is small and encourages frivolous item use, and you upgrade your armor and weapons into entirely new variants while they're still on your body, entirely taking "gear grinding" out of the equation and leaving you with what this sort of game is meant to feel like - unpredictable, spontaneous and fun.

And there's no IAP.
Which is a massive selling point these days.

Both casual and veteran roguefans will definitely enjoy, as will RPG fans in most cases as it does have a story. You just have to actually survive the whole dungeon to see it all. Which is an excellent challenge that'll take you many, many entertaining tries.
>> No. 131986
>mobile games
>full console quality

For the majority of mobile games, I couldn't disagree more. With that being said, the ports of Cave's fantastic arcade shmups (like DoDonPachi Resurrection, Mushihimesama Futari, and Espgaluda II) are top-notch. Zenonia 3 is also a pretty decent action RPG, and PewPew 2 is a good Geometry Wars clone. Osmos is great as well.
>> No. 131987
Well yes, certainly not for the majority, the majority are still not even real games and just Player Addiction Schemes, usually watered down city builders with no variety and large timegates, designed to bring in IAP revenue. It's absolutely disgusting.
And then there's the ones where the devs just didn't really try.

But, once you wade through thousands of those, you hit the ones worth playing, and they are what I'm talking about.

I don't even count the others, it's a very different sort of market than the one consoles have. One where you really, really have to search, and converse with others, to find the actual contenders, instead of just looking at the popular games page on Steam or whatever. While obscure, the contenders are still really good.

I haven't played the Android version of Osmos, is that multiplayer they've been touting any good? And if you have it installed, does it support being on the SD card?
>> No. 131991
File 140531093423.png - (1.10MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2011-06-26-17h30m55s94.png )
> Because these days, mobile gaming is excellent. Lots of great titles, often in full console quality

>> No. 131992
File 140531780019.jpg - (54.33KB , 524x626 , 1345074983453.jpg )
>often in full console quality

Often in full console quality for the year 1999, you mean.
>> No. 131993
Most mobile games are just 0.99 apps made for 5 year olds by devs hoping they made the next Angry Birds.

Capcom and Square are focusing too much on the platform.
>> No. 131996
File 140535751067.jpg - (19.39KB , 176x252 , 1276373321-1.jpg )
Most, yes. Since it's easy to develop a mobile game, and companies like making easy money, the market is flooded. But the real games are just underneath all that.
I take it that you guys have been completely ignoring the platform and figure that just because your friends only play shit games on it, shit games are the only thing available.

Android has XCOM, TWEWY, Plants vs. Zombies 1 and 2, Sword and Sworcery, World of Goo, BADLAND, Reaper, Terarria, Minecraft, GTA: Vice City, Knights of Pen and Paper, Super Monkey Ball 2, A Reckless Disregard For Gravity, Quadropus Rampage, Wayward Souls, Frozen Synapse, Osmos, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly 2, EPOCH, Organ Trail: Director's Cut, The Bard's Tale, Worms 2 and 3, Waking Mars, Breach & Clear, Karateka, Another World, BIT.TRIP BEAT, and goddamn Desert Bus.

Trying to ignore its existence as a worthy platform is simply futile.
>> No. 131997
Let's not misinterpret the fact that there are a large number of mobile OS video games to mean that mobile OS video games comprise a major percentage of the entire video game industry. While they do contribute a considerable amount of revenue, much of it comes primarily from a few incredibly popular games that absolutely everypony has. On top of which, the sheer number of mobile OS games, while not exactly insignificant, is still not a very large percentage of the entire video game market.
>> No. 131998
File 140538840937.gif - (47.19KB , 640x199 , Dilbert 2005-12-13 1078_strip.gif )
Too much freemium.

I wouldn't mind a 15 minute timekiller but all I can think about whenever my finger is hovering over the install button is "oh god what is this shitty free thing going to do to my phone to make revenue."

Most things more serious I'd rather play on my big computer. How's Sims 3 on Android?
>> No. 132004
Youtube embed play button
  When I'm at home, if I'm going to play games, I'd rather play them on a nice big screen using a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. When I'm not at home, I'm usually more interested in preserving my phone's battery throughout the day than sitting around playing Carmageddon in public.

That said, there's this old iOS game called The Quest that I'd like to play if it was available for Android

My phone is a Moto G, which at the time was a pretty good mid-range phone for the price. Good-enough performance, decent battery life, runs mostly-stock Android and gets updates frequently. Not sure if I'd still recommend it since I haven't really kept up with whatever devices have come out since then.
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