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I've been playing a lot of Portal 2 of late since it's only properly working for me now and been playing community maps. (Look up "Laser Labyrinth" for my first ever map!)

I wonder if it's possible to make a campaign of maps than just play them each seperately? I have a few ideas for Portal stories myself, though even with Hammer, I dunno if I can make them.

Especially be cool if I can have an evil Atlas like robot armed with a Pulse Cannon that chases you down in certain areas.

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I know I've seen campaigns done before, but I'm not certain you'd be able to have an enemy like that.
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I already have an idea for a campaign story called "P0RTAL". You play as one of the many humans found by P-Body and Atlas in that big vault. Since GlaDOS is testing many humans she has made various cores to make test chambers for her and the core who made your test chambers is a bit enthusiastic as an artist. Some scenes in mind can involve various labyrinth walkways outside the test chambers where you have to escape from a Military Android that wants to kill you. (And maybe if you fall down to the abandoned enrichment center, deal with an escaped Mantisman.)

The story can end with GlaDOS herself congratulating you at being the only human to survive the test and as a "reward" for being the ideal killing machine, turns you into a loyal cyborg with the parts of the android that has been chasing you.

I can use Portal 2's Community Test Chamber editor to make various chambers and I have Hammer to make ustom maps. As for custom Personality Cores and Military Androids I don't know.

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Code in boundries?
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I don't know if it has been done before, but since VALVe made Team Fortress and Half Life and there is also Gary Mod which experiments with the Steam engine, I wonder if somepony has ever extracted the AI or coding of a character from one steam game and put it in another.

For example, TF2 bot AI for an Aperture Science robot with a Pulse Rifle. Though would perhaps need something more intelligent.

I have a scene in mind where you navigate the labyrinth of walkways in Aperture facilities while a killer robot is after you. I imagine it be somewhat like Amnesia in which you have to use your wit to survive. In this case finding the right surfaces to portal away or to set various traps for the military android.

I might also go with the idea of introducing a new personality core (a reskin of Wheatley) who was assigned by GlaDOS to construct test chambers and he enjoys it as a form of art, all the more while ulterior motives to impress his boss, such as different methods of test motivation.

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