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132048 No. 132048
ITT: we add people to the Gameloft game.
My GL account is OutKebab
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>> No. 132049
>playing My Little Microtransactions
>any year
>> No. 132050
I had enought users.

but you can add AlicornioBlanco
if you will.

sure, the game is horrible specially for the nature of microtransactions
but at least you have to give them credit that they have been less of an assholes with the updates.

most of the gems cost was reduced, the gems are more more more easy to get compated to the past.

sure the gem balloon ponies are a rip off and they recently had this rule of "you have to make missions where you need to use gems to pass them"

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>> No. 132052
and remember, you have to open the Gameloft thing to accept the petitions.
>> No. 132119
I just wish they'd add gl live to the windows phone version.
>> No. 132120
you cant open the gl live inside the game?

on the menu oper right, at the bottom should be the gl live option.
so you dont need the gl live app
>> No. 132250
my GL account is hellbond
>> No. 132603
Terrible lag after this last update. :(
>> No. 132605
File 141325858725.png - (210.03KB , 816x979 , post-1372-0-73281800-1331784774.png )
me not that much...

maybe except in the mine game, which made alot of lag.

i wonder if for the halloween update they will add the CMC costumes.... or they will just add the mane 6 costumes like always and thats it.
>> No. 132672
And Windows 8
>> No. 132818

Bluestacks or something similar
>> No. 132819
i test using blustack once, and the controls are really off. and the resolution of the game doesnt fit correctly.
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