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No. 132051
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  Anypony heard of it? Came out recently on Steam.

At first glance, you might assume that it is a Sonic clone. It is not, although it has similarities. Only one of the three (for now) playable characters sorta half plays (and looks) like him. The others have unique play styles that are different and definitely not Sonic-like.

It is a challenging game, but fair. Don't go in expecting a walk in the park like most modern games.

If you enjoyed Genesis-era action-platformers, this game is for you.

It has a fantastic soundtrack, too.

And, yes, I am just posting this to bring attention to the game because I like it. I hope that you like it, too.
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>> No. 132053
It's a game that I was interested in when I heard about it, but I had no idea that it was already out.
>> No. 132054
This kinda looks like what happens if a standard Megadrive game collides with the Sonic Fan Art section in Deviantart.

OH well, not going to lie, looks good, will keep it in mind next time I go on a game purchasing jamboree.
>> No. 132106
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  Saw the kickstarter campaign and then kinda forgot it existed. Seems relevant to my interests, I'll get around to trying the demo eventually.
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