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File 140718967186.png - (127.29KB , 736x736 , Tcel logo.png )
132067 No. 132067
Hello! My name, as you can see, is Ember Storm, and I'm here to ask some questions of you guys. A bit about myself first, because it is relevant.

So I've posted on Ponychan for over three years. I have, for the past year, been involved with a multigaming Steam clan called Team Celebrity Gaming. You can find more about them here if you're interested:

One thing you'll notice is that they have a lot of servers in Gmod, stuff in Minecraft, Killing Floor, and Hoofful of Frags. They also have a competitive TF2 team and CS:GO teams.

I run that comp TF2 team, and I recently went to the clan leader about starting up a TF2 public server. We don't have one yet, and I think we should.

That being said, I wanted to, before we start anything up, get community input on what should and could be implemented in terms of plugins, server cvars, and the like.

So, here's the link to the survey (It's really short at only seven questions. Seriously)

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>> No. 132072
File 140727674286.png - (98.63KB , 232x224 , check out this weird metal closet.png )
Mini sentries only target scouts
>> No. 132074
I'm gonna say right now that I'm not doing that. :/
>> No. 132075
File 140733348674.png - (955.69KB , 880x810 , Mabelface - S2 E2.png )
Buff demoman
>> No. 132076
File 140733353373.png - (685.92KB , 794x654 , Mabelface - S2 E2.png )
Good idea Mabel.
>> No. 132077
File 140734469719.png - (609.33KB , 550x550 , Madotsuki 350.png )
No, bad idea. Nerf demo.

I say the should give the medic more health.
>> No. 132080
Do this.
>> No. 132084
File 140750570984.jpg - (186.06KB , 1000x1000 , d96db18ac13e0c473161b308ed74e8cdc6049090.jpg )
Heavy main detected.
>> No. 132085
File 140751776529.png - (66.68KB , 416x480 , Madotsuki 465.png )
I think you mean battle medic.

We need more meds in this world running around with blutsauger, kicking butt.
>> No. 132086
File 140755644324.jpg - (97.14KB , 500x500 , jpeg.jpg )
>> No. 132094
File 140761499454.jpg - (399.23KB , 700x492 , Madotsuki 187.jpg )
Don't laugh.
Battle medic is a force that should not be taken lightly.

You see, you think he heals the team, but doesn't, and then he kills everypony on the other team. Then everypony hates you.
>> No. 132098
File 140762877436.jpg - (44.27KB , 500x500 , jpeg.jpg )
>> No. 132101
So, right now Computer (Team Celebrity's co-lead and server guy) and I have talked a bit about what we're putting on the server in terms of maps and plugins.

Server will be no-crit and no-spread. There will be, to start, no whitelist. If certain weapons become unbearable, we can discuss banning them or finding plugins to modify them when needed (weapons in question might be the Phlog or Pompson). It will be based in Chicago through NFO. Celebrity Gaming only uses NFO servers and we've found they are very good and dependable servers.

In terms of maps, we're going to be running a bunch of comp maps in addition to the stock ones. There will only be one or two CTF maps (doublecross andm as requested, turbine_pro), and maps like trainsawlaser and wubwubwub will be included due to request (and I think many of those who requested the latter are comp players, too). One thing that many people asked for was the inclusion of tc_hydro, and we've been all for running that map from the start.

In terms of plugins, now. Frag radio is being run, and various SourceMod plugins like SMAC. There may be a few more for some behind the scenes ease, but Computer knows these better than I do. One thing we are going to be doing is adding a plugin to nerf the Short Circuit back to pre-buff quasi-uselessness.

Class limits will probably be as follows: no more than 2 of any class on any team. Reason for this is because a lot of people expressed a want to limit engies, spies, and snipers, so we decided to make that board wide. The server will be 12v12 at most, so a class limit of 2 for every class will be helpful and shouldn't get in the way. That being said, if we need to change it later, we most certainly can. This can happen either by community input or by our own deductions.

SPEAKING OF A COMMUNITY. It has always been my goal to get a community base around this server. That way, should the server take off and stay rather full, we can totally add more servers to the group! A community also helps in feedback and responses, so it helps us learn what works and doesn't work in terms of plugins, maps, and the like.

Later today I will be talking with computer about the remainder of the plugins and the like, we'll be hopefully starting to set up the server, and also make a steam group for it, the address of which WILL be shared as soon as we do so.

>> No. 132102
File 140767817305.png - (717.51KB , 787x1011 , Madotsuki 585.png )
S-stop it...
The hurting is more rewarding than the healing
I can't get hype.
Soda poppers are probably banned.
>> No. 132103
File 140767912368.png - (85.09KB , 512x512 , Ember Storm - Da Fuck Is Wrong With My Minecraft - TwilightSpark1e.png )
> There will be, to start, no whitelist. If certain weapons become unbearable, we can discuss banning them or finding plugins to modify them when needed (weapons in question might be the Phlog or Pompson).
>> No. 132112
Guys, check it:
>> No. 132136
We've been working on plugins for the server! There's one or two more things that we need to go over with the head of Celebrity, and one of those things is getting us the server to load the plugins on.
We're also going to work out the MOTD and finalize how donating will work, test the plugins once they're on the server, then launch the server hopefully by Saturday.
That's right, Saturday is my current estimate of when the server will go live! GET HYPE.
>> No. 132146
File 140821747848.png - (64.89KB , 184x184 , cel4tress.png )
It is time.

In less than one hour, the TF2 server I've been keeping you guys up to date with will go live. We've been very busy with plugins and making sure everything works these past few days, and I'm pleased to announce that
everything seems to be running quite well.

The first map is Badwater. I'll be putting the IP up and how to connect through console for those who don't know at 4 PM EST.

For more info on rules and stuff, please check out the Steam group:

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