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No. 132111
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  It is claim that the next Tomb Raider will be an Xbox exclusive.

Even they say it isnt a temporal exclusive i dont know.

the last game had a hard time to be a success, it sold millions of copies and was a failure for a long time.

and this new version, will be limited to xbox. that will be a failure.

now, maybe is just a temporal releases. or unless microsoft pay for the rest of the imaginary sales.
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>> No. 132115
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  >Squeenix does something stupid
Didn't see that one coming.
>> No. 132116
they keep saying "it comes exlusive on Xbox holyday 15"
that totally mean they will launch the rest later.

unless microsoft alreay paid the equivalent of 3 million copies or more.
>> No. 132117
>in before this ends up being just a timed exclusive like Dead Rising 3 and Ryse
>> No. 132118
>people are saying things!
>> No. 132121
And they just announced that it will be earlier today.
>> No. 132122
>inb4 PS4 never

Tomb Raider will only be timed exclusive and yet on GameFAQ and comments sections of articles the Sony fans are throwing a hissy fit.
>"bawwww, MS is the fact kid that pays people to like him"
>"bawwww, MS is like a sports team paying off the refs because their players suck"
Disregard Sony pays indie devs to port their games or for exclusive content in multiplats.
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