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No. 132141
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  Just got to level 13 and I'm gonna be hitting Ranked Matches all day long.

I will record the results of each match on here because I can.
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>> No. 132142
File 140820668962.jpg - (403.87KB , 2560x1036 , Lycan_full.jpg )
First game completed and Banehallow ruled the stage.

I had expected Ranked Matches to be filed with people who had above aveage skills with the game and I"m not sure if I just am that good or if my expectation was mistaken.

Of course I Jungled with Lycan, Meppo was in the bot lane ad Sniper took the mid. We had a Huskgar and a Witch Doctor up top.

For a lot of the game, the Witch Doctor complained about lag problems, even considering abandoning because it was so bad. We coaxed him out of it.

We were facing a Lion and Legion Commander at the bottom lane, Miranda in the Middle and a Faceless Void and Dazzle up top.

Once the game got going, I quickly sent out my wolves to scout the runes and was surprised when the Sniper used his range to deny a rune rather than risk taking it.

Mid way through laning, I got a few great kills on Lion and Legion Commander. Though they cost me my own life once or twice, it helped to feed Meepo and keep the two of them from becoming a threat.

As the game wore on, some of the players were feeling a bit disheartened at the Faceless Void, at how much of a threat he was. I extinguished those fears by killing the Faceless Void inches away from his own Chronosphere.

I believe myself to be a big threat during team battles. Because I often venture out alone to the Jungles, I'm nto with the group when the fight starts, meaning I am able to come around behind them for hard ganks. During one team battle, I swooped in and helped score an Ace (killing the entire enemy team at once) that set things up to finish things up.

One of the biggest things that secured us victory was the very fast destruction of their top towers and barracks we had. For some reason, they seemed skittish to counter-attack or defend so we sliced through their buildings like butter. They also underestimated the Megacreeps who marched inside and ransacked their base.

The match ended with me scoring the most kills 11/3/10
>> No. 132143
File 140820986475.jpg - (392.56KB , 1920x1200 , warlock_dota_2_by_biggreenpepper_wallpaper404_com_deviant_art_1920x1200.jpg )
Once again, a game with people who aren't quite what I thought.

I was playing Warlock this time, top laneing with Wraith King against an Ursa and Lich. Mid lane was our Invoker against a Weaver. Bottom was Windrunner and Slark against a LIfestealer and Riki.

This might have been an interesting battle, but it quickly fell apart when the other team just couldn't coordinate. The Ursa kept saying that others were 'noobs' or something like that. Though we had our own problems when we would retreat but not tell others that we were doing so. I need practice in making sure that doesn't happen.

Otherwise it was a rather dull game. I had one great combo with Wraith King where I hit Ursa with a Shadow Word, following up with a Riptide to slow him down while Wraith King wailed on his furry butt. But aside from that a pretty quiet game.
>> No. 132144
File 140821356817.jpg - (129.29KB , 900x506 , dragon_knight_by_zakafein-d6fpwbd.jpg )
Well,this sucked.

Really not sure how to write up what happened. Except that nukes that kill your entire team suck.

Top lane was an Axe and Witch Doctor against an Elder Titan and a Phantom Assassin. Mid lane was our Orge Magi against a Brewmaster. Bottom lane was Legion Commander and Dragon Knight(me) against an Anchant Apparition and a Razor.

One of the first things I noticed that was not going our way was that Bot lane was two melee heroes against two ranged heroes. Harrassment abound. There was rarely a moment I wasn't getting belted with auto-attacks adn attempts to get in close for a stun just had them running off.

Legion Commander put off going into the Jungle for a while, not sure if that was a good idea or not. I was having a hard time getting my stuff in order. Dragon Knight is not my usual hero.

Things started off well, but then suddenly they were ganging up and smacking us down. Our attempts to counter with team battles ended in heavy stuns and death all around. After that, it was a slow crawl to defeat.
>> No. 132145
>Ranked Matches to be filed with people who had above aveage skills
>> No. 132147
Ya, that became apparent in this latest game.

Was playing Warlock again running with a Wraith King. But this times things didn't go as well. We had a Juggernaut who insisted on Jungling and seemed to be upset with the rest of us.

Our Crystal Maiden was clearly somepony who was having a bit of trouble. I was told she stood in place several times and other times I saw her using abilities out of order as well as leveling them in a way I wouldn't have.

It was a really close back and forth for a while ,but ten the dam broke and they rolled us over.
>> No. 132149
File 140822473030.jpg - (99.20KB , 500x272 , dota-2-Lion.jpg )
And then this happens.

Lion is not one of my prefered heroes. He is much too squishy and reliant way too much on his spells and other heroes to keep him from dieing. Case in point when I had a bounty Hunter with a Linkin Sphere slicing and dicing me.

But that is the only problem this match had. Instead, we started off with a Great Captain who went by the name of Topher. The only reason why I played Lion was because he accidentally missed Warlock. But the rest of the heroes and the bans were spot on and everypony was happy.

We had an Ursa, Disrupter, Dragon Knight and a Doom along with me as Lion.

Ursa was great, quick on taking down Roshan and consistent with striking when the beast respawned.

Dragon Knight made it clear that it was possible to play that hero in the midlane.

Doom was great with the last hits and very supportive even when I fell down several times from my own stupid.

Disrupter.. He played well, but his attitude towards others was a bit off.

We almost had it a perfect game until two of them disconnected and they started getting bonus XP and Gold. Then towers fell and we had to get our heads together. Overconfidence is deadly in this game.

Still, once the first barracks fell, the rest followed accordingly.
>> No. 132150
File 140822796539.jpg - (133.68KB , 1920x1080 , Dota-2-фэндомы-Anub'arak-the-Nyx-Assassin-песочница-770430.jpg )
And then...

This game was depressing. I don't want to talk about it. Nothing seemed to work.

I don't like Nyx.
>> No. 132151
File 140823473831.jpg - (450.65KB , 2525x1024 , ogre_magi.jpg )
I played this guy... I forgot what happened in the match though. Except that you NEED the Scepter to make this guy even remotely useful.
>> No. 132152
File 140823493497.jpg - (288.60KB , 600x572 , warlock-dota-2-wallpaper-2.jpg )
This match was proof that you don't quit. It was all back and forth, even with Abaddon and Bloodseeker there. It seemed like we lost when they charged in and broke our Top and MId barracks. But then we just charged the midlane, crashed through and destroyed the Anchant before they could blink.

I like to think my Two Demons helped.
>> No. 132153
File 140823766184.jpg - (231.04KB , 744x980 , crystal_maiden_by_finalknight6-d6zhzve.jpg )
Crystal Maiden is always the example I use when people say that heroes lose function the later games get.

In many games, I have used her as a strong Hero killer. Her Q and E combo together to completely trap a hero under her Ultimate. With the scepter, it further slows them.

In this latest game, I was laning with Luna and learned that if ther is a hero that has trouble making abilities hit, the Maiden is sure to solve that problem .A good freeze and there is no way a gank can miss.

Sadly, this game ended before I could acquire my scepter.
>> No. 132154
File 140824157512.jpg - (624.00KB , 850x895 , warlock_and_his_golem_by_keterok-d6iwub4.jpg )
and that's it! I've done it! Ten games for my Ranked MMR is complete!

Warlock was the one who helped wrap it all up and sadly, once again, I couldn't bring him to his full power. But the game was pretty good.

Had a Jungling Doom which is very weird. While he is able to steal creep abilities, this Doom almost refused to leave the Jungle to help either lane around him. Not only that, but we were just all mixed up. But when it came for Teambattles it was all wrecking power.

MMR= 1135
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