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If ghouls were a playable race, or will be in Fo4, what kind of gameplay would you expect for them?

I believe ghouls would be more weaker than human and loose much more HP from attacks than usual. This is due to lack of skin and rotting flesh. Not only that but drugs and medicines will also have weaker effects on them. Also gameplay wise, the majority of humans will distrust you regardless of karma.

However the primary and good quality Ghouls could have to make up for poor damage resistance, ghouls possess the unique ability to "regenerate" HP. The rate of how much HP is regenerated depends on how much rads you have. In short while humans stay away from radiation and strive for little rads as possible, the opposite can work in your favour. However 0 rads means 0 regeneration which could leave you an an extremely vulerable state.
However maxing your rads can still be bad for you as going over the limit can wear on your sanity.

Ideas for Perks: (While sharing the majority of perks with humans, some replaced specifically for ghouls, such as radiation absorbing than reducing.)
Healthy Glow +50% radiation taken whenever drinking from a water source.
Smooth Talker Unlocks many unique dialogue options with distrusting humans.
Noble Savage Feral ghouls and variants will be non-hostile towards you.
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>playable race

This isn't The Elder Scrolls, m8.
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>If ghouls were a playable race, or will be in Fo4, what kind of gameplay would you expect for them?
Judging by how Bethesda handled playable races in Skyrim, I'd expect it to be more or less identical to playing as a human.
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File 140832552024.png - (1.83MB , 1200x900 , Nukacola plant.png )
Elder Scrolls and Fallout may have had seperate history but up until Bethesda both Skyrim and Fo3 were obviously cut from the same cloth. I just think it would be interesting to explore the waste from the perspective and attention of a ghoul for a change.

I would think there be not much differences, thats why I would suggest less damage resistance with special regenerative abilities to counter weakness. This is because Ghouls are regarded physically weaker than humans and the creation of Ultrajet is because chems have little effect with ghouls. However ghoul doctors often question human survival as if there resiliant is better then humans.

Another big thing is that the rads that cause advance radiation poisoning could be considered "healthy" by ghoul standards. Too much rads (deadly-fatal radiation poisoning) could lead to going feral and too little rads will slower your regeneration rate making you need more time to recover after a fight or so.

Pretty much replace your human need to stay Rad free with a ghoul need to balance how much Rads you need to stay healthy by ghouls standards.

Other than Cain from Fo:BoS, has no one ever wondered what it be like to play as a ghoul, both gameplay and in-game socially?

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