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Twilight Sparkle and her friends are planning their annual picnic on the day they became friends and things seem to be going great as they prepare until the next day when Twilight wakes up the next morning to find out that not only is there another mare in her house who claims to live in there, no pony in town knows who she is!

It soon becomes a race against time for the princess as she finds out one terrifying fact:

>If she doesn't fix the time-line soon, the "current her" will cease to exist!

Experience a story like none you've seen before in a video game! Where *every single choice you make* determines the the fate of Twilight and her friends! Unlike "other games" that claim this and only end up having a few select choices affect the outcome of the game, this game is the *REAL DEAL!*


>Side-battle system with high definition animated combat sprites.

>Real-Time date and a time system. Events will take place at certain times of the day and weeks in game.

>Rekindle Twilight's friendships with her friends and possibly even more...

>Earn achievements!(Everypony loves these addicting things!)

>And much more!

>Version 1.0.5 is out!

What to expect from this version:

1: Time and date system(With this system implemented, I can fully realize my original vision for this game. Been hunting for something like this since version 0.5!)

2: Level scaling system( Monsters will scale to the party member with the highest level with a 2-3 level variant. This will lighten the workload majorly for me while at the same time not causing any decline in the qaulity of the game. After all, I don't wanna be looking at 20 different recolors of the same sprite do you?)

3:The dungeon from the previous version returns.(Since I am still in the process of getting most core mechanics installed and want to show off my progress, the dungeon will return with a max level version to give players a challenge if they wish for it.)

4:Fluttershy's home map finished!(I will include one of the finished paralax maps in this upcoming version update to give players a taste of what the finished product will look like.)

5:New enemies introduced.(in the dungeon you will encounter new enemies with unquie skills and attacks!)

6: As a special bonus: I have included the second part of the first chapter of the game's storyline in this version! ENJOY!
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File 140864046306.png - (8.03KB , 525x130 , gay.png )
oh hey, was this you?
i remember this..
>> No. 132172
File 140864683694.gif - (347.62KB , 720x405 , This-is-Luna-giving-a-fuck-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-27757017-720-405.gif )

>implying that quoting me out of context is going to have any effect on who wants to view and download this game

and your point is?
>> No. 132174
i wasn't >imblyink anything
i was just asking if that was you
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File 140866561135.gif - (745.76KB , 500x281 , mlfw3878-155110_-_animated_blushing_cute_diabetes_fluttershy_jpeg.gif )

Oh, sorry about that then.
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File 140866811587.gif - (1.27MB , 250x250 , whywhywhy.gif )
Great, now Bonds of Friendship 2 is going to get canceled.
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File 141717627191.png - (97.58KB , 544x704 , [FIXED]twibedroom.png )
>Image is of Twilight's bedroom map.

And that image this is just the start! With 1.0.7 comes a whole bunch of newly added features!
1. Upgraded save system
2. New game+
3. Limit Breaks(Yes you read that correctly though the name is subject to change.)
4.Revamped equipment system.
5. You can now see all your stats! 6.Encyclopedia.(With this added feature, you'll be able to get in depth information on many aspects of the game!)
7.New Skills and abilities!
And lets not forget the boatload of bug fixes!
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