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132198 No. 132198
So I recently got this code from the Loot Crate for the game Gauntlet which isn't even out yet.
I don't own the game nor do I care enough about it to buy it especially since it isn't even out yet.
Hoof come first serve.


This gets you the exclusive in-game helm Mask of the Wyrm Slayer

Ignore pic I just like having one on a new post.
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>> No. 132204
Thanks for the code :D Your mighty kind
>> No. 132233
>> No. 132234
File 140911597510.gif - (71.49KB , 600x429 , 11764906846_f662599daf_o.gif )
Gauntlet? That's a name I've not heard in a looong time... a long time.

What do you mean "not out yet?"

Kids these days. No respect for their roots.
>> No. 132238
I meant this game
Not a kid.
>> No. 132239
They had a port of the original for the 360. It got removed when Midway went down but still playable for those that bought it

Then two gens ago you had the amazing Dark Legacy (expansion of a game from three gens ago; Legacy) which I hope whoever owns the rights to that game makes an HD version.
It had like eleven different themed worlds, four or six stages per world, a epic boss stage for each, all kinds of secrets, classes, unlockables and tons of replayability. Great game all around.
This game also paid a lot of homage to the original with the announcer; "Wizard needs food badly", "you are greedy" and other stuff I forget.

Then you also had Deadly Seven Sins and it was utter shit.
I was just remembering it yesterday when me and my friend that died both got it for Christmas the year it came out and then I went over to his house to play his copy and we beat it in a few hours.
We were both very disappoint.

So what I'm trying to say is that it's not that old and forgotten.
>> No. 132241
File 140925473172.png - (80.41KB , 545x408 , 532854__safe_solo_oc_mothpony.png )
before dark legacy wasn't it Gauntlet Legends?
did i miss a game?
>> No. 132242
Dark Legacy was a expansion of Legends, yeah my bad.

Legends - PSX/N64 and later Dremcast.
DL - PS2 and later GC/Xbox. (Lets pretend the GBA version never happened.)
>> No. 132243
File 140929361536.jpg - (7.09KB , 292x172 , I like you.jpg )
Dark Legacy was pretty much perfect in terms of Gauntlet games. I'm hoping the new one is in the same vein.
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