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File 140931926028.png - (221.77KB , 550x630 , gamerluna_girlwood.png )
132245 No. 132245
>Ice Climbers gone
>Dr. Mario
>seven fucking Mario characters
>no Lip (what a fucking surprise you've done nothing except shit all over her and her series for their entire existence)
>Duck Hunt Dog
>Duck Hunt Dog
>Duck Hunt Dog

Fuck you, Sakurai. I'm not buying your shit.
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>> No. 132246
File 140932950592.jpg - (206.77KB , 1600x1200 , wiiu_bayonetta2_illu01_e3.jpg )
No Bayonetta...

I mean, i know she cant get naked, or do ultra really suggestive moves.

but at least she could act sexy on a PG level.

but yea, he promised that there was not going to be clones, and there is dr mario... unless 3 of his moves are different.
>> No. 132247
File 140932979453.png - (150.08KB , 500x500 , tumblr_inline_naojgrKoXt1sb1sbm.png )
>See new vid.
>Love shulk
>Want Xenoblade now
>Want to main him
>Read comments
"Lol, super sword bros" "Hey look another sword character" "Oh great, somepony with a sword, I remember when there was some variety"
Are people really this dumb?

There are 38 current people, plus probably 5-10 more
Out of the 38, only 9 people even touch a sword.
These people.
Mario, Luigi, peach, Bowser, baby Bowser (If he gets in) And rosalina. Who's the 7th one?
No bayonetta that we know so far.
We still have 36 days till the game comes out.
And a huge Nintendo direct happening tomorrow.

Her chance to get in is still great, seeing a shulk just got in and he's mostly in cause his new game coming out.
>> No. 132248
File 140932992468.png - (139.73KB , 834x951 , tumblr_nau2jd081Z1r7nlc8o1_1280.png )
Oh wait, Dr. Mario.
I got confused...

At least you are one of the people who's like "There are 15 people from mario games, More like Super mario bros" as they count every character that has shown up in a mraio game even though they have their own titles.
>> No. 132249
I think some of the characters will not be revealed even after the game comes out.

just so people could look to some surprise in the game.
until they read it on the internet
>> No. 132252
File 140934439014.gif - (412.59KB , 380x380 , spoiler.gif )
He has the cape, his pill can heal people and um... Does a different taunt count as a move?

>Are people really this dumb?
You also forgot Yoshi and Wario from your list. Some would count DK and a lesser extent Diddy.

But yeah, we've seen pretty much the whole roster. We're just missing one first party character. Third party is done.

I hope my new main has sunglasses alt costume...
Is anypony else on here stupid like me and importing a Japanese system and copy of the game?
>> No. 132254
Does Wario really count as a Mario these days? Mario hasn't appeared or been mentioned in one of his games for years.
>> No. 132255
He was introduced in a Mario game, his whole origin is that he's a evil Mario and has been in every Mario sports spin-off like the recent 3DS tennis game and Wii U Mario Kart 8.
Lets not forget aside from his mini-game bullshit series, his main series Wario Land is a spiritual sequel to Mario Land.

If anypony is mad about no Ice Climbers, blame the greedy asshole that wanted a 3DS version.
>> No. 132256
File 140937050912.png - (311.22KB , 1101x979 , tumblr_naqtylykdk1si6exqo1_1280.png )
Oh yeah, there are gonna be secret characters.
Nope, Yoshi and wario are their own games, same with DK. ONe way to look, is to see what thier emblem is in the game. Mario universe is a mushroom, where Wario is a W, yoshi is an egg, and DK is a DK.
They all do have their stand alone games.

I still feel like there is more to see. Who's to say the leak photos didn't have everypony unlocked?

And nah, I pre-ordered it, and getting it this Oct
No, wario is his own thing.
Origin came from Mario, but quickly spun off to be his own. Wario land and wario ware.
Same with Donkey kong.
>blame the greedy asshole that wanted a 3DS version.
You mean everypony?
And why can't ice climbers be in it.
We have rosalina who plays just like them.
>> No. 132257
>I still feel like there is more to see. Who's to say the leak photos didn't have everypony unlocked?
Second to last row is one character short of all the other rows. There's more to see but it's just a single character.

>We have rosalina who plays just like them.
fml, I just had this argument. It's not the same thing. Luma doesn't move around like a Ice Climber does and it would be impossible to keep the game running smoothly with four people playing as the Icy's on WiFi with the possibility of them using the dysync tactic where they control the two climbers separately.
>> No. 132258
File 140937721004.jpg - (49.21KB , 500x500 , tumblr_nakxorTX9C1sjsnweo1_500.jpg )
I still think there is gonna be at least 5 more

I feel like Ice climbers can still make it in.
If not, wii u.
>> No. 132259
I dunno, by that same logic Donkey Kong is a Mario character.

I mean, Wario was a villain in Mario Land 2, yes, but then Wario spun off in his own series, with Mario only making a quick cameo at the end of Wario Land 1.
>> No. 132260
File 140938712688.png - (34.15KB , 1002x406 , smashjporder.png )
>I still think there is gonna be at least 5 more
Doubt it but I'd like to be wrong on this. Adding one more first party character to that character select screen just makes sense, the last row being uneven only because it's for third parties.

>If not, wii u.
They stated the two would have the same rosters. My belief is so one version (mainly the 3DS one) doesn't become inadequate.

>I dunno, by that same logic Donkey Kong is a Mario character.
Because he is? First major Mario game was called Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong's origin is his family has a long-standing grudge with Mario. Mario and DK have their own series with the minis.

Just because Ryu has the Ninja Gaiden games doesn't mean he isn't a DOA character.
>> No. 132261
Youtube embed play button
lets remember the time when mario was evil
>> No. 132262
File 140941480242.png - (544.40KB , 760x1052 , fredddy3q3230914832943242_by_dizzee_toaster-d7vk22d.png )
Who says they have to be on any certain rows.
I remember how off melee was, can't remember brawl.
I know they like to keep groups together, but girl marth isn't even near marth from the leaked photos.
I still feel like there is gonna be a few more.

Still think they are getting in the game.
>> No. 132263
Also, nintendo direct where?
I thought one was coming out about smash.
>> No. 132264
File 140941514354.jpg - (49.21KB , 500x500 , tumblr_nakxorTX9C1sjsnweo1_500.jpg )
Oh, found it....watching it.
Damn locked vids
>> No. 132265
File 140941531918.png - (38.31KB , 773x794 , tumblr_nal1tceael1s976bao1_1280.png )
Oh....and then I found out there is literally nothing new in this vid from what I know.
>> No. 132266
File 140943386226.jpg - (177.99KB , 760x509 , smashrosterleak.jpg )
People are speculating that the clones are bunched in that corner.
It's her, Dark Pit and the Dr.
People think Duck Hunt may be a Olimar clone.
>> No. 132267
>> No. 132268
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 132269
Am I the only one who wants to beat the shit out of River Man and Bagu from Zelda II far more than I ever did the Duck Hunt Dog?
>> No. 132270
File 140945589186.gif - (2.00MB , 296x370 , tumblr_naku26y2u91tfbir0o1_400.gif )
I really wonder about duck hunt and everything about that
I don't even care for duck hunt.
>> No. 132271
File 140946470799.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )

What I heard about that guy is that he has different stances, I think?

Though an Olimar clone that throws colored ducks could be funny.

Wish I could figure out where I heard that in the first place.
>> No. 132274
File 140950859592.jpg - (42.92KB , 506x316 , Sopranos_ep107.jpg )
>Wish I could figure out where I heard that in the first place.
You better remember where you heard that you son of a bitch.

Stances would make him a more interesting character but I don't see it happening, would contradict the stuff I've been saying about Ice Climbers and the reason why they split transformation characters but stances don't really require a model swap.
So who knows. Guess we wait for a trailer or the game to release soon. Whichever comes first.
>> No. 132279
File 140958484184.jpg - (5.81KB , 275x183 , 1.jpg )
>no Lip
What kind of eggheadron are you?
>> No. 132281
>Duck Hunt dog
>Dr. Mario
>no Bayonetta

fucking Nintendo can't do anything right when it comes to making great rosters

>hating on Panel de Pon
0/10 taste
>> No. 132283
File 140959299580.png - (178.25KB , 500x607 , tumblr_nak4xwfAsa1rc2534o1_500.png )
>No travis touchdown.
One day.
>> No. 132285
File 140959927987.png - (712.32KB , 593x853 , I dunno___.png )
Wasn't the "leak" from 4chan?

I'd wait for official confirmation before shit-talking Nintendo.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 1st, 2014 12:21

>> No. 132286
File 140960186210.jpg - (85.11KB , 1006x1024 , clementine.jpg )
All the people complaining has killed any enthusiasm I had for this game.
At this point, I hope Sakurai includes 6 more versions of mario just to spite people.
>> No. 132287
Youtube embed play button
most of the complains are from foxy.

im just sad that there isnt bayonetta yet.

but i mean, she is ultra sexual, so i could understand why they dont put her... even i think she could be a clone of zero suit samus with slight changes.
>> No. 132288
File 140960617064.jpg - (26.74KB , 278x720 , LONLEYDRAGONZORD.jpg )
Like what was said in the previous thread (right?) he has no new games coming out for the Wii U or in general.
Lets disregard how he's been drawn away from the Nintendo brand and got a uncensored version of the game for the 360 and THREE FUCKING versions on the PS3. A port of the same game three times...

If this stuff was fake then Nintendo wouldn't care about removing it.
>> No. 132289
Youtube embed play button
What if nintendo removed it so everybody think it is real even more.
so they catch up people with the guard down?
>> No. 132291
>What if nintendo removed it so everybody think it is real even more.
You're giving them too much credit.
These are the same people that leaked Pokken like half a year ago and thought we would give a shit when they did their "big" announcement for a Japanese arcade release.
>> No. 132293
not enough on wii u to not buy it but the fucking duck hunt dpg man... better than his excitebike racer as a playable character idea thank god that didnt go through
>> No. 132294
File 140961946029.png - (541.72KB , 670x786 , That's just wrong.png )
What do you mean "removed" ?

You can't really "remove" something from 4chan.
>> No. 132295
File 140962154786.png - (1.29MB , 1059x1920 , tumblr_nawclfsP101s476elo1_1280.png )
Shut your horse mouth and let me love my husbando ;-;
Suda had talk in the past about wanting him in super smash bros, so I'm gonna cling to that and hope.

And yeah, I probably said this in the last thread
The videos got removed
>> No. 132296
they shuted down how ever uploaded the video.

sure, now everybody have pictures and stuff.
but is like some one killed the one bringing the news, even everybody knows now.
>> No. 132301
File 140969354877.png - (290.50KB , 626x347 , arcanaheartsmax.png )

1. Yes you can get stuff removed from 4Chan; CP and paid for art to name just two instances.

2 The leak wasn't just images, it was video of the game being played.
You can't upload videos to 4Chan.
The videos were on YouTube.
You can only get stuff removed if it's content you own.
In this case, the content that belonged to Nintendo was a 100% finished press copy of Smash 4.
>> No. 132302
File 140970645209.png - (150.08KB , 500x500 , tumblr_inline_naojgrKoXt1sb1sbm.png )
Also, here's the proof
All removed by Nintendo.
>> No. 132306
File 140974619048.png - (17.61KB , 334x317 , 268722__UNOPT__safe_rule-63_reaction-image_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )

I still couldn't figure it out, but I think I had mistaken duck hunt dog for that completely random guy that no one has ever heard of with a high tech sword. Smung or Smush or something? Is he like the new series mascot?
>> No. 132307
File 140976249757.png - (930.86KB , 834x1576 , KOSMOS.png )
>that completely random guy that no one has ever heard of with a high tech sword. Smung or Smush or something? Is he like the new series mascot?
You mean Shulk?
Yeah, it looks like he can change attributes; more/higher jumps, move faster, do more damage, super armor(?) and no idea what the fifth one does.
As far as him being a mascot, he was the main character of a really popular game on the Wii that sold very well and they're porting it to the 'New 3DS'. Also of note is Monolith is a first party that helped work on Brawl, the newest animal Crossing, Pikmin 3 and the two newest Zelda titles (Link Between/Skyward).
While a <certain> character of Monoliths may be more recognizable, Shulk is way more relevant.
>> No. 132308
Xenoblade sold less than 900k worldwide, only about 400k in the US. That's pretty underwhelming for a Nintendo published game that came out in a year where maybe two other noteworthy Wii games were released.
>> No. 132309
Well I was just regurgitating what I read elsewhere, I usually fact check this stuff but every once in a while I don't because I just assume not everypony is a liar.
Although 900k is kind of good considering all the following:
>It released well after the die hards gave up on the console (and probably sold it)
>Came out in the west well after Japan and no believed it ever would
>I feel confident saying it probably got pirated by 50K+ people at the minimum

Lets not forget the partial reason for the franchise is advertising the new games, so factor in that it's going to be on the 'New 3DS' which releases on the same day(?) as Smash, both the system and Smash have the miibo connectivity.
It all ties in. They want you to buy as much of their crap regardless if you need it or not.
>> No. 132348

That'd be nice.
>> No. 132412
Right now trying to unlock characters, specifically Duck Hunt.
Anypony have any questions about the game?
>> No. 132414
File 141057639096.png - (480.88KB , 500x629 , 1364791550416.png )
Hows the balance?
>> No. 132415
>> No. 132416
File 141058330685.jpg - (210.76KB , 750x750 , Madotsuki 473.jpg )
Uploading color pallets of the characters they didn't already show?
>> No. 132417
I don't know if the Wii U version will still have exclusive characters (I haven't been keeping up with this game), but if it will, WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE.

I'm still pissed off about the Duck Hunt dog, though.
>> No. 132421
Too early to tell.
Not enough tourney ponys have it to feg it up and get data.
Although everything feels broken and balanced. Game is VERY fast compared to Brawl. Not Melee fast but people aren't taking forever to die.
Some of the changes are weird, like Metaknights Up+B can hit you twice now which I don't remember it being like in Brawl.

Bowser Jr. has Koopaling skins while Olimar can become Alph, Link has Shadow/Diety skins and Kirby has Shadow Kirby.
Smaller costume notices; Samus has two variants of her 'sexy' outfit, Little Mac can get his hoodie or become a wire frame, Pikachu got more hats in ref to more main from the handheld games like Golds hat aand ther hat/glasses from X/Y, Duck Hunt can become a dalmation, Ness got new shirt designs, villagers have different faces/hair like the game and Pacman has one costume where his gloves are plaid.
Miis have unlockables hats/outfits.
I think pretty much all the old skins came back plus a shitload of new colors.

AI in this game is both insanely retarded and insanely good. I've had times where they kill themselves within seconds of the match starting on lower levels and times where they space me perfectly on higher levels.
>> No. 132422
I guess I could take images or wait for somepony with a capture device to do it. Although I might have answered your question with my other post.
Of note: Black skinned Olimar is gone. Sakurai confirmed for racist.

Bajillionth time, they stated at announcement they would have the same rosters.
It sucks the leak was full roster but oh well.
DLC is possible though.

Duck Hunt is amazing, I won a free for all by mostly staying outside the battle and just kicking in oil barrels.
>> No. 132427
Y'now, I was pissed about Duck Hunt until I realized that this was probably the point, and Nintendo are the biggest parasprites in the face of the Universe.

And hey, maybe there will be more characters with DLC in the future. Nintendo did start embracing DLC in Mario Kart anyways.
>> No. 132428
I Dont mind the duck hunt dog.

even i think he would be better as a trophy assistant.

you throw it, and the bush appear, and the dog is sniffing and jump to the bush. and ducks start flying around, and each duck do a decent but not really big amount of damage, and duck fall and the dog show up with the duck.

if the power end and no duck hit a player, then the dogs comes out and laught at you.

but now that he is a character, i think that is going to be his final smash.
>> No. 132431
File 141063090378.png - (134.04KB , 966x700 , Sweetie's not amused.png )

Sakurai doesn't seem to keen on adding DLC, but who knows...
>> No. 132432
File 141063416804.jpg - (331.64KB , 800x900 , Madotsuki 48.jpg )
You have no need to think, his final smash has been out for a while now
Damn it, black olimar was the best.

I just want to see ones like Wario, or Mii fighters, stuff like that

Pretty much anypony not on here.
>> No. 132433
His final smash is just bring character from other ness game?
that isnt related to him, except that he does laser gun related games

that is kind of lame, wonder if alot of the smashes will be like "oh i grab you, a bunch of characters appear, shoot, is dead.

because that to me look exactly like megaman final smash.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 13th, 2014 14:19

>> No. 132439
DLC is totally possible. Game had a day one 1.1 patch on the eShop. Factor in Miibos so "money, money, money~ loooooads uh-money".
Plus, plenty of game directors said things that won't happen to their games and still happened.
RE4 guy: I'll cut off my head before RE4 goes to PS2.
Hayashi (POS that ruined Ninja Gaiden and DOA): Having paid for DLC characters in a fighting game is stupid.
GabeN: I'll release Half Life 3 soon.

Just to name a few.

Wario's classic is all the same. Biker has some new colors. I have nothing unlocked for Mii fighters, so you should wait for somepony else to show all their stuff.

That's most of the characters though. Both Falcon and Meta attack people in front and then cutscene, then they explode.
Plenty of them suck everypony near by.
Little Mac/Bowser/Charizard/Lucario just transform skins.
Sonic/Pikachu nearly identical.
Very few have unique FS.
>> No. 132440
File 141066522097.png - (1.68MB , 1590x1546 , Madotsuki 43.png )
They are related to him.
And there are like only 3 smashes that do that.

There are about 3 different smash types. Super form smash moves, single target smash attacks, and AoE attacks.
Guess I'll keep up with streams.
>> No. 132441
God damn it, you reminded me of Killing Floor.

>> No. 132442
Youtube embed play button
All pallete swaps on character select.

Looking for somepony that shows all the Mii stuff.

Been playing mostly team matches online. Ended up in one where me and my teammate were both Duck Hunt against two female Robins. With so many other characters what are the odds? It's blind pick and you can't bring in friends to non-custom matches.
>> No. 132567
If anypony wants to add me now that you guys can play.
>> No. 132568
I don't know how often I'll be on but:

D-don't laugh at me because my Palutena is bad ;-;
>> No. 132574
Add me too!

>> No. 132575
File 141270661761.jpg - (651.57KB , 1800x2400 , 41fae1258f337cb0008d0a0058b8999e.jpg )
Oh, we got those friends codes going?

If you guys want to play against me, I have a mean Mii fighter and a kick ass dedede going as my new mains.
1048 8911 6206

Also...that feel when 45 days till Wii U smash.
It comes out fucking next month.
>> No. 132577
I just tried him and I don't like the changes they did to him. His d.tilt and b.air are no longer his foot. His d.air takes too long to come out. Running A isn't safe at all anymore.
Something I discovered against D3 players during Japan launch is that a lot of moves reflect his Gordos.
I do like that it's easy to kill with him at lower percents and his u.B can actually spike.

Hoping US and Japan release are close, I'll probably be stupid and get a Japanese system if it releases two weeks before at a minimum.
>> No. 132580
File 141273319347.jpg - (1.09MB , 1062x1139 , 42386528_p0.jpg )
His A down is so good to use now, like it's great at combos or just a quick move.

All of his Air attacks a pretty bad expect his nair. Just do a half jump, hit down, and boom.
Running a is still great, but don't rely on it.

If anything, b over and a over is what you want to rely on. And smash down

>is that a lot of moves reflect his Gordos.
Lol, more like all of them. I never got that.

Last edited at Tue, Oct 7th, 2014 18:55

>> No. 132581
File 141274815411.jpg - (116.47KB , 640x960 , babeley.jpg )
Good matches, need to take a break.
Sorry if me SDing on purpose seemed like I was patronizing you, I'm just so much of a fucking Dudley when I play friends.
>> No. 132656
File 141436394379.gif - (3.06MB , 750x422 , dara-80.gif )
>> No. 132657
yeah, dude it was fun.
Sorry, I just noticed this post lel.
>> No. 132658
File 141438383152.jpg - (34.24KB , 590x368 , QUALITY.jpg )
It's k, board is basically done for anyway.

Holey moley, the miibos look like shit.
Left is what they were showing at conventions, right is what the actual product looks like.
Was already leaning towards not getting them but this breaks the camels back.
>> No. 132669
File 141442746802.jpg - (257.84KB , 1024x768 , 8547129322_8de4cd6116_b.jpg )
i hasnt seen one on real life.
but the one on the right doesnt look that bad.

sure the one on the left have alot better paint job, but the right one look like it have good paint aps, you dont see like it is oult the mold.

i cant see the mold is deformed or anything.
the worst thing i see in the right one is that the glove and the dress paint is a little wanky.

but i would blame that one is mass produced and the other is made for a show, and that the one on the right have a worst camera..

i think if they were shit, they could be alot worst.
>> No. 132673
File 141454802578.png - (191.97KB , 383x323 , How could this happen to me.png )
M...maybe its just the first wave that looks like shit...and the others will look better?
>> No. 132675
File 141455576448.jpg - (73.98KB , 609x610 , frogntoaddown.jpg )
I said the same thing about MLP merch...
>> No. 132676
File 141456802954.jpg - (441.50KB , 1848x1668 , 1414547703687.jpg )
they are really that bad?
because i mean, they are not ultra gorgeous, but they look fine to me.
>> No. 132677
Not completely awful but still below where it should be.

>Dat villager
>> No. 132679
File 141461345512.png - (539.43KB , 496x914 , 1414569447392.png )
It always happen when you see the prototype in an expo,
and then you see the mass production final version?

i mean, just look to this ajani made by funko.

it just a complete oposite.
while i dont see that drastic change from this nintendo things.
>> No. 132680
File 141461354474.png - (516.68KB , 984x742 , nLliLkQ.png )
or what happen to the poor spy on the release.

the prototype look good...
the final product was completly horrible....

it was the fault of the factory.
>> No. 132682
They're finally making a profit on their systems, they could have invested some of it into the figures.
Gundam models that cost a little bit more look way better.
>> No. 132683
maybe future amiibo if they are a success they will look better.

it happen with skylandres, the first skylanders look really meh, but the new ones got bigger and better.
>> No. 132684
Unless they drastically change in functionality, I probably won't care.
In games like Skylander and Disney Infinity the figures are needed to play as that character, in Smash it's so the AI gets better or random item crap in other non-Smash titles? I already don't like fighting the AI and I couldn't care less about negligible items.
>> No. 132685
I hope they dont change the functionality to an extreme which will limit the game.

i mean, getting an amiigo figure should be an option, not a rule.

Except if it is something like a Free to play game wich use the Amiibo figure to unlock stuff in it. that is more passable.
>> No. 132686
Game is already limited by being on 3DS.
People wondered if they would ever patch mechanics, while that's easily doable on a console, would they really do it on a handheld where somepony without internet couldn't play with their friend?
Most handheld patches with multiplayer fixed glitches or bugs, never any tweaks to the actual gameplay IIRC and so you never needed to worry about which version you had when you played local.

Only good thing about Ice Climbers being removed because of the 3DS is the addition of eight player mode in the console version.
>> No. 132842
File 141601600251.png - (608.04KB , 754x566 , zypg5Ay.png )
So back to the shitty MickyDee's toys, you're basically penalized by not getting them.
You miss out on items in Hyrule Warriors and some of these sick costumes in MK8.
>> No. 132843
maybe they just got in after the dlc patch.

so at the end this mii things would be behind a DLC pay wall..

i dont think something like this is the best thing for the amiibo...

but probably it isnt something like saying blocking day 1 content
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