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After a few days of planning, I have finally decided to host an osu! tournament! This thread will be for signups and everything else I will explain below. Also, I will be streaming the entire thing on twitch, so please give me your username and the bracket you wish to play in.


This tournament will be an elimination tournament. Basically, the player who comes in last in terms of score is eliminated. When winners are decided for all 4 modes, those 4 will play in a semifinals match. The map will be picked by people in the stream's chat, assuming anypony will even watch. If it comes to that, I will randomly select a map. The people who come in 3rd and 4th will be eliminated, and the final 2 will face off in a standard match to decide a winner. (If you have suggestions for better conditions, please tell me.)


There will be a bracket for each mode in osu! (CTB, Taiko, mania, and standard).
Up to 16 players can be in each bracket.

When we have enough people in the brackets, the songs played will be voted for amongst those who are playing and even those who aren't.
Each mode will have a certain amount of songs depending on how many people are signed up.
The participants will have 3 days to practice the maps (or longer, if requested enough), before the tournament begins.

Standard Players

Catch the Beat Players

Taiko! Players

osu!mania Players

Song List
Insert songs here
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>> No. 132334
When it's starting?
>> No. 132343
3 days after everything is decided.
>> No. 132349
Well, then I'd like to sing up. Username: Hd-zay, bracket: mania.
>> No. 132401
it's dead, isn't it?
>> No. 132446
No, I'm just a bit busy atm, and I can't edit OP
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