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132310 No. 132310
We wanna talk about this?
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>> No. 132311
Oh, you mean that one chick from kotaku who slept with somepony dude in the gaming industry?
I haven't really kept up on it.
What's going on?
>> No. 132313
i dont care.

imean, there is corruption everywhere, so why it is a surprise?

just dont trust the woman and move on.
>> No. 132314
What's there to talk about, she's a horrible person who's going to get away with doing shitty things because as long as you drape yourself in the name of Social Justice, you're virtually untouchable. Why do you think everybody who went against her was labeled as a misogynist?

I'm sick of this feminism bullshit by now... Anita and Zoey have set women's right about 20 years back by making every single woman in gaming look like shrill harpies who will manipulate and use anybody to get on top.
>> No. 132315
File 140980004886.jpg - (195.65KB , 960x640 , its just something I never expected.jpg )
No I want to talk about video games
What your favourite video game?
>> No. 132316
File 140980315153.png - (72.93KB , 288x244 , Boo Boo Keys.png )
When did Gaben grow a mullet?
>> No. 132318
File 140980440836.png - (168.86KB , 635x348 , gabensleeps.png )
Oh, come on.
Gaben is a much handsomer man than chris chan.
stop that.
>> No. 132319
File 140980646823.png - (571.09KB , 1120x1080 , Reimu 1402717043496.png )
Anybody not in the know, here are some of the videos about it:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

There's more and more information coming out each day too.
>> No. 132320
Gaming journalism has lost most of its remaining credibility. Which is fine because gaming journalism has largely been a complete joke for some time.
>> No. 132321
Watching those vids.
holy shit.
this guy thinks it's the end of the world.
Just don't go to kotaku,
don't buy zoe quin's games.
Steal Fez, (because it's actually decent),
problem solved.
Didn't all those stupid patricia hernandez articles clue people in that kotaku was garbage?
I thought we knew this.
>> No. 132322
I think you misunderestimate just how stupid the general public are and their willingness to blindly go along with absolutely anything they are told.

Go look at all the people leaving beaming reviews of ungodly terrible people on youtube, for a start.
>> No. 132323
No, I get that.
But it still hasn't "ruined" my hobby, like he says.
It's shitty,
but it's not that shitty.
There's not much that can be done outside of what's already happening.
People make vids all the time denouncing Anita Sarkeesian and extreme SJW crap.
The message is out there for anypony willing to look.
>> No. 132324
I don't want to be in the know.

>Steal Fez
Don't do that, it's not fair to the publisher.
>> No. 132333
File 140991959831.jpg - (4.31KB , 200x147 , That.jpg )
Majora's Mask.
Mad props to posting Ghost Trick!
>> No. 132338
Publishers aren't fair.
>> No. 132339
>People make vids all the time denouncing Anita Sarkeesian and extreme SJW crap.

And she still makes ludicrous sums of money. People still preach her ridiculous self-absorbed bullshit. People still hold her up as a good example
>> No. 132340
Without them we have no games. The money they get from Fez allow them to publish other indie devs games, some of those indies might be actually good people.
Do you want to be responsible for crushing a good persons hopes and dreams?
>> No. 132341
Honestly, I feel that we lack a good version of Anita. I think that if there were a visionary indie female developer who wanted to spread the message of equality and tolerance without being overly confrontational or preachy about it, who not only points out the issues in a rational, truthful way but takes steps towards fixing them, I think that would be very helpful to dethroning the kinds of Anita and Zoey.

...I wonder if we can get Lauren Faust into video games...

Not entirely true, thanks to the rise of the Digital Age, it has become a lot easier to publish your own game.

Still, we should still support good publishers, even if the name was tainted by the likes of EA and Activision.
>> No. 132344
People still hold a lot of shitty human beings as a good examples despite how heavily they've been criticized .
You have far left and far right talking heads that make millions off book sales every day.
Just keep on keeping on, dude.
>> No. 132345
File 140996634803.jpg - (149.47KB , 700x479 , photofunia-faust.jpg )
Lauren is too moderate to waste her time making videos about sexism in video games. Maybe she'd point it out in the animation industry, but I doubt it. Lauren is the type to actually CREATE change, rather than complain about how nobody else is doing it for them.
I think she knows that most of those "tropes" are a product of lazy writing, and not necessarily the product of a male need to subjugate women. She knows that tropes can be used to smash preconceptions by putting a spin on them.
God, I love her.

Last edited at Fri, Sep 5th, 2014 18:20

>> No. 132346
Main difference between Anita and Lauren:


There is a problem, Imma fix it.
>> No. 132350
>Steal Fez

yeah no

Fez just has the misfortune of being a near-GOAT-tier game that just happened to be made by an asshole (and even then, Phil is no Varg Vikernes). And not all of the money that's made from sales goes to him, so I'd actually be fine with paying full price for it.
>> No. 132351
...What does a General Occupational Aptitude Test have to do with game quality?
>> No. 132352
Greatest Of All-Time
>> No. 132353
Hopefully the money he does get he'll use on drugs and then OD.
>> No. 132354
File 141005884646.png - (139.47KB , 481x376 , Check out my Teeth.png )
Oh, didn't even know it was Chris. Lol
>> No. 132355
File 141015126806.jpg - (151.47KB , 650x545 , U_S_-nurses-walk-along-a-beach-in-Normandy-France-on-July-4-1944-after-they-had-waded-through-th.jpg )
Few things I noticed here. People are lumping together somepony that makes youtube videos they don't like with a person that most likely has histrionic personality disorder. Now I've never watched any of the tropes vs women videos, mainly because I hate the word "tropes" so much. Hearing it is like hearing a glass toothed demon chewing on a chalk board. But anyway, I don't see why she gets so much hate for complaining yet that's exactly the same thing Yahtzee does and he's objectively bad at his job. To say that gaming doesn't have a woman problem is insane and the hostility direct at them is nonsensical
>> No. 132356
Anita Sarkeesian is a lying asshole who conned hundreds of thousands of dollars out of people by pretending to be some kind of "feminist activist" and then supposedly used that money to make a series of youtube videos your average LPer would be ashamed of full of ridiculously incorrect, poorly-researched, cherry-picked "factoids" to "support" her opinion. She isn't a feminist, she's a con artist who uses feminism as a smokescreen.

This is a woman who claimed she needed several hundred thousand dollars to make a series of videos that absolutely anypony with a home video camera could make for free, then when she got the money she took her sweet ass time making two fucking videos out of the dozen or so she promised because she was too busy
>> No. 132357
Here's the thing, Yahtzee's a comedian. he does what he does for a laugh. He's not trying to expose some grand truth or something.

And yeah, Video Games do have problems with female representation, I know that, anybody who gives a crap knows that, people who don't give a crap know that (they just don't see it as a problem), EVERYBODY knows that. We don't need a hack who cons people out of 30k pointing that out.

Anita poses herself as some sort of revolutionary, or somebody who spearheads a bold new movement in gaming, when she A: Doesn't know shit about gaming, and B: Isn't actually helping anybody, just complaining.

She isn't a poor little victim of an oppressive system ran by the evil Patriarchy, she's a bitch who is only out for herself, and is using hot-button issues to garner support and to easily deflect critics. After all, anybody who calls her out on her bullshit is obviously a misogynist, right?

And before you say "DOES THAT JUSTIFY DEATH THREATS?", no. Albeith I'll bet you anything that 98% of all "Death Threats" are just people saying shit. Yeah, people talking shit on the Internet, impossible, I know.

I fucking hate this double standard bullshit. I'll bet you anything, if Anita was a guy, she'd be cast down as a con artist and a liar within a week. Oh, but since it's a woman fighting for "feminism", she's suddenly a champion of justice.

Give me a break. I just imagine all the struggling female indie game devs out there trying to get their projects off the ground while this bitch rakes in fame and fortune.

I'm fucking sick of assholes defending the wrong fucking people.

Anita is basically Captain Hindsight in South Park. If Captain Hindsight was also Al Capone.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 7th, 2014 22:48

>> No. 132358
Sarkeesian has constructed an intricate fiction around herself to the point where she can get on national fucking TV and spout shit just as blindingly stupid as the Fox News "Mass Effect Rape Simulator" story but people will actually completely believe her, and nobody can say a thing against her because anypony who's against Anita Sarkeesian is automatically labeled anti-feminist and is probably Hitler too.
>> No. 132359
>Sarkeesian has constructed an intricate fiction around herself to the point where she can get on national fucking TV
>> No. 132360
Not my fault they threw in with a shitty human being.
>> No. 132361
>Fox News "Mass Effect Rape Simulator"
They never said anything about rape.
The logic was that kids like to play video games, so sex being in one could potentially expose a child to sexual acts.

Which I look at two ways, either a kid that was mature enough to get to that point by navigating all the dialogue trees and really taking in the writing of the game won't be that much phased by it or if it's some retard who got there via guides just so he could giggle like a moron is too stupid to be effected by it.
>> No. 132362
Youtube embed play button
See video.
See also:

Fox News fabricated "facts" about Mass Effect to turn it into a sensationalist expose about how awful video games are. When people called them out on it, they dumped the blame entirely on one of their anchors and pretended to be sorry. Despite doing exactly the same thing again and again and again.
>> No. 132363
I find it funny that now gay marriage is standard in RPGS and no one says a thing.
>> No. 132389
What moon do you live on? Some people still insist that all video games are literally Satan himself.
>> No. 132395
I don't know if six minutes of a hour time block show really can be described as this. Really more gamers got butt frustrated over this than any one else did. Video games being discussed outside of video game realms really has no impact on "normal" people.
>> No. 132396
It's almost like people who don't care about video games don't care about video games.
>> No. 132398
The purpose of this news story was to stir up controversy and make people support further efforts to punish the video game industry. It's sociopolitical propaganda. Which is 90% of all of Fox News' "news".
>> No. 132399
This. So much this.

Which it didn't and again to this day the only people it effected are the gamers that got butt hurt.
But I love when people ignore when shit like this pops up on liberal media, it's only when specifically Fox does it.
Pretty nice to cherry pick the female character to have the X-Ray and fatality done on her to try and stir up feminists.
Again though for a third time now, no one gave a shit.
>> No. 132448
File 141076203763.jpg - (14.60KB , 126x123 , Internet In A Nutshell.jpg )
This whole GamersGate thing seems to resound heavily with this >pic for me.

It's not so much that anything has changed with gaming journalism, or even if it's necessarily any worse than the lousy-arse entertainment-driven journalism everywhere else in modern media... rather, it's that a lot of people on the Internet inject drama into their lives with all the fervor of a heroin addict injecting it into their veins.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 14th, 2014 23:24

>> No. 132449
The internet community is an endless cycle of "hey guys look I found a controversy!" "THIS IS THE BIGGEST THING SINCE EVER WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS" "eh bored of that"
>> No. 132452
Honestly, I don't even bother doing anything about it, because of course the corrupt will get away with it, they already convinced everybody that they're in the right, that they're innocent victims while all gamers are immature and nasty. It's pointless to fight back against them.
>> No. 132455
The only reason the system works the way it does is because enough people let it.
>> No. 132687
File 141482088192.png - (1.02MB , 1024x1094 , 1414588398334.png )
It's been close to three months now, hasn't it?

Three months and it hasn't ended. Nothing has even come close to stopping it, and I get the feeling that it's going to keep going until at least Black Friday.

Hopefully more good comes out of it.
>> No. 132688
The Depression Quest review was never written in the first place. Parasprites just see this as an opportuninty to campaign for the neckbeard nerd culture and attack women and men supporting equal rights among both genders.
>> No. 132689
File 141482644238.png - (43.13KB , 240x279 , Yuuka 1401857748284.png )
I don't think it's going to end until the offending sites end up losing all their advertisers and potentially close down... good riddance.
>> No. 132690
This is kind of like how woman bitch about no female characters but don't complain about not enough female to kill right?
Actually that's the complete opposite of your point.
>> No. 132691
Or maybe it's gamers finally getting sick of the gaming media bullshit and revolting, but constantly getting swatted down because a woman was the spark that lit the fuse, and thus, people use that as an excuse to demonize all gamers as sexist pigs.

Or maybe it has lost all meaning already, and it's a battle between tiny-dicked angry sexless nerds versus selfish vindictive feminists that dragged in gamers who are sick of being treated like shit for the audacity of giving this stupid fucking industry custom and egalitarians who just want to defend people getting unjustly harassed.

The thing is, both sides can only see themselves as valorous knights and the other side as filthy curs. This is why this whole debacle was reduced to a fucking joke.
>> No. 132692
>opinions fighting opinions
Sounds just about right.
Though the anti-feminist side would go as far as cybercrime and other questionable activity (le doxbin, etc), making them look like the losing side.
>> No. 132693
As if the feminist side hasn't done that either...

It's not opinions versus opinions, it's dickheads versus dickheads.

Honestly, I just want it to be over so that the publishers can go back to treating us like cattle, the media treating us like scum, and everybody else hating eachother as usual.
>> No. 132697
You guys see the retarded Colbert interview?
>> No. 132698

Didn't see it, but I read a transcript for it. Anita ended up looking stupid, even with Colbert practically feeding her lines.
>> No. 132701
Anita doesn't come up with most of her stuff anyway, that would be her boss and boyfriend, John McIntosh.
>> No. 132707
>that would be her boss and boyfriend, John McIntosh.
Oh god that's fucking hilarious. The strong-willed feminist lets her man call the shots. It's like those republicans who vote against gay marriage being found helping themselves to some cheeky dick at a gay night club.

Last edited at Sun, Nov 2nd, 2014 09:52

>> No. 132708
Or democrats trying to make mandatory Obamacare but won't take it themselves.
>> No. 132717
I dunno about that, I don't follow the dick-measuring contest that is American politics very closely.
>> No. 132723
Probably shouldn't bring up politics then.
I mean making jokes about how dumb George Bush is can be fine if you're in sixth grade but I don't think you're in sixth grade.
>> No. 132727
Attacking George Bush Jr's intelligence is like making fun of Hollywood. It's easy and it's never incorrect.
>> No. 132730
You don't need to be to realize that George Bush was a fucking idiot who had no business being President.

And trust me, I know something about shitty Presidents...
>> No. 132732
File 141515388382.png - (192.94KB , 1024x760 , vector__rarity_9_by_estories-d7awc6v.png )
Hello ponies I come form /oat/, 5 guys has just recently become my favorite place to eat and I enjoy talking about GG, also what's it like over here?
>> No. 132733
File 141516453063.jpg - (186.66KB , 500x520 , suigintou 12705855.jpg )
They don't really care much about the topic from what I've seen.
>> No. 132734
File 141516541387.jpg - (64.52KB , 800x763 , rar5.jpg )
doesnt surprise me. don't you need kind of high traffic for something big like gamergate to make people care zing love you /g/
>> No. 132735
Like racist jokes or people that use drugs.

What's the IQ measurement for a "fucking" idiot?

>Implying half of us even give a shit
>Implying pony sites are where people go to get info
>> No. 132739
File 141517363220.png - (2.01MB , 1680x1050 , 141297425878.png )
I already know you don't give a shit and I can come here to talk about whatever I want to. who in their right mind would come here for info lol
>> No. 132740
Where did I say you couldn't post?
>> No. 132741
...You voted for him, didn't you?
>> No. 132742
I don't know the age to vote in other countries but I was in middleschool/highschool when he was in office so I didn't vote for anypony either of the times he ran.
Voting means nothing for civilians anyway if you know just a single day of a teens history class about the electoral college.
>> No. 132744
People think the opinion poll actually matters?

Golly, America, I'm not sure how to break this to you...
>> No. 132745
It does if you're forced into. It does even more if a single political party remains in power for 16 years because they're good at using that to their advantage.
>> No. 132787
The opinion poll doesn't actually matter.

The public doesn't choose the president. The electoral college does.
>> No. 132788
In Brazil, the public does choose the president... and the President can keep his political party in power forever by exploiting broken systems that have no place in a democracy, as well as abusing of the lower classes and their lack of education by using populist tactics to sway them to vote for them, and then just keep them poor and stupid so that they can exploit them forever.

Oh, but the current president is a woman, so I'm sure the SJWs of the world are happy about that.
>> No. 132801
Are we talking about Brazil? I thought we were talking about the USA. My apologies. I have no fucking idea how Brazilian politics works.
>> No. 132806
Long story short: It's shit.
>> No. 132812
File 141553258955.jpg - (26.53KB , 538x564 , Snide really filly.jpg )
I'd always heard how terrible Sarkeesian was, so a few months ago I decided to watch her show. "Videogames have damsels a lot," okay I knew that, "also this trope is sexist," well duh. I kept waiting for the part where she said something outrageous and awful, something that justified all the anger directed at her. But it never happened. I came away from it feeling like I'd just spent an hour listening to somebody lecture me on the sky being blue. How can so many people be so butthurt over this?

Honestly I doubt most of the people who hate on her so much have even watched her show or listened to anything she's said. It is just some big meme at this point. "Anita is a misandrist cunt!" And it gets echoed over and over.
>> No. 132813

I'd recently come across a series of articles criticizing her videos.

They do a pretty good job of breaking down why her arguments are weak, I think.
>> No. 132815
The articles don't really clarify anything for him.
Basically he said, "she's dumb so why do we care what she's saying?"
Because the people that are giving her attention are equally dumb, that's my takeaway.
>> No. 132816
File 141554734890.jpg - (41.61KB , 201x368 , Liar not at all.jpg )
I only read the first article. It is leagues better than most of the youtube comment-quality stuff I see on a daily basis, but it's still wrong.

The author says that Sarkeesian represents feminism as a monolith, but then never explains how. He just says that she's a sex-negative feminist and that she's very notable. While I agree that her singular notability within the gaming community could cause many uncritical gamers to view her as a spokesperson for all of feminism, that isn't a fair reason to criticize Sarkeesian. It is not her fault that she is the most notable and influential feminist voice in gaming, and she is not obligated to represent the entirety of feminism simply because of that notability. The solution, in my opinion, would be to have a larger variety of feminist voices in gaming media... and there already is, they're just not as well-known as Sarkeesian.

Then the author argues that Sarkeesian is a censor. While he points out some similarities between her series and the Hays code, none of those similarities is an advocacy for censorship. Without ever demonstrating that she actually advocates censorship, I'm not sure what the comparison is supposed to achieve.

The author actually brought up some interesting stuff, but sadly it was only brought up in the service of two bullshit points.
>> No. 132817
The reason Sarkeesian is terrible:

Her "well-researched" video series made for over $100,000 donated by her fans, large sums of which were donated by suspicious accounts or by accounts owned by her personal friends, are incredibly short and incredibly basic videos by youtube standards that absolutely anypony with a home greenscreen setup and a decent video camera could have made in a couple days at most, and are full of hilariously inaccurate, completely nebulous, or just plain meaningless "facts" that in no way support her claims.

Also she stole most if not all of her video game footage from youtube LPers and never actually credited the sources.

Also she's not a video gamer and doesn't even like video games. In her own words. Repeatedly. At many, many of her seminars and appearances before she decide to suddenly be a video games expert.

Moreover, Sarkeesian in no way actually attempts to debate any of her points. She states her own personal opinions as absolute fact, does nothing to actually argue those opinions, gives no open forum for anypony to disprove or counter those opinions, and has had a long ongoing campaign of censoring any evidence against her. Her vast claim of the entire video game industry being an evil "boys only club" is supported by a minute handful of cherry-picked examples taken grossly out of context, most of which are represented in a wholly misleading fashion or just plain incorrect altogether.

She's a con artist and she's getting away with it, and in the process she's become a huge figurehead for "feminism" in the eyes of the mass media, doing arguably more harm to the cause she claims to support than if she'd never existed at all.

Edit: oh hey I found it.

Last edited at Sun, Nov 9th, 2014 20:57

>> No. 132829
>> No. 132913
File 141685034115.jpg - (8.87KB , 300x144 , norman_jayden_by_scorpion6198-d4tyjs8.jpg )
I for one could not be more delighted that #Gamergate is an actual thing that is happening. This cronyism and nepotism has been plaguing games media and just media in general for ages now and it's about damn time that people started speaking out against this kind of tosh.
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