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No. 132328
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  Where is the Nintendo MOBA?
the Wii u pad would work well with it.
so we get the moba number 666 to be nintendo one.

it could be name "Mega Oblivion Brothers Arena"
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>> No. 132330
What is up with this deluge of sub-part MOBAs?

This industry has no fucking balls...
>> No. 132331
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You must moba everything, and exploit the new genre like crazy.
>> No. 132364
Companies want to take the safe bet when they make investments, and MOBA is popular right now. So they're going to give us MOBA until we are sick of it and stop playing it.
>> No. 132365
Why would you play more than one? MOBAs are already serious time sinks.
>> No. 132366
>Action-RTS has been around since like early to mid '90s

Just like the plastic instrument fad.
>> No. 132367
well, some people consider it different genre.

what Action-RTS you know?
>> No. 132368
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It depend of the moba.

I play smite, but i like to play arena and assault because it takes from 15 to at max 40 minutes to finish a match.

In injustice a match can last like half an hour, it depend if your team is horrible, if it is, you loose in less than 10 minutes.

and the crytek and the adventure time mobas have a time limit. which are like 20 minutes

While dota, lol and smite on conquest the games last like an hour. at least.
>> No. 132369
Well, it has been popularized recently, though. Like how FPSs were a niche back in the 90's, yet nowdays they're dime-a-dozen, and 90% of them fucking suck.
>> No. 132376
>what Action-RTS you know?
The original Dota. |:
>> No. 132378
yes, which was a mod, and for what i know is the only one which played like that.
>> No. 132379
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What about having Blazblu and guilty gear characters in your moba?
I dont know the details, but apparently you can use this characters in Chaos heroes online.

so when you will get your capcom moba made of capcom franchises characters... except megaman of course.
>> No. 132380
File 141028645399.jpg - (293.93KB , 800x1128 , overture.jpg )
Yeah, the mod that started the genre.

I already have a creep spawning, tower destroying Guilty Gear game.
>> No. 132381
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o yea, i forgot about that one exist.

is close enought to count.
>> No. 132382
File 141030074180.png - (415.81KB , 600x600 , Doge.png )
Now, the only thing left is a MEME moba.
>> No. 132383
>MOBA games
>early to mid 90's

What drugs are you on?
Unless you meant early to mid 2000's, in which case i just provided you a convenient scapegoat out of your comment.
>> No. 132384
Scapegoat for what? No one gives a shit.
StarCraft came out '95 or whatever which was the origin of custom map which would influence Dota in Warcraft 3.
>> No. 132390
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  It take me like 5 or 10 minutes to get in a Dawngate match....
with the Adventure time game it take just like seconds to a minute
>> No. 132391
SC was released in march of 98' and through the use of its SCeditor, AoS maps were born some time after

It pretty much started in motion the MOBA genre but we didn't see MOBA start taking root until WC3 in '02 hit shelves.

Its true that you can say that MOBA has been around in some form since the 90's, but the last 18 months (extremely biased estimate - suggesting AoS finished and went public when SC did) of a decade is not a good barometer of that decade. Not when there really was not much more than AoS to extend MOBA's reach into the past.

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>> No. 132394
dota was 03ish?
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