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So I've been on a sort of Castlevania binge this past week, playing through ALLL the Castlevania games.

I took a break tonight to browse Youtube.

I suddenly stumbled across the music video for Thriller and decided to watch it.

the images that poped into my head were a mixture of wierd and epic...

I suddenly pictured the classic Micheal Jackson as a Belmont/Alucard, tackling Dracula's castle in the dead of night. He breaks into the song Thriller and begins his dance, all the monsters stop attacking and follow his lead.

In the end he battles Dracula in this epic dance off.

Not sure if its something in the pizza I just ate, but I felt it worth sharing here in teh pony nets for some silly reason.

tell me, /g/ have I gone silly in the head or do you agree that this does indeed sound epic?
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There's no second chance against the one that steals men's souls girl
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File 141046426231.png - (151.23KB , 852x937 , mlfw7723-1345307318817507.png )

Dude, I was playing through all the Castlevania games too! I stopped on the GBA ones though. It got a bit repetitive. Fun while I was still at it, though. I might pick it back up in the future. I actually played "Kid Dracula" on the Gameboy, too-- man. That was the best GB platformer I've ever played for sure.
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If the itch hasn't been scratched yet, try this:
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