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132472 No. 132472
Is it worth it?
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>> No. 132473
How much are you being paid to use XBL?
>> No. 132474
Characters are so two dimensional that I thought Paper Mario was going to cameo.
They use the shitty water temple trope.
It's short. (could be looked at as a plus if you just want to 1000 it, but you'll need to suffer threw the game twice)
Combat gets a little repetitive.

Although five dollars isn't that bad I guess. I paid like $20 or more years ago.
>> No. 132475

Uh. Well. I liked it. I paid around $20 for it a couple of years ago.
>> No. 132477
because the only thing associated with Xbox Live is the Xbone and definitely not consoles that were actually good like the original Xbox and the 360 am I right?

And you don't need to pay for Gold to access the marketplace.
>> No. 132480
Well it is a Gold deal
>> No. 132481
Tales of vesperia was also on sale and I've actually played that one. But I remember nothing about it so that's probably not a good sign.
>> No. 132483
File 141123814762.gif - (1.81MB , 320x240 , 3v97ya9it8eepv5er19jy61m6_320x240x71.gif )

Vesperia was in like top four 3D Tales games. wtf is wrong with you?
>> No. 132486
File 141131120097.png - (310.89KB , 600x800 , 36 24 36.png )
If you don't have Vesperia, you really need to get.
Its the only reason I don't regret buying an Xbox.
>> No. 132492
File 141134608827.png - (0.99MB , 1038x700 , 57182__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_spike_sword_tan.png )
All right all right. I downloaded ToV. The last JRPG I played was FF13-2 And that drove me crazy.
>> No. 132494
It's very similar to 13 in that it's the exact opposite.
>> No. 132501
what's the opposite of a hallway?
>> No. 132503
Tales of Vesperia is amazing but only if you have a dedicated buddy (I think). The combat is extremely fun, story = okay, but I love the character interaction after battles. Depending on who you use and how much they've interacted they'll say different things. Kinda awesome.
>> No. 132505
So I run into this boss battle out of no where that I have no idea how to deal with. I get killed. have to start over and get the same unskipable cut scene again and again.
>> No. 132508
I've had it happen a couple times, it's one of those terrible things that makes JRPG's a pain in the ass. Like I said, it's a hell of a lot easier to get through the game with a dedicated bro. The cut scenes never really bothered us because we used it as a planning phase.

I seem to remember there being a battle with plants all around stunning us, that was a tough one.
>> No. 132510
File 141151515468.jpg - (324.69KB , 613x875 , mylittleseour.jpg )
Heh. The main character's name is Yuri
>> No. 132524
There is much subtext.

Much much much subtext.

Oh god the homo subtext. All of it.
>> No. 132526
File 141176942411.png - (226.23KB , 604x738 , Fidget_looking_scared_while_flying.png )
Damn Karol is more annoying that Fidget.
>> No. 132536
File 141191614262.jpg - (153.79KB , 800x1000 , karol_capel_the_beauty_by_mellecurtiss-d3a3bg9.jpg )
God damn it Japan.
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