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132511 No. 132511
So I started playing LoL the other day, and wow I suck.

Any tips for a ranged fighter?
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>> No. 132512
What are you talking about here, a Ranged top laner or an ADC like Caitlyn or Draven?

If it's the latter, All I gotta say is concentrate on last-hitting creeps. Pay close attention to their health, to the damage that you can cause in one AA, and to whatever minions are hitting the enemy minions. It takes a while to get the timing down, and you'll fuck up a lot, but keep practicing.

And stay behind your Support. As a paper-thin damage dealer, your early game is an absolute disaster, focus entirely on amassing gold and let your partner keep tabs on the enemy and set up attacks, and pay close attention to him so that you don't miss his call.

You should always start with a Doran Blade. If on your first return to base you still don't have enough gold to buy a BFSword or a Pickaxe, pick up a second Doran. Doran blades are very useful early game due to the bonus health, attack damage, and lifesteal that they provide.

And always stay as far away from the enemy as possible. As a squishy damage dealer, you'll have a target painted on the back of your head, and everybody on the enemy team is going to be out for your blood, so make sure to stay as far away from the enemy team while plinking away at anybody that tries to get to you.

For the record, which champions do your prefer?
>> No. 132513
File 141153459559.png - (29.36KB , 182x127 , DrDoktorGendo.png )
here is a tip for LoL

don't play it cause it sucks like all other MOBAs play a proper MMO
>> No. 132514
I think you mean play a real RPG
>> No. 132515
File 141154054033.png - (99.84KB , 550x550 , 134914936038.png )
Be good.

Shoot the stuff.

Take the heals.

...yer question is a little too vague. Which champion were you wanting to play?
>> No. 132516
I have a better idea, If you're going to play an MMO, shoot yourself, MMO's suck.
>> No. 132517
File 141157060354.jpg - (323.28KB , 976x1159 , 2c500d45d97a151b776418dff3b17fa1.jpg )
Stop playing range
Go top tank
>> No. 132518
play ad teemo
>> No. 132519
File 141159513577.jpg - (288.19KB , 1215x717 , Varus_0.jpg )
I like playing as Varus or Ashe. I use other marksmen and a few mages, like Ryze, but I prefer archers.
>> No. 132520
File 141160112772.jpg - (227.50KB , 1280x720 , 560249-sword_art_online___op1_5___large_06.jpg )
But I don't even like "real" RPG's that much. Too much time and commitment. I play this because every game feels like its own mini MMORPG adventure.

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>> No. 132521
Well, then my tips apply to you, then, even if they're not the shiniest examples of ADCs currently, they still have their perks. (A well-landed Ashe Ult can win games).
>> No. 132527
>Too much time and commitment.
>Probably plays like two straights hours at a time every day or every other day
>> No. 132528
File 141179014554.png - (162.57KB , 393x404 , Round Two.png )
> Any tips for a ranged fighter?

Yah. Don't play the game.
>> No. 132532
Basics of LoL mages:
Hit others with your abilities.
Don't get hit.
At all.
If you get hit kill what's hitting you or flee the scene.

Be aware of your location and its strategical significance. (goes for literally all classes, roles, etc.... if you're good in the little things but engage in chanceless fights then you're worthless all the same)

Basics of adcarrying:
Avoid assassins and mages that can 1shot ya, aswell as cc that makes you a tasty target.
Shoot the most dangerous vulnerable preoccupied target.
Get them lasthits.
(the final hit that kills the minion/champion/turret gives the gold/additional gold)

Be aware of your location and its strategical significance. (goes for literally all classes, roles, etc.... if you're good in the little things but engage in chanceless fights then you're worthless all the same, this includes staying behind the more formidable defenses of the other peeps in your team, even assassins should be more on the front than you... but don't lag behind too much either!)
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