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File 141460240687.jpg - (3.83MB , 2304x1296 , Sunset_Overdrive_Secondary_Art_Horiz_Final_forWeb.jpg )
132678 No. 132678
I don't know if anypony here has played it or seen videos for the game, I've been enjoying it.
My problem with the game though is the female main character voice sounds like Rainbow Dash. It's actually the woman that did Artemis from Young Justice. I don't know why this bothers me but it does.
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>> No. 132753
File 141528760824.png - (566.01KB , 610x351 , Bn2k26Q.png )
It looks like a pretty fun game, to bad it's gonna get shit on by things like this

And all the other wacky 4th wall breaking.
>> No. 132754
I dunno, I've enjoyed the writing.
I guess it's a hit and a miss for some people.
Less uptight people should enjoy it.
>> No. 132755
i dont get it...
i dont check reddit, so i dont know anything about it.
>> No. 132759
File 141529045413.png - (810.33KB , 1300x1700 , Madotsuki 334.png )
Looks like we got a new pony to the internet.
It can be witty sometimes, but other times it's a bit to force.
Like my pic says. "Heh, aren't fetch quests dumb? I mean, why would you gather 50 items of this one thing? That's so dumb"
>Makes you gather 50 items.
Ok, it was cute the first time something like that happen, the 4th walk breaking, but you can't make a game around that.
>> No. 132765
It's basically a awkward forum.
Not much different from this site.

Well it's not really made around it. It's a open world game that doesn't take itself too seriously. They do a lot of 4th wall breaking and ref to other things, this is mostly just one liners though or the occasional two second visual like the Portal respawn animation.
>> No. 132767
i have seen reddit, but i dont get the point.

it look like the comment section of youtube, but with out an actual video to watch or anything.

i just never got interest on using it.
>> No. 132770
You basically got the gist of it.

I guess it's suppose to be more like Japans 2ch, sans the direct image posting. A place for people of varying interests to come together.
It's not something you ever really need to get involved with but don't be surprised if you get it as your first result sometimes on Google when searching for shit.
>> No. 132784
File 141533272753.jpg - (350.26KB , 1200x1200 , Madotsuki 58.jpg )
I understand that it's more of a joke game, hence the trailer at e3 where it should some super tuff army guy, and then your hero coming in and being badass and one uping that normal merc in video games.

But there is a point where shouting out Video game tropes goes stale fast.
>How long do you think it will take to charge it up?
>About 4 waves of bad guys
Yes, I got a chuckle out of that, and other things. Like how you come back to life through coffins...but they overplay it way to much.

Like saints row. They make the same kind of jokes in their game, but it's not non-stop. Like sunset overdrive is deadpool level of Hey, you are in a video game, we are gonna tell you every second.

It's a really awesome game, but the choices for the jokes and lines, gets kinda stale fast.

It's like madworld for me. I muted the announcers right away and just played the game like that. Nothing but the music, and jack fucking shit up. It made the game so much better.
>> No. 132785
John DiMaggio and Greg Proops are amazing, how dare you sir.
I say this without having actually heard them or any of the audio in the game as the one time I played Madworld it was on a projector with broken speakers.
But still, how dare you.
>> No. 132786
File 141533772606.jpg - (225.02KB , 500x500 , Madotsuki 390.jpg )
I never said they were bad, just not right in that kind of game.

But mostly cause every single fucking time you did something they would say the same thing over and over.

I could only take them saying "That's a clever solution to a thorny problem" only so many times before I had to mute them

But their voices were amazing.
>> No. 132789
Repetitive announcers are a different problem, a tragic limitation of the video game medium.

The 4th wall stuff in this is a one time thing. That Reddit mention or when you unlock the air dash and they mention GameFAQs, those only happen one time each.
>> No. 132791
File 141538854040.png - (729.19KB , 1000x1562 , bLiO0.png )
Aint that the truth. I loved their ones liners, but I could only stand it so many times when I shoved a beam into someponys head and they said the same thing over and over.

But a one time thing? No...they do it with in the first few minutes.
Like first it's with making sure the OD don't get in, then after you get your upgrades you hear that voice. "Press A" *Screams the voices "A? What do you mean A? This isn't a game." Says your hero.
It was ok, at first, Like I enjoy it when games do that, but it slowly made me do this
>> No. 132792
Yeah, but that specific sequence only happens that time.
>> No. 132793
File 141539558111.jpg - (453.83KB , 900x636 , Madotsuki 889.jpg )
Well I'm not saying the same running joke happens over and over, more of they keep throwing in these 4th wall breaking jokes in about every talking scene.

Yeah, it's a great and funny way to introduce things, but this game is really pushing the whole "Ha, look at us, we are wacky and not like normal shooters, we know this is a video game and we are gonna make fun at that"
Great game and all. A bit to heavy on the tropes and 4th wall breaking.

I would buy it still, if it wasn't only on xbox
>> No. 132799
>I would buy it still, if it wasn't only on xbox
Blame Sony for that one. With how they tanked the Resistance franchise and wouldn't let Insomniac keep ownership of SO if they published it.
>> No. 132804
File 141546870183.png - (374.19KB , 800x800 , Madotsuki 19.png )
Eh, I wound't buy it on PS4 either. Hoping it comes to PC.

Cause Nintendo is kinda getting all my money now.
>Wii u
>Smash bundle
>New games
>> No. 132805
It's more likely to come out on PC that it's a Xbox exclsuive.
Dead Rising 3
Project Spark
The SO PC "mistake" probably wasn't one at all.
I don't recall the last Sony dev'd/published game that was released on PC too aside from like Everquest and DC Universe.

Games are finally coming out but it's a day late and a dollar short.
I bought Bayonetta 2 but have so much other stuff to play.
Shadow of Mordor
The Evil Within
>> No. 132808
File 141551307629.jpg - (126.13KB , 1151x708 , Farewell.jpg )
>It's more likely to come out on PC that it's a Xbox exclsuive.
That's what I've been feeling. I'll just wait.

And saving my money for wii u buy
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