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We should all get together and play this.

It's that game you probably played as a kid. Werewolf, or Mafia, or Murderer. The basic premise being that everypony has a role, some good, some evil, and the group must together decide who to publicly "lynch" for suspicion of being the murderer, as they're all being picked off one by one in the night. It tests your ability to see through lies, and lie convincingly yourself.

Blank Media has gamified it to be played online, with animated representations of the entire affair. And yes, you can dress up your guy. You can also custom-create extremely specific matches, like games where over half the group is Mafia, it's just Witches-vs-Vigilantes, et cetera. And you can create a party to play with people on your friends list.
It is currently browser-based but is coming to Steam and mobile devices.

My username is mik0ri.
I've also set up
just in case anypony does want to be able to coordinate a game.
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