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File 141527019567.jpg - (42.43KB , 600x600 , 130285259083.jpg )
132748 No. 132748
Majora's Mask 3d

HUZZAH! Huzzah for probably the creepiest non-horror game ever made.
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>> No. 132749
It's sad that fans have to bend over backwards to get Nintendo to do stuff.
>> No. 132750
For some reason i think alot of the moddels look ugly.

like the guards and the workers.
they look like squares and just lie the N64 models with little more poligons.

link is one of the best lookings models in the game.
>> No. 132752
File 141528650685.png - (318.97KB , 1024x1365 , 1396061142112.png )
Now I don't have to buy it on the wii u.
They already have it on the 64 and the wii u 64 port.

Remastering games isn't the highest priority really. Though, it is kinda dumb that WW got it first, and I love WW to death.
>> No. 132756
They have no Wii U port.
>> No. 132757
File 141529032823.png - (333.17KB , 4402x4000 , 1396060975999.png )
Does wii u not have virtual console?
>> No. 132758
File 141529033859.png - (333.17KB , 4402x4000 , 1396060975999.png )
Does wii u not have virtual console?
>> No. 132760
File 141529077033.png - (47.65KB , 559x493 , A feeling of flight.png )

They have a Wii port, and the WiiU technically has access to the entire Wii virtual library, but you do have to load up the Wii menu and use the Wii controllers. A proper WiiU port would use the gamepad and have dual screen support.
>> No. 132761
File 141529088481.jpg - (175.52KB , 750x600 , Madotsuki 80.jpg )
So yeah, we still have the game on newer consoles. It's just the old version.
>> No. 132763
It's not a port, they just injected the rom into whatever the format is for VC titles.
>> No. 132764
File 141529170838.jpg - (1.03MB , 1620x2512 , Madotsuki 263.jpg )
Porting is putting a game from one console, on another.
Like how you can port Doom to just about anything

You are thinking of a reboot.
>> No. 132766
No, a port requires some re-coding of some kind to get it to work on a different platform, they're simply doing emulation.
When you play a GameBoy emulator on a PSP, it's not a 'Pokemon Red PSP port', it's just emulation.
>> No. 132768
I just hope that they fix the shitty save system from that game.

Seriously, it's the worst. You can't stop playing anytime you want and pick it up later, you have to do everything you want to do on that cycle or start over.
>> No. 132769
3DS has hibernate mode. I've maybe turned my 3DS's off a total of ten times since I've bought them.
>> No. 132838
File 141599084864.png - (691.09KB , 1155x1155 , Activated_Owl_Statue_(Majora's_Mask).png )

Yes you can. That's the secondary function of the owl statues.
>> No. 132839
I dunno, I remember still starting on the clock tower with no items after using one of these. Maybe I used it wrong, maybe it glitched, but I just don't see the point of these when Ocarina of Time already had a perfectly fine save system in place.
>> No. 132840

You're probably just remembering it wrong. I see a bunch of people complaining about MM's save system without realizing they can use the statues for quick saves, so maybe the game should have been more clear about that function. I personally have no issues with the save system in MM.

As for why they implemented saving differently in MM, maybe they used it to give more focus to the overarching time loop theme of the game.
>> No. 132841
I dunno, I distinctly remember using one of these statues to save in the venomous swamp, and next day when I wanted to resume playing I started back at the clock tower.

Maybe it was because it was the Virtual Console version, but that really pissed me off.

And before you ask "Well, why didn't you just suspend the software?", I didn't know you could do that at the time.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 15:47

>> No. 132846
File 141608586213.gif - (146.79KB , 640x480 , daibolo.gif )
>creepiest non-horror game ever made.

I challenge.
>> No. 132859
Youtube embed play button
  This auto-played after a un-Zelda related video played, made me sad that this isn't happening.
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