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132751 No. 132751
The Dawngate have shut down....
in 90 they will shut down dawngate...

i guess EA got impatient with it.
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>> No. 132771
File 141530022774.gif - (803.95KB , 360x202 , Oh God.gif )
>The Dawngate
I should start using "The" more often like that.
I'm going to "The Burger King"
I'm playing "The Super Smash Bros"
I'm jacking off "The big macintosh"

Everything sounds more mature that way for some reason.

Anyways, yeah, Dawngate is shutting down. Damn shame if you ask me, the game had a lot of potential, but I guess EA can't handle 2 MOBAs at the time, so they rather support Cryteks MOBA, because it's Crytek and fuck Dawngate apparently.
>> No. 132773
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The crytek moba is going to be published for EA too?
well, then there isnt a surprise, that explain alot.

and for what i have seen the crytek moba doesnt get me interest really.

And i added "The" because if i remember correctly, when the narrator was going to start, it said "The dawn gate have open", or something like that.

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>> No. 132774
File 141531123756.png - (476.22KB , 720x815 , Vex.png )
Well, EA doesn't own Crytek (yet), but the way they influenced the development of Crysis 2 and 3 (more linear maps, less freedom while using your suit, etc) Ii am pretty sure that EA does have a lot of influence over them.
Arena of Fate is supposed to be published by Crytek really, but i still have a feeling that their game was a part of the decision making process that EA had that led to the cancellation Dawngate.
Again, EA is not publishing Arena of Fate so far, but I have a feeling that Arena of Fate made them reconsider launching Dawngate.
I'll miss my main champion, Vex :'(

>And i added "The" because if i remember correctly, when the narrator was going to start, it said "The dawn gate have open", or something like that.
Yeah x3
Sorry, i didn't mean to sound like i was making fun of you, but reading "The Dawngate" made me remember how cool some things sounds with "The" before the name (Like "The Batman" or "The Facebook" before they dropped the "The")
>> No. 132775
File 141531153830.jpg - (356.95KB , 3150x2400 , ushvM07.jpg )
And the studio making Dawngate is a EA in house developer?
>> No. 132776
Well the game was being developed by Waystone games as their first game ever. I'm not so sure if EA bought the developer or actually created it in house.

And there is also Battledrome, a MOBA that was speculated to be published by EA, but news for that game have been almost non existent, so i doubt it will ever come to see the light of day.
>> No. 132779
So maybe EA got some developers trying to get in the moba market from a lot of angles, but the the market got over flooded so they decided to just go with one....

But that is just a theory, a lame theory.
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