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No. 132794
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  Have you seen the New Blizzard Franchise name Over watch?

It look good, with alot of different classes to play, and it give me a TF2 vibe.
specially for how cartoony it look.
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>> No. 132795
Some people look at this video, and are calling it a Moba style shooter.....
I dont know why i feel that is too wrong...

just because they have special powers it count as a moba even it doesnt have creeps or minions?
>> No. 132796
File 141540838398.png - (88.26KB , 188x229 , 1415296989984.png )
Could be good, but my 'net can barely handle League, so I'm out.
>> No. 132800
It's just TF2.
>> No. 132803
but with pixar style.
>> No. 132807
I'm pretty keen on Blizzard news, so yes, I'm all over this reveal.

What I particularly like about this are some of the basic assumptions I carry with it being Blizzard, which is simple straightforward matchmaking, and a particular level of attention to accessibility. These are things I never perceived strongly from TF2. While I am sad that it is easy to draw parallels to another game, at the same time, this particular style of shooting game seems a bit less saturated.

What is truly exciting for me is anticipating whatever comes next. With this, Blizzard appears to have reached saturation as far as matching a game for every popular core gamer multiplayer genre. So after Overwatch, either Blizzard will stop expanding and focus on it's existing games and franchises, or it will have to have something pretty surprising.

Also seems wrong because there haven't been any level-up mechanics, nor does it look like there will be. Most games to carry the MOBA tag have some sort of leveling scheme. It's also been indicated you can change between heroes between deaths, making it even less like MOBA games.
>> No. 132811
And Warcraft is just Dune and Diablo is just Rogue and Starcraft is just Warcraft and... (etc.)

I am very excited for this, and I haven't really been excited for a game in ages. Maybe not in the past five years or so, sans Dark Souls.
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