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File 141551412804.jpg - (45.47KB , 1280x720 , WiiU_screenshot_TV_01117.jpg )
132809 No. 132809
have a thing with the wii u

the voices of the characters keep trying to come out from the tablet, while i just want the voice come out the tv...

i cant find where to change this
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>> No. 132810
I don't have this problem.
>> No. 132814
Options setting in the game or try turning off the tablet before/after you start the game.
>> No. 132820

and other think, even i think that is the television.
it cant decide which size it is, so it keep changing sizes while playing games.

but this is only on one tv
>> No. 132821
File 141568191605.png - (73.59KB , 253x252 , thinking.png )
Couldn't you just use the volume slider on the tablet?
>> No. 132822
that wasnt the problem.

i mention it because with Bayonetta 2 demo. if i play, in certain parts, the voices of the characters come almost only from the tablet, and the tv voices are really low and almost cant hear it.

on injustice i thought i had the same problem, but it was just the tv volume not being that high.
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