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hi should i buy a ds or a psp
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>> No. 132864
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psp has no games.
>> No. 132865
i traveled throught time?
>> No. 132866
Neither, get a Neo Geo X.
>> No. 132867
File 141635454363.jpg - (9.12KB , 98x122 , 1416339031203.jpg )
Get a 3DS and a flashcart so you can just pirate DS games. Flashcarts have emulators to play any GBA/GBC games you want, too.

I think the Gateway (3DS flashcart) is almost ready to be updated to have compatibility with the current software updates, too, so maybe keep an eye out for that. Then you can play whatever handheld games you want.
>> No. 132868
I think the 3DS is an overall better piece of hardware with better features and a more diverse library. It will likely enjoy a longer product lifespan considering it is doing commercially much better than the competition.

But the PlayStation Vita is where you're going to find lots of nice kitschy Japanese titles (like Disgaea) and more titles for more mature audiences.

Of course, these days, you might as well get a powerful Android device such as an NVIDIA Shield tablet. It won't have all the fancy bells and whistles and mobile gaming integration that the 3DS does, but it will have a massive international community of developers putting out all sorts of interesting apps for it, most of which will run you less than five bucks.

Dang, I had no idea you were such a rebel.

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>> No. 132869
PSPs are much easier to hack and load ROMs onto. No additional purchases required. (except a bigger memory card if you want more roms) NES/SNES/Genesis/GB/GBA and even N64 and PS1 roms.

I've turned mine into a mobile emulator machine.
>> No. 132870
>But the PlayStation Vita is where you're going to find lots of nice kitschy Japanese titles (like Disgaea)

This, so much this.
>> No. 132884

PSP has barely any games that are note worthy. If you want an emulator, just download it on your computer like a normal human that doesn't have all the time in the world to do unnecessary hacking to your portable.

If you can, I'd recommend you get a 3DS, though. You can play DS games on it (although DS oddly don't look that good on it for some reason imo). More games on one console.

The only reason you should get a PSP is if the DS is really unappealing to you and those few games on the PSP are really interesting to you (like Dissidia).
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