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(Pic somehat related)
Just wondering, does uh, does anypony know any mods for Fallout: New Vegas?
I somewhat to launch huge beams of rainbows at the enemy maybe without using the Tesla Cannon.
that thing takes up so much weight
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>> No. 132890
If you can't find a mod there, then it doesn't exist.
>> No. 132891
Personal Recomendations:

New Vegas Bounties - Essential if you want to play as a bounty hunter badass.

Essential Visual Effects (EVE) - Makes energy weapons look considerably cooler.

Project Nevada - Adds a buttload of new weapons and functionalities.

JSawyer.esp - Small patch made by one of the official devs of the game. Tweaks a bunch of stuff, restores some cut content, and overall makes the game a lot more challenging.

New Vegas Strip Overhaul - Makes the Strip look considerably more impressive.

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>> No. 132892
>Asking about mods
>Bitching about in-game limitations
You realize why this is retarded right?
Just mod the thing to have no fucking weight or give yourself super speed. Better yet, do both because no one can fucking stop you.
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