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you think the arkham fighting style game could fit a hokuto no ken game?
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>> No. 132918
Hell no, too slow.
Maybe JoJo cause they have countering.
>> No. 132920
so would you say JoJo is slower than HnK?

and there was a HnK game on dinasty warriors style, and it was kind of slow from time to time.
>> No. 132921
The hell do you mean "too slow". A slow style of combat fits HnK perfectly
>> No. 132923
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What part of this video reminds you of Batman?

Every fight in HnK...
>Bad guy does something
>Ken does something that doesn't work
>Bad guy thinks they won
>Bad guy does something
>Ken cuts out all the bullshit and goes straight into Super Saiyan Shining Gundam MegaDigivolution mode and ATATATATATATATA's

Batman/Assassins Creed/Shadow of Mordor fights are meant to last longer than two seconds and utilizing dodges/parries.
JoJo All Star had a dodge move and those fights usually do last longer than two seconds.
>> No. 132924
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i was saying it because it can still have alot of elements.kind of hokunish.

enemies will atack you and do stuff to try to kill you, and like you are ultra bad ass kenshiro, you can pretty much block any attack. here a list of how i see it.

> doing combos to enemies
> some enemies will require a special thing to do first before start doing damage, just like in Arkham, stun an armor guy before hitting him, move away the fat of a giant bastard to start hitting vital points, break enemy weapons and bend them with your bear fist, so you are unstopable to do damage, but you just have to do an specific thing before it.
> you can parry projectiles, when enemies throw at you boxes and stuff on the arkham games, you can block the box on the air and send it back, kenshiro could do that, but you can add arrows, you know, for that classic hokuto technique of sending arrows back to the owner.
> what batman usualy do with an E excecution, would be some fatal Hokuto technique
>kenshiro could use his usually forgotten knunchakus, or instead of having items, he could have special abilities, like some kind of flying kick, or put a perk on some enemiew hit by that "ability" like they attack their friends, or exploding which can scare some goons.
> if you are jumping over goons to dudge atacks you can do it with crazy kenshiro flips on the air
> it can have alot of fun little animations. for example, if a goon start attacking you with a knife, and you dodge all correctly, kenshiro could just kick or punch the knife inside the goon head, and you get a surprise look on that guys face, while he just walk a little and die after. or if you use toki, the one you kill would orgasm before dying.

the thing im not sure is... what to add outside the combat parts, kenshiro is not going to have a "stealth" mode, because that isnt kenshiro at all.... maybe if you add some mamiya segments you can have some kind of stealth mode.

I mean, it would be worsth than the Ken's Rage game? and there was.... ok, maybe

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