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132980 No. 132980
New TF2 update.
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>> No. 132981
Oh boy! Finally a new update aaaaand it's one new generic melee weapon, a bunch of cosmetics I'll never use, and a fan movie.

...Wow, that was weak.
>> No. 132982
File 141810329184.gif - (320.23KB , 500x440 , tumblr_mf0zy17nPS1rhdztgo1_500.gif )
It's 7 years old now, it doesn't have much to bring to the plate, that much should be know by now.

I say the new update was nice. Got those new map modes, and some shiny new hats.
>> No. 132983
File 141812105730.gif - (1.38MB , 500x281 , None of my business.gif )
I enjoyed EoTL. I might look at the cosmetics. Plus it's going to last until January 5 so perhaps there will be additional content later on.
James McVee isn't really to blame because Valve ask him to say what to expect than what is done or not. They even axed his map as they said it was too complicated for new players but can still be available on public servers. (I don't know the maps name though.)
In yet the community is raging! There isn't really a loss if nothing of value was gained. Gameplay wise I mean, the Source Film he made was awesome.

Everypony is raging at how pathetic the update was and I'm just enjoying the beautiful TF2 short they put their heart into. Wish I was good at SFM, Blender or Hammer to make such things.

My only real minor complaint is that while I understand the story needs antagonist, be nice if BLU were not always the lesser team in TF2 lore as they appear as the villains in this short. Still I love it.

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>> No. 132984
What is the BLU team anyways? Are they different people who look the same? Are they clones?

My theory is that they're a RED team from an alternate universe where they weren't hired by Redmond.
>> No. 132985
My theory which I submitted to tf2headcanons.

I also believe TFClassic Scout is TF2 Scouts father, not Spy.
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