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132989 No. 132989
Hello, welcome to the wonderful world of Worlds at War, or WaW! Horsebangers United is the official federation of /mlp/ on WaW.

What is WaW? Worlds at War is a fun, browser-based galactic-space-politics-simulator-thingy. Trade with, ally, or utterly destroy other worlds! Join or create an alliance so that you can rule the stars!

Interested in joining? Post your world link (in your settings!) into this thread, or just send a comm to the leader saying you want to join. An invite will be sent promptly.

Leader URL:

Fed URL:


Remember to have fun!
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>> No. 132990
tempting, but I'm already involved in way too many browser based idle games already

I got a good laugh out of your alliance's tagline there though
>> No. 132991
It would be great if you could join, pity. its great fun, doesnt take too much out of your day, but ok
>> No. 132995
Don't do it guys. Worlds at War is a terrible, awful game full of legit racists and bigots. The admin of the game is a known hacker too, so giving him your IP and e-mail address are just downright bad ideas.
>> No. 133001
are you crontical or something
>> No. 133008
File 141827405395.png - (54.72KB , 429x410 , but why.png )
aw gee, i don't know, /mlp/. i'm not sure i am a horsebanger...
>> No. 133011
rumsod gtfo hey haha
>> No. 133014
join us we are legion
>> No. 133052
I came here to get away from /mlp/ now I have to tell them to get away from us. Yes?
>> No. 133056
As much as I hate to admit, World at War is better than Worlds at War. And Worlds probably has more effort in it!
>> No. 134068
Bump, recruiting again
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