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133053 No. 133053
So, Dead or Alive 5 Final Round is going to come out on steam.

I like Dead or Alive series, it have a good balance of horrible perverted half naked chicks, and the fighting sistem and stuff is good too. (the voley ball games, i dont know, i play the second one and it was horrible, and dont know how the first one was)

but the steam requirements at the moment say you have to at least have a i5 processor.

i have a half decent video card and a bunch of ram, but i have just a i3 prosesor.

you think i would be able to play it, at least if it allow me to downgrade graphics. or it saying "i5" at least mean "at minimum" settings.

The game comes out until februrary.
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>> No. 133054
If the game says minimum requirements then yes, you need at least that much to play it.

If it says recommended then that's just what they see as a benchmark for getting decent-to-good graphical quality out of it and having the game run smoothly.
>> No. 133055
So that is the future?
Being a minimum the i5.
Ok, I guess I'm outdated then.
>> No. 133065
>Not just buying it on a system where you'll actually have people to play
>Considering buying Hayashi's watered down-MT-poorly optimized bullshit
>> No. 133070
i dont play mostly online.
so while i can play 2 players on the pc version i can have friends to play with.

the thing i worry is the optimised thing.
and the last round version doesnt exist cheap for the xbox 360 i think.
>> No. 133072
>and the last round version doesnt exist cheap for the xbox 360 i think.
It's a budget title so it should be cheaper than otehr new games but maybe for you it would be cheaper to find vanilla or Ultimate DOA5 cause your region.
Or if you have a older DOA game then just stick to that.
>> No. 133076
not really, i have being tried to find the Ultimate Doa5 for a cheap price, but i think it got a limited sale or something, because is kind of hard to find, and the places where i have seen it is to an almost new game.

and the game look to be priced on steam like $20Usd. so that is a cheap doa. i dont know if it is priced like that on steam, but im not going to find it for the xbox for that price, or at least i have tried.

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>> No. 133084
20 on Steam? Damn that's cheap.
Don't you have a US gamertag though? $20 more shouldn't be that big of a deal. I could go out and buy you a card so you don't have to pay for mark up. You got PayPal right?
>> No. 133085
and... how that could acomplish that?
>> No. 133204
Youtube embed play button
They are really meant for the console.
>> No. 133205
Youtube embed play button
I would like this games if they where fun.

i mean, imagine the fun of mario party, but with a bunch of almost naked girls.

but no, it is boring dating sim thing?
and really long time loadings.

i think the best part of DoaX2 is the water races.
>> No. 133206
I'd be happy with an all-girl dating sim set on an insane tropical island resort full of bizarrely competitive minigames.

But no, this game isn't fanservice. It is punishment. All of the minigames are absurdly difficult. The entire experience ends up more frustrating than fun.
>> No. 133213
I buy XBL cards, then send you the code via email or whatever your preferred method of sending them would be and then you send me money for the cards.
Or you could try this if you can buy off US Amazon:
>> No. 133221
but it is on steam.
>> No. 133227
lol, the whole point of this thread was that your computer couldn't run the game at a optimal performance level.
>> No. 133859
Games out.
What's funny is it ran pretty well the days before launch with just the 1.0 release but then they did the day one 1.0.1 patch and completely fucked the game up.
Typical Hayashi, couldn't make a stable game if a gun was pointed at his head. Like if they asked him to make Pong, he would still fuck it up some how.
>> No. 133862
That's because developers always assume that everybody's got a fucking super powered PC. Don't have one because you can't afford it? WELL FUCK YOU THIRD WOLDER NOBODY TOLD YOU TO NOT BE BORN IN THE GLORIOUS US OF A!
>> No. 133864
As a 3rd world gamer, I do not understand what you are mad about.
Are you mad about the newest games coming out with "high" minimum specs?
Cause in that case, what did you expect?
Most big name publishers and developers will develop their games to run on specs that the average PC gamer has. I'm intrigued in what you're specs are, cause you seem mighty mad about this.
The high end video cards, motherboards, RAM and processors are part of a small niche, so its rare to find a game that asks for those type of specs, so i really doubt you are mad because new games are asking for 8 gigs of ram, 4 gigs of Vram and an i5 processor as its minimum.
>> No. 133870
No, I'm mad because I'm locked out of great games like Dark Souls not due to my rig not meeting the minimum requirements but because their optimization sucks all the ass.

I mean, Jesus Christ, Metal Gear Rising runs like smooth butter, what the fuck's your excuse?
>> No. 133871
Oh ok that makes sense when you put it like that, and yes, that MGR port runs as fast as an oiled up fat kid down a slide.
>> No. 133872
Likewise, Shadow Warrior 2013 also ran like garbage, but that at least I could cut down on their precious shadows and lighting effects. Dark Souls doesn't allow for me to do that, meaning that I need to play on a 800x600 resolution and feel like I'm playing while wearing a fucking bucket on my head if I want a halfway decent framerate.

I mean JESUS FUCK did they drop the ball on the port of that game.
>> No. 133873
And my specs are roughly an i3 processor, a GeForce420x, and 4gig Ram.

I don't remember the specifics, and I'm too far away from my gaming rig to check.
>> No. 133879
>That's because developers always assume that everybody's got a fucking super powered PC.
I meant consoles, PC version got delayed (and won't have online at launch).
PS4 version is unplayable for some people and X1 users have been experiencing a lot of crashes, especially when using online portions like throw downs or leaderboards.
I got all my achievements done so I've gone back to Evolve already.
>> No. 133882
>> No. 133883
dont forget that is a game which already existed before.
>> No. 133896
Hayashi tanking every game the studio makes is what happened.

Sigma 1 on the PS3, it was a alright game I guess. Black was still superior but lets blame the problems on the fact it was the PS3.
Sigma 2... Um, not sure why he did these changes and messed with things. Blame it on the PS3?

Sigma 1 on the Vita was meh. Sigma 2 on the Vita is actually unbeatable and the devs don't give a single shit that they shipped a broken game. Dimensions on the 3DS was possibly the best post-Itagaki game they did.
>> No. 133903
>average PC gamer
>has a Titan Black
>> No. 134001
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, it sucks.
>> No. 134002
yeap techincally.

even if i wasnt going to use high settings because my pc isnt powerfull enough, but having the option should be the better.
>> No. 134003
i say this because i dont know if my computer can or not run perfectly fine Xbone and ps4 games.
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