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Post recent video game achievements of any sort, or any size, and what you plan on working towards later

1000 svd 12 kills coming next
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>> No. 133078
Cmon I know you mmo nerds have things to brag about
>> No. 133081
Sonny, back in the day an achievement was the satisfaction of beating Final Fantasy 1 with just White Mages or Thieves or swordless Zelda quests or knife and pistol only RE4 playthroughs or beating Battletoads or Ghosts and Goblins or Contra or Ninja Gaiden at all.

Dumbass xbox kids have contaminated gaming with their hollow, meaningless "achivements." Even steam is trying to hand them out for doing nothing worthwhile.
>> No. 133083
Completed Alien Isolation without dying on hard (old hard, not the new harder mode they patched in).
Almost done with 100% Sunset Overdrive pre-DLC.
Working on (but failing terribly) at trying to unlock the TDM Mastery calling card for Advanced Warfare before I max out my rank again.

I want to try doing AKUMU mode on Evil Within with no guns but I feel that might make me commit sudoku.
>> No. 133092
whats ironic is I have done like four of those things you've named

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