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File 142218033694.jpg - (115.78KB , 900x506 , diablo_iii__wizard___burn_em_all__by_cglas-d4yd5re.jpg )
133358 No. 133358
I'm a huge fan of games with mechanics similar to Diablo's formula.

Does anypony here still play Diablo 3, 2, 1?

Which did you like best personally and why?

Are there any alternative Diablo-esque games you play, like Path of Exile? Let me know about those too.

I still play 3 quite a bit, after the expansion I found it to be a pretty enjoyable game. Though still not perfect in my book, it's much better.

I have Diablo 2, I plan on getting into it some day. I really enjoy the music and aesthetic of that game and theory crafting sounds fun.

I've also played PoE but I haven't gotten to far into it, but the loot system in that game is very interesting. I could see myself getting hooked on it.

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>> No. 133359
File 142218080034.png - (209.77KB , 1600x584 , Something.png )
I was just playing Diablo III a day or so ago. It's gotten pretty fun since the various fixes, but I still prefer a lot of things about Diablo II. Path of Exile's sphere grid is super tight, but I've only gotten to maybe level 30 in that game. Definitely also cool, though.

I think my favorite character was my Necromancer from D2. It was a really simple build, you just put points in your bone spells, but it worked so well and it was so much fun to toss up bone walls all over the place.
>> No. 133360
Diablo 2 was great. 8 players in one game and you could declare hostility on any one of them and do some surprise PvP at any time. I miss those days...
>> No. 133361
File 142218111892.png - (415.54KB , 712x831 , 174864__safe_oc_ice+pack_artist-colon-cottonboon.png )

I always played solo, despite being online. My solo online games were password protected.
>> No. 133362
File 142219639861.jpg - (145.61KB , 594x334 , hearthstone mage.jpg )
What classes do you like to play as?

I wish I could have been around during those glory days, that sounds like a lot of fun.
>> No. 133363
File 142219867171.jpg - (69.77KB , 500x500 , Moth Phone.jpg )
i beat diablo 3 once or twice and never played it again
i've been wanting to try the expansion, but i really can't afford $60 in games right now

Diablo 2 is still great and i love it
I always play by myself because everybody hates me
i like the paladin on both the regular game and the Median XL mod

I haven't played Diablo 1 in a few years

PoE is pretty neat, but i can't manage to stay interested in it

i like Torchlight 2 a bunch better than PoE, but i can't seem to find people who want to keep playing with me
>> No. 133364
File 142219997211.jpg - (275.29KB , 832x1024 , 634731.jpg )
Played D3 a bit more since the patch, though I've always been on and off over the years.

It's just a lot of time investment and grinding, although Nephalem Rifts make the game stand out nicely.

>Which did you like best personally and why?
No personal opinion, never really played 1/2 enough to judge them.

>Are there any alternative Diablo-esque games you play
Used to play Torchlight 2 and Sacred 1/2.
>> No. 133365
File 142220065441.png - (47.53KB , 399x400 , Nervous Trix.png )
You know it's really weird because I've had thos exact same problems.

I got the expansion just this Christmas as a gift from a relative, I think it's worth about 30$ if you ever see it for sale, it's really great and actually makes the game interesting during the end game.

I'd play Torchlight 2 with you sometime if you'd ever want to!

I agree, I've been playing a lot on my Barbarian recently.

Also, same, I only know a little bit about the previous Diablos.

I have both Sacred 1 and Sacred 2 but I've never got around to playing them, got em in a sale one time on steam because they looked like my kinda game. Did you like them?
>> No. 133366
File 142220120419.gif - (494.32KB , 500x375 , xcbv.gif )
I used to play Barb a lot in Classic. Now I've shifted more to Demon Hunter, but they're good fun still.
I don't bother with groups though, they're either hard to find in certain brackets or I've had bad luck with them in the past.

Sacred 2 I played a bunch. Never really got past Gold difficulty on my Seraphim, though it was fun to boot.
Sacred 1's alright, but didn't keep me going for long enough.
I despised Sacred 3 right as I began the first stage, it just didn't click very well and have that open ended freedom like the two before it.
>> No. 133367
Yeah I heard bad things about Sacred 3.

I personally don't like Demon Hunter all that much, I just don't like the way it handles I guess. Crusader, Monk and Barb seem to really hit the spot for me.

And if you'd ever like to play feel free to hit me up, but don't feel obligated. I just like having people to play with.
>> No. 133368
My battletag is Shadra#2114 if you'd like to reach me outside the site anytime. I login to both EU and US friendlists, so I don't mind which region you add me from, although I mostly play EU.
>> No. 133369
File 142220260553.png - (48.53KB , 400x396 , Zealous Trix.png )
Ima add yew~
>> No. 133370
File 142220322370.png - (17.31KB , 590x600 , Everything went better than expected.png )

Other than the Necromancer? The Paladin is fun to screw around with in D2. And I really want to like druids but their animations always feel weird to me.

In D3 my only high level character is a Demon Hunter. Sentries are super fun to drop down, and some of the legendary items make them even more ridiculous. Sometimes you don't want to mess with setting stuff up, though, so I'm playing around with a Crusader, too, which is also fun.
>> No. 133373
File 142220585169.png - (42.86KB , 394x398 , Cool Trix.png )
You should add me too! If you still play, also necromancers pop up a few times in Diablo 3, it's a shame you can't play as one. That's probably one of the more interesting classes.

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>> No. 133374
File 142220606651.png - (19.38KB , 569x478 , 222247__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_zebra_ice+pack.png )

The Witch Doctor is supposed to be a sort of necromancer replacement, but it's not really the same. Their pets are super weird looking, and a hunched over old guy isn't as cool as the bone armored wizard character (which they have a model of, sitting in Act II, taunting me). I would've loved to have the Witch Doctor, but flavored as a Necromancer. Golems and skeletons for pets instead of zombie dogs, bone/poison flavored spells. It would've been super awesome.

Can't always get what we want, though.

I'm Mondo#1537 on if people want to add me.
>> No. 133375
File 142220668866.png - (44.23KB , 398x398 , SeriousTrix.png )
I haven't even actually played a witch doctor, it didn't really appeal to me too much. But bone armor? Hell yeah I want some bone armor to go with my necromantic powers over death.
>> No. 133937
I'm going to be starting on the US servers in Season 2 real soon. If anypony wants to join me, I'm more than willing~
>> No. 133938
File 142576613459.jpg - (493.58KB , 1920x1080 , Destinywallpaper.jpg )
I play FPS Diablo.
>> No. 133940
File 142592740827.png - (556.57KB , 768x1024 , 3DS_KidIcarus_3_char10_E3.png )
I play Diablo 3. I'm the 150 rank person on the Language Conquest, though I admit it's one of the least impressive seeming conquests.

Conversely, I never finished Diablo 1 or 2. They couldn't hold me at the time I tried them.

I did play Path of Exile, and it was somewhat enjoyable until I tried to play hardcore. You get most of your play value playing with the skill tree on the website.

I admit with some guilt I miss being able to sell stuff for money in D3, but I suppose it really couldn't last.

I also have Torchlight and Torchlight 2, which I look forward to doing at some point.
>> No. 133941
Youtube embed play button
Honestly what I miss about modern games is having strong antagonists like Diablo or Baal.

You don't get these kinds of scenes in games like the Witcher or Titan's Quest.No sense of something or somepony truly evil that has to be absolutely destroyed.

Just vague messages about Gods or shall I use the silver or the steel tonight?
>> No. 133942
File 142597991754.png - (104.44KB , 210x330 , 238712IMOENL1.png )
Does Baldur's Gate count as "like Diablo?"

Wanna swap stories about trollops and plugtails?
>> No. 133943
Does Borderlands count?
>> No. 133945
I mean Diablo 3 looks pretty great, especially reaper of souls, but I'm not's worth the money?

It looks like a great and fun game but it's one of those games that looks like it'd get old really fast after awhile and then I'd feel like it'd get old.

I don't think I've played any games that have Diablo mechanics, but like I just said, they look pretty fun, but also look like they could get old after awhile.
>> No. 133946
File 142621305279.jpg - (81.06KB , 494x380 , original.jpg )
"We lost another mule."
>> No. 133950
Pirate 2.
>> No. 133954
New content patches are making steady pace, with extra features which usually gets people back into the game. Plus seasons and the addition of new legendaries all the time. Depends on how taken one is by new features and class changes.

It's more likely to get boring in single player, so long as you have a good bunch of people to play with, it goes well.
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