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133874 No. 133874
So how about Ready At Dawns response to that criticism huh?
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>> No. 133875
Care to get us up to speed?
>> No. 133877
>> No. 133878
Speedrunner leaked a video of him beating the game in five hours and one of the devs basically admitted the game had no replayability.
You can platinum the game in a day with a collectible guide. No unlockables or extra modes besides story and stage select with the basic easy/normal/hard difficulty.

Basically you can see why people would criticize somepony trying to sell this to them for $60.
>> No. 133881
i think the problem which people is having noew with the game is that it is pretty lame an linear an full of QTE

so it is basically the PS4 version of Rise son of Rome
>> No. 133884
File 142455212104.png - (244.40KB , 488x720 , vlcsnap-2014-10-19-15h41m22s136.png )
I do have the game and I like it.

The Order 1886 is a very good game with amazing steampunk world.

Of course it has got the flaws like for example the lenght of it. Yet still it is a 8-10 hours for average player to compleate it. 5 hours is achieved by speedrunners and I don't see the point of going through it so fast. I sometimes stop for a moment and admire the views, check every corner for some collectibles. I don't use guides on my first playthroughs because I think it's stupid and pointless.
>> No. 133887
Anypony buying the game expecting anything other then a cinematic,short, and qte filled experience probably doesn't mind that its exactly that
>> No. 133895
>so it is basically the PS4 version of Rise son of Rome
Except Ryse had reasons to replay the campaign and had multiplayer+expansions.
It's more like a Uncharted or Gears ripoff.

Obviously not considering the outrage.
>> No. 133898
But being like Uncharted and Gears is ok.
while Rise is a ultra basic beaten up
>> No. 133900
>But being like Uncharted and Gears is ok.
Not when you lack all the things that make those franchises really great.
>Highly replayable
>Not QTE-fests

I've bought $60 10 hour games before, most recently Murdered Soul Suspect but that game was dripping with atmosphere and had a pretty good plot with interesting characters and mechanics.

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